Computer Tech: A Secure Investment in Your Future

Choosing a career path in IT is a safe bet for a long and lucrative work life. An endless supply of
computer tech jobs await, and new ones are being developed steadily, as technology expands
at a rapid rate. The field of computer and information technology is anticipated to expand 11
between 2019 and 2029. If you’re contemplating an IT degree or certification according
to your area of interest, Media Zone offers the following guide to help you get started.

Diversify Your IT Career

Areas of study are vast in the IT field. There are a plethora of specialties, making this field an
exciting, albeit ever-changing career option. Whether you are passionate about database
administration, video game design, web development or a radical combination of many different
skill sets, there are endless options in the field of IT.

One of the most convenient aspects of an IT degree is the ability to earn your credentials
through an online program. Earning your IT degree online can sharpen your computer science
skills through hands-on learning in real-time. Some of the appealing benefits of online learning
include schedule flexibility, lower costs, and a comfortable learning environment. A bachelor’s
degree in IT can offer learning opportunities about network security, cryptography and digital
forensics, as well as cloud security, cyber defense and data management. Building a foundation
in these areas will help you establish a baseline upon which you can continue to build your IT
skill set over time.

Build a Long-Lasting Career Plan

The best way to create an IT career with longevity is to pursue a broad skill set and refresh your
knowledge base regularly. In the rapidly changing digital landscape, it is vital to make sure you
are aware of new advances in the field and keep your skills relevant. Staying ahead of the curve
in computer tech requires reaching beyond your comfort zone, attending training regularly to
maintain your current knowledge and paying attention to trends. Follow leaders and
organizations at the forefront of the IT field to stay aware of what lies ahead.

There are two schools of thought on achieving long-term success in a career path, focusing on
passion or skill. One side (Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and several ancient philosophers)
argues that in order to maintain career success, one must have passion for their chosen field.
The other side (Mark Cuban, Ben Horowitz and others) insist that people should forget about
passion and do what they are good at in order to be successful in the long term. It may be that
the optimal choice is a mixture of both skill and passion.

Building a career of longevity in the field of technology is key. According to,
there are five specific tech jobs that are always in demand: app software developers,
information security analysts, computer and information research scientists, web developers
and computer user support specialists. These positions are the backbone of organizations in the
digital realm; they create, maintain, study and control the IT that millions of users rely on daily.

IT careers are long-lasting, lucrative and diverse. Online IT programs offer flexibility to meet
your lifestyle needs and hands-on experience as part of the learning process. Regardless of the
type of IT career you are interested in, you are sure to have job security in this ever-expanding

computer tech
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Cody McBride

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Computer Tech: A Secure Investment in Your Future

Choosing a career path in IT is a safe bet for a long and lucrative work life. An endless supply ofcomputer tech...

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