77 Best Seo Tips 2020


If you need SEO suggestions that you can easily implement to increase your site’s search engine ranking, you are in the right place today. You can take the most accurate steps for your site by following this list of 77 SEO suggestions and best practices. You can find search engine factors, keyword research, link building tactics, content suggestions and more here.

Best Seo Tips

seo analysis
seo tips

Keyword Research

Keyword research should be at the start of every SEO campaign. In this way, you can find what people are looking for and create content accordingly. It is not possible to make an SEO campaign useful without keyword research.

Accurate Keywords

There are several mistakes people make when it comes to keyword targeting. Many people cannot do the job of optimizing for the keyword. There are people trying to optimize for too many keywords. You can see those who are optimizing for the wrong keywords.

If you do not want to make such mistakes, you should try to target only one keyword per page. If you want to find the keyword of a page, just think about what that page is about.

It is always the right option to use keywords that Google has to offer. Because you need to use the keyword that Google wants to get results for a particular keyword. Even if choosing another keyword is correct for your page, it will not be accurate for search results.

Target Keyword

Sometimes you can find a very delicious keyword when doing keyword research. Having a high search volume for a keyword does not mean it will be a targetable keyword. Because you should always focus on the intention behind the search.

For example, if you search using the word Google Analytics, you might think this is a great keyword. However, most searches using this keyword are used to login to the Google Analytics tool. The result in the second row is almost completely ignored.

If you focus on “How to use Google Analytics” instead of Google Analytics, you can see that the searches are much less. So you will find the keyword you need to follow. However, when reviewing a keyword, you should not forget to act, taking into account that everything is not traffic.

You Should Use Low Competitive Keywords

If you have a low authority or newly established site, it will not be very accurate to target keywords with high competition. Of course, you can follow such keywords, but achieving something will not be easy.

You should try to increase search traffic by initially targeting less competitive keywords. You can use various tools like Ahrefs to learn the difficulty level of a keyword. For example, you can run a search for “search engine optimization”.

The results you get in this scan will show that the keyword’s level of competition is very high. However, if you try to limit your search a little more, you can target, but achieve competitive keywords.

You Must Use Your Competitors’ Keywords

Finding the keywords of the sites you compete with and using them on your own site will take you one step ahead of the competition. To do this, you can go to Ahrefs’s Site Explorer tool.

After browsing in Ahrefs, it will be enough to take a look at the “Organic keywords” report. To get there, you need to access Site Explorer> Competitor’s Domain Name> Organic Search> Organic keywords. Here you can easily find all the keywords the competitor has achieved.

You Should Observe Your Competitors

Reviewing your competitor’s keywords will always give you an advantage in terms of competition. Simply use the alerts feature provided by Ahrefs or Google.

You can create an alarm by going to Alerts> New keywords> Add Alert> Competitor’s Domain Name> Set Report Frequency> Add in Ahrefs.

You Should Examine the Real Traffic Potential of Keywords

Each of the keywords has a long-tail version. For example, a page targeted for “keyword research” is also targetable by the “how to do keyword research” long-tail search query. So you need to take into account the actual traffic potential of a keyword.

If you are doing keyword research using an analysis tool, you should pay attention to the total search volume of a keyword. For example, you might think that this volume is 100,000. Then you should take a look at the amount of traffic for the keyword that ranks first for that keyword. Here the figure will be much more than 100,000. Because the URL in question is structured to cover different keywords.

You Must Correct Content Deficiencies On Your Site

The content deficiencies on your site will show you what keywords you can achieve ranking. For this, you should consider using the “Content Gaps” feature that Ahrefs offers you.

You can immediately identify your content deficiencies by following Site Explorer> Domain Name> Search> Organic Search> Content Gaps> Competitors’ Domain Name> Show Keywords.

You Must Find The Questions To Be Answered

Sites that are in the form of questions and answers are very ideal addresses for obtaining new content ideas. You can achieve traffic by converting the questions contained here into content. For example, if you see a site with a question and answer order in the top 3 after searching for a keyword, you can immediately understand that there is no strong competitor for that keyword.

You will need to do a lot of in-depth research to find such keywords. To do this, you should create a good template for yourself and record all the keywords you find before starting the research.

answer question
answer question


After completing the keyword research phase, you can proceed to the content creation phase. Creating content around the keywords you find is one of the most important parts of the job. If you do not have any content, you are less likely to get traffic.

