Digital Dictatorship

China is already experiencing the future and very soon China’s experiences will spread all over the world. We are faced with the era of digital dictatorship, where the state has increased control over the individual and our every moment is observed.


I go down from the subway, open the square code application from my phone and read it to the ticket control device and try to catch the train that arrives quickly. Finding a seat is the most important issue here, because the road is not short. Fortunately, I find an empty place and fill it right away.

Since the internet in the subway is faster than the internet in my home, I get off the Jing’an Temple station and transfer to the second line without realizing how my journey, which took about 45 minutes, passed. I get out of the crowd of people walking with their heads buried on the phones, enter a mini market, buy something and make the payment with “WeChat Pay” as usual.

I didn’t even remember when I was last using money in China. Even the 100 yuan that I put between my phone case in case my charge or internet was gone was getting old.

After transferring to the second line, I get off at Lujiazui station. Where this famous Shanghai television tower is located. My first job is to go to Luckin Coffee. I like both the cheap and the quality of coffee from Starbucks. Moreover, when I buy it from the application on my phone, I can buy the coffee that I bought for 28 yuan in a comfortable range of 10-14 yuan.

Digital Dictatorship

I’m not going to the safe nor lining up for coffee. I place the order from the application on my phone, I pay with a square code. The app gives me a sequence number. When I am called, I go and get my coffee. Done.

In China, the system promotes the use of technology so severely that you cannot stay away even if you want. I take my coffee and start walking. I have to cross the street. There is no vehicle on the road, but I’m waiting; because if I pass, the camera in front will detect me and project my face to the screen under the traffic light and it will reveal me.

Kaspersky, (*) prepared a website called “Earth 2050” about a year ago and made some famous futurists some predictions about the future.

Contrary to futurists, what I’m going to tell now is not guessing. It is a future that we live in and will probably live in the near future. Here we only experience the beta version beforehand.

After all system deficits are resolved, other countries of the world will start using these technologies very soon and will experience our current experience.

I would like to draw a good picture for you, but the future is more about how society can be controlled.

With the global epidemic, very new technologies started to be used in China. So much so that during this 3-month period, the Chinese administration took advantage of 2000 new technologies.


For a long time, China has established a large scoring system by listing the behavior of its citizens under the heading “social trust”. The system gives individuals rewards or penalties based on their points. Those who follow the rules determined by the state will be rewarded. Those who did not follow the rules would be punished and exposed.

While the system determines the scores of individuals; It uses an algorithm that includes extremely comprehensive elements such as spending habits, social media usage, and the circle of friends. Simply put; As well as banks’ blacklists, states will now have blacklists. Blacklisters will not be able to enjoy many privileges. Even travel and health rights may be restricted.

Passing in the red light, even smoking in the indoor area may decrease your note. China aims to score all its citizens by the end of this year. With the cameras integrated with artificial intelligence, they will instantly score people, and thanks to these scores, Chinese citizens will be classified as either good citizens or bad citizens.

Imagine something like this, from the moment you go out on the street, millions of cameras are watching your every moment. Everything you do is analyzed with prepared algorithms and you are given points. Moreover, it is certain that the system will be implemented all over the world in the near future. The most important assistant of this system is more than 200 million cameras with artificial intelligence supporting the whole country.


Cameras with facial recognition system are everywhere in China. The system, including artificial intelligence, is scary. Although it sounds like science fiction, everything is real.

The system analyzes hundreds of people at the same time. The most important part is that the system can make psychological analyzes. The camera identifies all the people in the field of view. He can instantly detect whether he is calm or angry, the happiness rate on his face, what kind of a dress he is wearing, his hair color, gender, name, surname, even race.

The system watches everyone, identifies the people they meet, and can stay on track for two weeks. Moreover, the system can identify not only those who have seen their face, but also those who are facing away and are far away. He understands this from his actions.

The system, which acts on the information that everyone’s walking style, arm and leg coordination are different, collects the information collected from everyone during the day in a pool. Then, when only one person is seen from behind, the target person is compared with the samples in the pool and matching starts.

This technology, which is currently used in China, will spread all over the world very soon. Because this technology is ready to be exported to some European countries, especially the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries. And negotiations have started.


Another important event is the fact that the world will end the use of money in the very near future. In China, the use of cash is almost zero now.

Someone who knows China a little knows that all banking transactions can be done easily with “WeChat” and “Alipay” in China, and every payment is made by reading only QR code from the smallest store to the largest store.

The system is so widespread that we can say that the Chinese almost gave up cash. You can send as much money as you want through your messaging application to any one you want, at no cost. You can pay your bills, buy movie tickets, rent a house, and buy your plane and train tickets only through these applications.

China now wants this system to spread all over the world and is trying to monopolize this area. For this purpose, it makes serious investments in every country of the world. They have managed to enter 49 countries so far.

In addition to China, Facebook is also trying to set up such a system via WhatsApp. According to what has been written, Facebook will allow the system to transfer money first, thereby ending the intermediary fees of the banks.

So we will encounter the following very soon. The banking system will change. No more banks, no cash, no queues or brokerage fees. Moreover, the system is already implemented in many parts of the world. And the system kept. People loved this new experience.

Now the point is to spread this experience to the whole world and to spread it more.

We can say that this can be much more comfortable with crypto coins. All that remains is to break the fears of people who have not experienced this. This problem also takes some time, but it is an issue to be overcome soon.

It is a country where artificial intelligence, helmets and goggles used by the police, electric vehicles, high speed trains spread throughout the country, unmanned markets, almost everything works with a barcode system.

In short, China is already experiencing the future and very soon China’s experiences will spread all over the world. But we will encounter a future in which the state has increased control over the individual and our every moment is observed.

The epidemic today seems to silence those who oppose this system with objections such as democracy and human rights. Because we will all be believed that these are necessary.

I want to end my writing with a passage in George Orwell’s cult novel in 1984:

“We don’t like forced submission. You must follow us at your own will. We do not destroy those who rebel against us. We capture and change their minds and reformat. He destroys all evil in him, pulls him to our side, not only in appearance, but with all his heart and soul, then we kill him. ”

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