100 Things To Know About Cats

I wrote down interesting things you need to know about cats. Our cats surprise us from time to time. Actually, there are many aspects that are not discovered. We write 100 things we discovered.

Things To Know About Cats

If you have a pet cat, everything you wonder is in this article. I hope you will like it 🙂

  • Cats hear many sounds that dogs and humans cannot hear. Rodents use this sound for communication. Cats are very good at hearing high frequency sounds comfortably.
  • Cats are used to measure whether their whiskers will enter through a range. Cats’ whiskers help to balance.
  • Van cats are often deaf. Because blue-eyed cats are often born deaf.
  • On average, a cat spends 2/3 of its day sleeping. So a nine-year-old cat spends only three years of his life awake.
  • Our world has 500 million cats.
  • If a cat is blinking and squinting looking at you, it means it’s friendly to you.
  • In cats, growth hormone is secreted only while sleeping. That’s why kittens sleep all the time.
  • Cat’s heartbeat beats twice as much as humans.
  • Cats only sweat paws.
  • Kediler tek bir atlayışta kendi ağırlıklarının beş katına kadar yükselebilir.
  • Scientists think cats see the grass red. Because cats cannot distinguish colors like humans.
  • Cats can turn their ears 180 degrees.
  • There is no point in getting angry with your cat. If cats want to do something, he continues to do everything that goes through his head.
  • Cats need only a sixth of the amount of light needed for humans to see.
  • Cats can hunt and bring birds to show you their love. This means that although it is surprising for you, it gives you a gift for loving you.
  • When cats’ teeth itch, it can bite you. By directing your cat to the toys, you can give up this mood.
  • It makes no sense to buy a cake for your cats on your birthday. Because cats’ tongues cannot perceive dessert.
  • A slanted tail shows aggression, while a steep tail shows pride.
  • Cats can pass wherever their heads pass. Because cats don’t have collarbones.
  • There is no milk teeth in cats and dogs.
  • The fingerprint of every person is different. The nose marks of cats are also unique.
  • Cats often meow to humans. They make other cats with hisses, gurus, clots, or other sounds that we cannot express in words.
  • A typical cat lives up to 20 years. This equals 96 human years.
  • When cats are awake, they spend 1/3 of their time cleaning themselves.
  • It is enough to give cats toilet training once. This training is a very fast period.
  • Cats come back from the tree. Because cats cannot come down from a tree with their face down. If its claws are in the opposite direction.
  • Unlike dogs, cats don’t see humans as their owners. Because, according to cats, bipedal creatures in the house see themselves as slaves who are obliged to love and take care of themselves whenever they want 🙂
  • According to a study, 1/3 of the cat owners think that they can read the minds of cats.
  • Cats purr about 26 times per second, which means they purr at the same frequency as a diesel engine at idle.
  • Cats sense some diseases and understand your mood better than you do.
  • In ancient Egypt, cats worship and mummify after death. Cats used the cultivated land to keep them away from mice and other damages.
  • While the gourmet sound breathes in cats, the air passes through a sound box, and this gourmet sound emerges.
  • Isaac Newton invented the cat door so that cats can easily enter and leave the house.
  • Once in a while, you can add fish, liver or wet food to your diet.
  • If you don’t want your cats to get into some places at home. You can stick double-sided tape to the door sills.
  • You should spare some time for your cat every day. Playing, loving and browsing with it will delight your cat.
  • There may be bad smells from time to time due to your cat at home. You can wipe the area where the stain is located with vinegar water. Or you can add some vinegar to the detergent compartment of your washing machine.
  • You can easily gather the hair of your cats by using the dish gloves lightly moistened.
  • We recommend that you adopt two cats for your cat to lead a happy life. Of course, if you do not work and live alone, it will be enough to spend time with it.
  • Female cats are better at using right paws, male cats are better at using left paws.
  • Giving raw fish to cats is not good for them.
  • The part of a cat that produces its emotions is the same as human. The human brain structure and the cat’s brain structure are very similar.
  • The noise of the cat indicates that the cat is angry or happy. Cat noise is also said to have healing properties.
  • While dogs make an average of 10 kinds of sounds, this number is 100 in cats.
  • The biggest cat in the world is at 1.23 meters.
the longest cat in the world.jpg
the longest cat in the world.jpg