Creating content is actually an art. To make the best use of this art, you can try to evaluate the various tips used in creating content.

You Should Find Content Ideas

All you have to do is learn content ideas for a particular keyword and then roll up the sleeves to do similar ones.

If you want to learn content created for a keyword, you can use Ahrefs. You can search Ahrefs by entering a keyword in Content Explorer and find content written around that keyword.

Similarly, you can use the Site Explorer tool of Ahrefs. You can easily find your opponent’s most shared content using Site Explorer> Competitor’s Domain Name> Explore> Pages> Best by Shares.

You Should Include Research in Content

If you want content to be popular, you should support it with a variety of research. You can use real-life research for this. Any content based on the data will always attract more attention.

You Should Write the Input Section That Will Affect the User

After someone clicks on the results for your site, you should try to keep it on the site. For this you will need a well-written introduction. All you have to do is keep the introduction short, inform the reader about the article, and capture his attention.

Even if the first two of these are quite easy, the third is a little difficult. Here activating messages come into play. By using calls-to-action, you can manage to keep the reader on the content and help it consume more.

You should make sure that the content of the site appeals to other keywords that are clustered around a keyword. In a content, you should be able to find answers to all questions in the user’s mind. To do this, you should remember that you need to discover all the keywords that bring traffic to the page.

You Must Ensure The Content Is Consumption Easily

It is most boring to encounter large groups of articles after entering a content. This is why you should try to configure the content to make it easier to consume. It is useful in this regard to divide the content into pieces with logical interventions.

First of all, you should try to tell a story in content. You should include no more than 3-4 sentences in a paragraph. If necessary, you should try to make use of the listing marks. You should offer users natural hesitation points by using images in the content.

You Should Not Just Write to Write

It is true that long content is useful for SEO. However, this is not always the case. If the content is unnecessarily long and does not add any value to the users, then it makes no sense to be long.

From time to time, you should check the content you wrote for length. You have to remove the unnecessary parts and make them easier to consume.

You Must Use Links

Linking to high-quality pages is always a good option for your site content. If you want to get higher in Google’s search results, you should try not only to get links but also to give links. You may consider linking to all pages related to your content.

On-Page SEO

You Should Use Keywords in Titles

The absence of keywords in the titles means that your chances of getting a ranking are very low. There is a serious connection between the keywords in the titles and the rankings. For this reason, you should pay extra attention to the keyword’s title in each site’s content.

You should use the keywords in the meta description, the H1 tag and, if necessary, the H2 tag. Doing more will mean optimizing the content extra. For example, if you are preparing a blog post, the H1 tag will usually be the title itself. You should not try to use different and more keywords here.

You Should Choose Headlines That Will Affect Searchers

If you want to be in third place and get clicks, you should create titles that will affect the searchers. You can have a limited number of characters in the titles, but here you can try to be a little creative to perform impressive things.

If the titles you use in the site content follow a certain format, you can try to create titles that may attract visitors’ attention and surprise them from time to time. Thus, you can achieve extra visits with extra clicks.

You Must Use Keywords Containing the Intention to Buy

If you have an e-commerce site, it will be the thing you want most to direct the searchers towards the purchasing process. Most people who research for a product want to review reviews, product images, and product information.

However, visitors who bring the keyword “buy” together with a product name intend to purchase the product. For this reason, you can get the attention of users ready to buy by using the keyword “buy” in the titles.

You Should Use Meta Tags Correctly

Meta tags with keywords have a certain place in the search engine result page. Having meta descriptions that seem as if they are missing on the search engine result page means that the click-through rate decreases. For this reason, you should pay extra attention to the meta descriptions being of sufficient length.

You Should Sell the Content in the Meta Description

Meta descriptions are one of the most important places on the search engine result page. Because here you get the opportunity to market the site content. As long as you write a proper and interactive meta description, you can stand out from all sites on the search engine results page.

