Being an Animal in China – Unbelievable 2020

If you think that China is only involved in pangolin and bat, you are wrong. Unfortunately, animal-borne “medicines”, which are accepted as alternative medicine by the Chinese people, indicate that many diseases may come.


rhino horn broken
rhino horn broken

The People’s Republic of China, with its freak called traditional Chinese medicine, is a country that is in trouble with nature and world stakeholders.

yes, the name of the disgrace that brings the milk it absorbs from the mother of the world on a global scale is the name of traditional chinese medicine. moreover, it is a reality that upset the balance of the world that traditional chinese medicine uses unusual animals and creatures. Some of the known ones:

Tiger – Panthera Tigris

death tiger
death tiger

They tried to treat joint ailments with tiger bone, consuming the tiger population both in their own country and in countries such as india, nepal, thailand, indonesia. do you think tiger is wild or traditional chinese medicine?

Terrible trend towards lineage / Tigers

Rhino Horn

Unfortunately, her horn brought this animal to the point of finishing, as her horn found it very big. to use a keratin-containing horn as a medical reference so that you can remove a blind … or friend, the substance on the horn is the same as the nail on your hand! What do you expect from the nail in your hand so that you can find it in the rhino horn? they seem to continue until there is only one rhino in the world:

Rhino Horn

Black Bear

What is it like to use bear bile for liver ailments and headaches? How much more can be tormented to a bear ?:

bear farmed for bile using torture

Deer (Moschus)

deer moschus
deer moschus

Musk deer are slaughtered to help treat ailments such as skin infections and abdominal pain treatment. whereas you can go and buy a drug from the pharmacy, use the drug, go over it and jump comfortably and everything will be fine. why still musk deer?

Jumbo Deer Penis

jumbo deer
jumbo deer

In China, it is seen as both food and medicine. One portion of it is sold to large figures in special restaurants in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as sportsman injuries. In the video, watch it here if you can patiently tell the sisters that this deer limb is a natural aphrodisiac !:

Seahorse (hippocampus kelloggi)

seahorse yellow
seahorse yellow

It was a treatment for kidney disorders, circulatory problems and impotence! That’s why an average of 20 million sea horses are collected from the sea every year! While there were 35 kinds of sea horses in the seas in 1950, this ratio has now dropped to 10. a shipload of sea horse cargoes are caught while being shipped to china. Let’s be glad they got caught, but who will be sorry for the destruction of sea horses ?:

Flying Squirrel Shit

shit aimed at stopping bleeding. this shit looks at menstrual and chest pains! on sale in Amazon. wanting to buy?

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