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Article Writing and Publishing

This section provides information about article writing and publishing. The main result of the research is its publication. An unpublished research is not considered to be finalized. In other words, research that has not been published is unfinished. “An article edited to meet the requirements of the current publication is a scientific article. To meet the requirements of the current publication means that it consists of distinctly shaped distinct and clearly defined parts. ”

“The scientific article is a written, printed report that describes the original research results. This short description draws attention to the need to write a scientific article in a certain way and to publish it in a manner defined by the principles of scientific ethics, printing and publishing. ”

Many magazines have spelling guides in practice. Different writing rules are suggested in these guides. Using different writing styles and jargons in scientific writings makes it difficult to obtain information and prevent communication and reaching common areas of writing. This difference in scientific writing; From school differences, profession differences, science group jargon, personal views of the journal editor, etc. It arises.

No matter which writing style (APA / ASA / MRC / CONSORT / TÜBİTAK) will be written within the framework of scientific rules, a systematic ranking should be followed while preparing the article. In this context, monitoring of IMRAD technique is an important model taken into consideration in the international literature. IMRAD; It consists of the abbreviation of the English language equivalent of the introduction, method, findings and evaluation sections of an article. Namely;

We recommend you to read our article named APA VS MLA 
  • Introduction,
  • Methods,
  • Results,
  • And (ve), Discussion & Conclusion

The IMRAD writing technique can be briefly considered in the following questionnaire:

Which problem was examined? – Answer: Introduction
How was the problem examined? – Answer: Method, materials (Methods)
What was found? – Response: Findings, analysis (Results)
What is the meaning of the findings? – Answer: Discussion, comment (Discussion)

For the introduction of the article, the subject of the research is to connect with the past literature review starting from the general and it needs to be strengthened theoretically.

Then, the subject will be narrowed down from general to specific, for methods and findings, and will focus only on the subject / question of the study. In the light of the findings obtained from the special research topic focused on, the topic should be expanded from the private to the general again in the discussion and comment section. In other words, it is theoretical to open to existing literature.

So an article;

  • Title,
  • Summary,
  • Login,
  • Materials and Method,
  • Findings and Analysis,
  • Discussion and Conclusion,
  • Resources,
  • Thank,
  • Attachments

It consists of sections.

The structuring of an article in a publishable nature depends primarily on knowing the type of the article and writing it in accordance with the characteristics of the article in question.

As the authors point out, this text is based on American Psyhological Assistance, to inform the authors. The text in question could also be included in addition to the end of this book. However, it is given as a separate chapter in the book for the convenience of the reader. Therefore, some of the explanations in the text are similar to the topics mentioned earlier in this book.

Article Types

In this section, article types are tried to be defined as empirical studies, literature reviews, theoretical articles, methodological articles, case / case studies and other articles.

What is an Empirical Article

Empirical studies are original research reports. Reports based on the analysis of data that were not considered or reported in previous studies are also considered empirical (experimental, experimental) studies. Empirical studies consist of the following sections:

Introduction: explanation of the development of the problem, historical background presentation and expression of the purpose of the research.

Method: Description of the procedures (track) used in carrying out the research.

Results: presentation of the findings.

Discussion: Inferences from the summary, comments and conclusions.

What is Empirical

empirical: french empirique. In response to this phrase, which is used as an adjective in the meaning of “based on experiment, observation only, not a theory”, our board proposes the word based on experiment. Empiricist and empiricist words that are rooted in the empirical word are also used in our language from time to time. Our committee is of the opinion that the words empiricists are empiricists, and the words empiricism are the appropriate equivalents.

Examples: Experimental documents are available in two groups. Experimental research in this area is very low.

Empirical means exactly ‘through trial and error’. Empirically doing a job can be understood as reaching the result without relying on scientific research only by trying and relying on intuition. So empiricality is not always scientific.

Literature Searches

Literature surveys are critical evaluations, including the synthesis and meta-analyzes of published studies. In meta-analysis, the author uses quantitative / statistical procedures to integrate the results of previous research. Advances are made to explain a problem by organizing, integrating, or evaluating previous research. In such studies, the author typically;

  • Identifies and clarifies a problem,
  • Summarize published research to inform the reader about the current state of research related to the problem,
  • Identifies relationships, contradictions, gaps and inconsistencies,
  • It offers concrete suggestions for the next stage in solving the problem.

Theoretical Articles

Theoretical articles are based on existing literature to contribute to the development of a theory. Although it is similar in structure to literature reviews, empirical information is used only if it contributes to the theoretical subject. In theoretical articles, the aim is by examining the development of a theory;

  • To develop the theory,
  • To define / redefine a theoretical structure,
  • Creating a new theory,
  • To analyze the existing theory,
  • To determine the weaknesses of the theory or to reveal the advantages of one theory over another.

Methodological Articles

Methodological articles include the presentation of new methods, adaptations in existing methods, and studies for the discussion of research methods. Such studies use empirical data only for the purpose of the approach, with a focus on methodological or data analysis approaches. The method under consideration should be presented with a level of detail that can be used in research. The proposed research approach, method or procedures are compared with other methods. To increase the readability of methodological articles, calculations, evidence and simulations should be presented as details (supplements).

Case / Case Studies

Case studies; is the presentation of materials obtained when working with an individual, group, community, or organization. Such studies show a problem, the tools / ways used to solve the problem, the researches needed, clinical applications, or theoretical topics.

It is necessary to carefully evaluate the balance between the use of materials that will provide representation in the writing of case studies and the use of confidential materials. Care should be taken to protect the privacy rights of individuals or institutions.

Other Articles

Short reports, book reviews, letters to the editor, comments and answers to previously published articles are included in this category. Before publishing such works, it is necessary to contact the editor for publishing.

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