You Should Prioritize Content

The biggest reason people visit your site is content. For this reason, you should find several ways to highlight the content. The title of the site content should be visible without causing much effort to people. For this reason, you should avoid situations that will disturb users as much as possible

You should not include too many ads. Ads are annoying. You should make sure that the content of the site is easily consumed by going to use them.
You should stay away from annoying ad windows. Although they are ideal for transforming, they disturb visitors. You should use pop-up ad windows as little as possible.
You should use page-level ads as little as possible. Google doesn’t like these kinds of ads. If you have such ads on your site, you should be very careful when using them.

You Should Make Your Site Look Smooth on All Devices

Your site must be properly viewable on all devices. For this, you must have performed mobile optimization works on your site in the best way. You should try to test your site on Google’s mobile compatibility tools

You Should Get Traffic From Google Images

You can get a lot of traffic on Google images. This is especially important for e-commerce sites. Because when people are looking for something, they also want to take a look at his visuals

Google is not yet capable of understanding product images directly. So you have to find ways to guide it. For this, you should try to use the sub-text and title parts of the images.

You should make sure that all images on your site are optimized. You should stay away from images that make users wait for it to be loaded. These do not add any value to your site. On the contrary, they negatively affect the usability of your site.

You Should Use Short URLs

If the content management system you use allows, you should use short and descriptive URLs for the content. This is because they look pretty good, add value with keywords and are advantageous in terms of getting links

You Should Ensure Repeated Contents Are Low

Repeated contents are elements on each page and used throughout the site. These are widely used especially in e-commerce websites. Fields such as product inventory information, product supply information are ideal examples to identify such elements.

Google’s attitude on this matter is very clear. A page must contain at least 10% original content. If you don’t have the original content at this rate, your site will be easily hunted by the Panda update.

You Must Use Address Information For Local Traffic

The address information of your site should be easily accessible. This is true for all sites. If you need local traffic, address information will be extra important for you. For this reason, you should try to include the address information and phone number at the bottom of each page. In this way, you can make Google detect you much more easily.

You Should Choose Domains That May Be Brand

Using keywords in the domain is a very nice and useful thing. However, it is not something you want to overdo. You should try to use a branded domain name if you want to see the effect of on-site optimizing efforts.

For example, when you want to make the title of this article a domain name

Something like seoonerler.com occurs. This is extremely unnecessary. Because nobody will want to login to the site with this type of name. Instead, it would be much more accurate to choose an address such as seoonerileri.com.

You Must Improve Your Site’s Speed

Page loading time is a very important ranking factor. A page that opens quickly under completely equal conditions will easily leave behind a page that does not open quickly and can be ranked higher on the search engine page.

If you want to optimize the site speed, you can take advantage of Google’s suggestions. You can check the speed status of your site using the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. You can then improve the site speed by taking advantage of the various suggestions that Google has to offer you.

You Must Use the Cache Plugin

If you want to improve the site speed, you should definitely go for a cache plugin. You may even notice at first glance that your site is very slow unless there is a cache plugin. A cache plugin like WP Rocket will speed up your site, making it ready for competition.

You should perform AMP Setup

Accelerated mobile pages are like cropped standard pages. Google features them because AMP-tagged pages offer a much better user experience than other pages. If you are using WordPress, you can use free plugins to make your site compatible with AMP

If you are not experienced in AMP, I would definitely not recommend installing it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
seo analysis 2
seo analysis

You Should Use Structured Data

It is true that organic searches are in a much more competitive environment than before. Here you need to take the right steps and catch the potential clicks that occur after the search queries. Structured data can help you with this. You can stand out in the search engine by using the data configured on your site.

You Should Find Keywords with a Low Clickthrough Rate

The search analysis report is a frequently used report in Google Search Console. Here you can find various quick gains. You should consider improving the clickthrough rate by making various edits to the title and meta descriptions by reviewing the low-click results despite their rankings.

You Should Regularly Refresh Contents

Refreshing old content will keep the content always new. Thus, these contents will have the chance to appear more frequently in search results. Keeping the old content up to date with new information can provide significant increases in your traffic amount

Link Building

When it comes to SEO, link building is the area where you will spend most of your time. When you examine the SEO ranking factors, you can see that the links are at a very important point. Therefore, if you want to be in a good place in the ranking, you have to create a link.

You Must Correct Broken Links

If you have Ahrefs at hand, you can easily do this. You should open the Site Explorer tool of Ahrefs and use the link review menu. When you follow the Site Explorer> Domain Name> Pages> Best by Links> “404 not found” Filter path, you can easily detect and fix broken links on your site.