  • The average number of teeth of adult cats is 30.
  • There is a link between the rate of healing of broken bones and cracks and the cat rumble.
  • We shouldn’t give cats milk. Because cats usually have low tolerance to lactose.
  • Since the Scottish cat Towser caught about 30 thousand mice throughout her life, a sculpture was made in her name.
towser cat
towser cat
  • While believing that black cats bring good luck in England and Austria, it is believed that black cat brings bad luck in many countries of the world.
  • If your cat doesn’t cover their poop, this is a method they use to protest their owners.
  • Cats’ brains can save more information from an iPad.
  • According to the records, the highest breeding cat at one time gave birth to 19 kittens and 15 of them survived.
  • Cats prefer not to hear you, but they recognize your voice.
  • Cats move away from the house but go to the distance where they can return.
  • In 1997, the honorary mayor of the city of Talkeetna became a cat named Stubbs for 15 years.
  • In 2013, another cat was a candidate for mayor in Mexico.
  • It is known that Abraham Lincoln fed four cats in the White House.
  • Despite falling from a height of 230 meters, there are cats that survive.
  • Cats have four fingers on the back paws and five on the front paws.
  • Cats often lick their feathers to get rid of the human smell on them.
  • Cats can move their ears very comfortably. This is because cats have 20 muscles around their ears.
  • Dogs’ IQ levels are higher than cats, but cats are better than dogs in solving complex problems.
  • The name of the cat who gives birth most is Dusty. She gave birth to 420 kittens.
  • According to legend, cats were created during the deluge of Noah. A lion sneezed, two kittens fell from his nose.
  • If a domestic cat died in ancient Egypt, all households would shave their eyebrows to show their grief.
  • The Egyptians call cats “Mau”.
  • The word “Ailurophilia” is a combination of the Greek words ailouros (domestic cat) and philia (friendship). And it means love for cats.
  • The cat tries to show its own area by rubbing against people.
  • It is known that they have the ability to make people do what they want with cats’ meow.
  • People who don’t have cats are one-third more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those who have cats.
  • Even any domestic cat can run faster than Usain bolt.
  • If you want to give your cat antibiotics, you can add it to the fourth formula. Because after tasting something three times with indecision, they will safely eat it in the fourth.
  • In the dark, the urine of cats shines.
  • Cats’ kidneys can filter salt and therefore drink sea water.
  • Cats are considered among the 100 most invasive species. They are responsible for the extinction of 33 species in total.
  • Make sure that the food you use for your cat contains a substance called “taurine”. Because cats need amino acids called taurine for their heart and eye health.
  • When cleaning your cat’s sand container, avoid using ammonia-containing substances, deodorant or other fragrances (especially lemon scent).
  • If your cat is a cat coming out, avoid cutting her nails, short nails cause cats to have difficulty while outside. If your cat is a cat that does not go out, you can cut your cat’s nails every two or three weeks to get rid of its spikes and prevent you from harming both you and your belongings.
  • Do not lift your cat by the front legs and neck. When lifting your cat or holding it on your lap, put one hand behind your front legs and the other hand under your back legs and lift it gently.
  • One-third of cats’ daily fluid spending is saliva.
  • Cats fluff their feathers in a dangerous moment
  • Cats have twice the smell receptor and smell sensitive cell in their nose.
  • A 5-pound cat has an average of 330 ml of blood.
  • Usually the daily amount of urine produced by a cat is 60 ml.
  • The pregnancy process in cats is about 63 days.
  • The male cat who wants to mate with her does not allow until the female cat feels completely ready.
  • In order for cats to be docile, it is necessary to socialize at an early age.
  • Siamese cats are the most talkative cats, whereas Iranian cats are. It is known as the quietest cats.
  • The nutritional value of breast milk in cats is twice as much as goat or cow’s milk.
  • Due to the instinct of hiding cats, requests to enter the boxes occur.
  • The fastest running cat is the “cheetah”.
  • The longest living cat in the world lived 28 years and died in Texas, USA in 2005.
  • he world’s overweight pet cat died at the age of 10, with 21.3 kilos. The cat’s name was Himmy and she lived in Austria.
  • Most cats do not have eyelashes.
  • Cats have 3 eyelids.
  • Since cats appear in the desert, cats’ urine smells very bad.
  • A cat has detected that a person has breast cancer.

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