Enable Keep-Alive

Enabling Keep Alive

What it is:Keep-alive is used to increase speed by sending files with the same TCP connection.
Solution:To enable Keep-Alive feature, simply add the code below to your .htaccess file.
Expert Comment:Setting on the server side is required.

General Explanation

Enabling HTTP Keep-Alive or HTTP persistent connections allows the same TCP connection to send and receive multiple HTTP requests. This reduces the latency for subsequent requests.

In the technical sense, Keep Alive is defined as a message sent by another device to another device to check whether the connection is working or to prevent this connection from breaking.

Enabling Keep-Alive Connections in Apache

Apache web server program can enable Keep Alive connections by default. However, you can open Keep Alive links by adding the following line directly to your httpd.conf file.

Let’s say; If your website runs on a shared host, you probably won’t be able to access httpd.conf. Therefore, whichever your hosting provider chooses, however, you will have to continue. Contrary to what some websites suggest, adding a Header set Connection keep-alive directive to your .htaccess file does not actually make Keep-Alive links active. But; It sends misleading information about the capacity of the server to browsers.

Benefits of Activating Keep Alive

Enabling Keep Alive for your website is a great page speed optimization process to increase page speed and performance. With Keep Alive feature, TCP connection can be provided permanently. While your website pages are viewed by the user with faster loading time, higher efficiency will be provided with Keep Alive feature. This allows you to have happy visitors.

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