How is SEO Competitor Analysis Made?

You Must Capture Your Competitors’ Broken Links

Capturing your competitors’ links may seem strange, but this is a very useful method. You must find broken links of your opponent. You should offer them an alternative from your own resources.

Thanks to Ahrefs, you can easily do this. Just follow Site Explorer> Your Competitor’s Domain Name> Explore> Backlinks> Broken.

You Should Focus on Links That Bring Traffic

The best links you can get to your site are those that bring traffic. All links that bring traffic to your site are valuable to you. Such links will keep you safe from Google updates. For this, you need to do extensive research and you should have the Ahrefs tool at hand.

In the Ahrefs tool, go to Site Explorer> Desired URL to Review> Overview.

You can examine the URL extensively. Here you will see values ​​such as Domain Rating, URL Rating and Ahrefs Rank. If these values ​​are high, it means that you have found the ideal source to get a link.

You Must Assess Link Quality

Although the links with dofollow attributes are much better for your site, you should keep in mind that nofollow links can also contribute to your site in general. Your link profile must have links in both types. It will be enough to pay attention to the quality of the links you receive.

Anchor Text Link You Must Obtain

The links that affect the search rankings the most are the ones with anchor text. The links given with a keyword have a great effect. Approximately 1/3 of the links you have should be in an anchor text. If you go above this, you may be faced with the Google Penguin update.

You Should Get Rid Of Harmful Links

If you want to get enough benefit from SEO studies, you should definitely try to get rid of harmful links. These links are useless. For this reason, you should review your link profile in terms of poor quality links.

If you examine your link profile in Ahrefs, you can easily find out which links are of poor quality. You can view and export all your links in Site Explorer> Domain Name> Backlink Profile> Backlinks. Here you should disconnect with all links that look low quality.

You Must Check Your Competitors’ Links

If a site competes with you, it would be much more accurate to try to get a link from it. Ahrefs’s Site Explorer tool will help you a lot. You can view and review your opponent’s links from Site Explorer> Your Competitor’s Domain Name> Backlink Profile> Backlinks.

If you wish, you can set an alarm to follow your opponent’s new links. You can easily create an alarm from Alerts> Backlinks> Add Alert> Set Frequency> Daily / Weekly / Monthly. So when your opponent gets a new link, you can quickly notice it.

You Must Find Sites That Link To Your Competitors

If certain sites link to almost all of your competitors, you should review them and review link opportunities. Ahrefs ’Link Intersect tool will help you with this. You can try to find new link opportunities in Tools> Link Intersect> Competitors’ Domains> Show Link Opportunities.

You Must Find Places That Always Link To Competitors

If a competitor is constantly receiving links from the same place, you can turn it into an opportunity. This will also enable you to learn about your competitor’s promotional campaigns. By following such links, you can achieve continuous links with a similar strategy.

You Must Find The Most Linked Content Of Your Competitor

Finding the most links on your competitor’s site can offer you various link opportunities. All you have to do is review the site in the Site Explorer tool of Ahrefs and find the pages with the most links. You can easily do this by following Site Explorer> Domain Name> Explore> Pages> Best by Links.

You can succeed in chasing new link opportunities by creating a copy of your opponent’s most content-receiving content, but better. You can even make sure that their various links are wasted.

You Should Create Linking Content

The purpose of linking content is to add you extra value in the direction of traffic and links. Such contents are produced for this purpose only. For example, infographics, maps created with data, data visualizations, industry-oriented resources page and interactive tools are the most ideal examples.

People are pleased with the posts they are interested in, and they try to share them again. If you create something really good, you can be sure that it will go hand in hand.

You should pay attention to the e-mail campaign

If you want to get links, the most important opportunity will be e-mail campaigns. If a content is newly created, blog owners are very likely to link to it. If you want to find new content opportunities for your keyword, you can use the alarm feature of Ahrefs.

You can create an alarm for a keyword from Ahrefs> Mentions> Add Alert. Thus, when content related to that keyword is created, you will immediately learn new content.

If you want to reach more people, you should definitely go for the personalization of the e-mail marketing campaign. So you can manage to increase the chances of people opening emails from you.

