Domain and Corona Virus

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After the coronavirus started, many domain investors started registering domains related to corona.

According to DomainTools statistics, the number of domain registrations related to corona increased by 68,000.

Domain registrations with the extension “.com” starting with “corona” between January-December 2019

January 1972
February 1998
March 1983
April 1995
May 1975
June 1967
July 1973
August 1954
September 1973
October 1952
November 1960
December 1970
domain table

Graphically, the general outlook for the last 15 months;

corono domain com
corona domain com table

Registration numbers registered in 2020;

January 19640
February 191457
March 1910069
2020 corona domain

According to the corona word being at the beginning and end of the domain name, the registration types are as follows;

January 197233
February 199826
March 198319
April 199537
May 197528
June 196731
July 197328
August 195431
September 197333
October 195232
November 196016
December 197032
January 1964086
February 191457183
March 19100691686
domain table

The chart did not show 10.069 records so far in March. “-” (dashes) and numbers are not taken into account in the registration numbers.

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Domain and Corona Virus

Hello GuysAfter the coronavirus started, many domain investors started registering domains related to corona.According...

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