You Can Consider Using BuzzStream

You can run small email marketing campaigns using a regular email service. However, for larger email marketing campaigns, you need to speed up the process a bit.

BuzzStream is one of the best places to help you. This tool is a tool that will allow you to reach people who follow you by e-mail. With this tool, you can ensure that emails reach users much more quickly.

​​You Should Use Your Best Content Again

Turning your best content into an infographic, turning it into a presentation or video will give you an extra contribution. However, re-sharing your best content on various different sharing platforms will have a similar effect. As long as you link to your own page, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content.

You Must Get Link From Wikipedia

Almost everyone has the chance to add a link to Wikipedia. You can always get one step ahead by getting a link to your site here. You can get a link by adding to a topic and citing your own site. So you can make people see it and evaluate it as a reliable source.

You Should Answer the Questions on the Question Answer Sites

You can get links to your site by answering people’s questions on various question and answer sites. In this way, you can get links and manage to drive traffic to your site. What you need to do is to be active in those related to your own industry and find various answers to people’s questions.

You Must Convert Opportunities to Link

If a link is not used when you are mentioned somewhere, you can consider them as link opportunities. You can request the link to be added by contacting the place that mentions you immediately. You can use the alarm feature of Ahrefs for this.

You can create a simple alarm by following the path of Alerts> Mentions> Add Alert> Brand Name. Thus, you can have Ahrefs send you notifications whenever your name is mentioned.

Visitor Should Write

When it comes to visitor writing, it is one of the most natural approaches to want to write only on sites with high authority. However, this is not always a useful method. Instead, you can consider visiting visitors on new sites.

It is much easier to write visitors on new sites. The situation you need to pay attention to here is suitability. Quality should be your priority in all visitor writing opportunities. While trying to link to your site, you should be careful not to use anchor texts excessively.

You Should Convert Copyright Opportunities to Link

When your content is used without your permission or without a link, you can turn it into an opportunity. It is always a good idea to try to get links from such content. If this doesn’t work, you can request removal of the content. In this case, the person using the content will agree to give you a link.

You Must Use Internal Links

If you want the best content you create to come to the fore, you should try to give links to it from various pages on your site. Maybe by doing the opposite, you can make various pages stand out. You can use the Google Search Console tool to do this.

You can review the pages by search status and position from Search Traffic> Search Analysis. You can add various internal links to the pages that are close to the 10th row so that they come to the first page.

Technical SEO

If the content, in-site optimizations and links are already done, you can focus on technical details. Technical details mean getting your site ready for success. You have to eliminate the errors that will decrease the performance of your site.

You Should Create a Content Hierarchy

You should ensure that the PageRank value of your site spreads throughout the entire site. Ideally, it requires that every page be a few clicks away from your site’s home page. For this reason, you should make all your pages accessible from a certain point.

You Should Choose Between WWW and Non-WWW

Many sites can make simple mistakes in this regard. Google will not make many mistakes in understanding your site, but you should ensure that it has a single version. For example, you need to choose between www.example.com and example.com. Using both will mean staying alone with the copy content problem.

If both are active on your site, you should consider redirecting each other. After you have made the right decision between WWW and non-WWW, you can start other technical studies after setting the standard for your own site.

You Should Get Rid of Copy Content

You can easily get rid of duplicate content from various pages using the canonical tag. For example, if you have an e-commerce site with various categories, the canonical tag will be very useful for you. If you have multiple pages with the same content, you should set a standard and use the canonical tag in others.

You Must Go Hiding Private Content

Googlebot and other browsers will go to scan all the content and information on your site. By using the robots.txt file, you can manage to hide the information that should remain confidential from search engine crawlers. To do this, you must first remember that you need to learn how to use the robots.txt file.

You Must Use 301 Redirect For Deleted Content

You should move the old contents that have been deleted or moved to their new address with the direction of 301. Directing 301 will ensure that all link values ​​are moved from old to new. If you are using WordPress, you can make your job easier by using the plugin called Redirection.

You Must Use CDN to Present the Content

Many sites are stored on local servers in their location. For example, a site created in Turkey, but the landing time of your site is targeted for US users If you’re in the US will be very slow. To eliminate this problem, you should definitely use a CDN.

You must add an SSL Certificate to your site

You should completely switch your site to SSL. Google is more optimistic to sites with HTTPS than those without. You can see this as a ranking factor. If you want to add SSL to your site, you can take advantage of various free alternatives. Services like Let’s Encrypt can help you with this.

You Should Eliminate Potential Index Problem

You should review Google’s inclusion of your site in the index. To do this, you can search Google as site: example.com. If the number here is more or less than you expect, you can immediately understand that there is an index problem on your site.

You Should Get Advice from Google

Google will be able to inform you about the problems on your site. To do this, you need to be a member of the Google Search Console tool and add your site here. Here you can see what errors exist on your site by browsing the Scan> Crawl Errors section while reviewing your site.

If you see any 404 errors here, you should have directed them to the appropriate places with the 301 redirect. You should try to correct all the errors you have seen here in the best way. However, you may consider getting various HTML suggestions from Google.

You can review the suggestions Google has made for your site by going to Search View> HTML Improvements. You should consider all these suggestions and make appropriate improvements.

You Should Submit Site Map

You should submit a sitemap to Google to make sure your entire site is crawled correctly. You can easily handle this job by going to Scan> Sitemaps. Google will be pleased with any information you provide to Google.

From time to time, you need to get your site scanned again. In particular, if you refresh content, you should take advantage of the Fetch as Google feature offered by Google and ensure that the content is scanned again.

Various Suggestions

SEO work is not just about the above. There are various situations that are at the corner of the SEO efforts, but are as important as the above. You can achieve extra efficiency from your SEO work by reviewing the suggestions for these.

You Should Remove Weak Content

Google’s Panda algorithm has the potential to instantly capture and block sites with weak content. For solution, you should fix these contents or remove them. Instead of removing pages with no value, you can consider adding a noindex attribute to them. Whichever is easier for you, you have to do it

You Should Check Your Site In Terms Of Embedded Links

If your site is taken over by others, automatic links will be created in various contents. These links may prevent you from performing sufficient performance in the search engine. You can check your site for such situations using Sucuri’s free control tool.

You Must Examine Search Traffic

You should be careful against traffic decreases that do not appear normal in search traffic. If there are such reductions, your site may be under the influence of any algorithm update. If you want to check whether there is an algorithm effect on your site, you must first review the time your site is running.

You can then review your site against algorithm updates using Baracuda Digital’s free Panguin tool. If your site is somehow affected by algorithms, this tool will be able to show you this.

You Must See Notifications from Google

If there is a serious drop in search traffic, you should go through the notifications from Google. If Google has somehow imposed sanctions on your site, it will notify you through Google Search Console. The important factors that make Google punish after the evaluation are as follows:

Extremely aggressive link building policy

Low quality content
Suspicious links
Content created by visitors
Misuse of Schema configurations
You will be notified of the penalties imposed by Google on evaluation. You can request a reconsideration of your site by Google after removing the problem that caused the penalty.

You must Establish GSC and GA Connection

Google analytics is a tool that can meet industry standards for analyzing traffic values. Once you have learned to use this tool in the best way, you can manage to reveal all the options to increase site traffic.

Google Analytics normally offers keywords to describe them as “not provided”. This obstructs your learning about what calls are coming to your site. In order to overcome this, you must link the Google Search Console and Google Analytics properties. Thus, you can reach the search queries report of Google Search Console.

You Should Get Rid of Strange Directions

Strange redirects are redirects from sites that have strange names and generally don’t make sense. Such sites can cause Google Analytics reports to be at fault. You should simply check this data and find ways to remove it from the Google Analytics report.

You Must Use Activity Tracking Actively
It is always a good idea to review the interactions that users have with your site.

To do this, you can take advantage of the activity tracking feature in Google Analytics. Thus, you can easily see the interaction that users have with your site.

You Should Ensure Easy Sharing of Content

Social media is not a platform that affects rankings. However, you can ensure that the content of the site spreads quickly via social media platforms. Rapidly spreading content can affect site traffic. Therefore, you should ensure that the content you create is shareable.

  • You should always share the content you create on social media and check the interactions on the content.
  • You should use social sharing buttons and similar items in the site in the best way.
  • You should try to use Open Graph metadata. (This feature is included as Social Meta in the All in One SEO Pack plugin.)
  • You should create special featured images for all your articles.

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