Free Best Chrome Plugins For SEO 2020

Looking for free SEO-related Chrome plug-ins to help you work faster and smarter? You don’t need to do more research, this content will help you tremendously.

I have installed all of the plugins I will share below and use 40% of them regularly. All of these plugins are not 100% SEO oriented, but they all contribute to SEO.

Now it’s time to examine the plugins;

Chrome Plugins


It is a free plugin that provides important SEO metrics and you can check SEO.

SEOquake consists of certain SEO tools that you follow or even use. An additional toolbar is located at the top of the browser window and offers basic metrics. Some of these are customizable metrics. The SERP layout is a bar that appears below each SERP result. Once activated, it provides data relevant to each domain.

SEOquake is really easy to install and work. You can visit this link to download.

This plugin is compatible with various browser extensions and is constantly updated.

The features of the plugin are as follows;

  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Internal and External Connection Analysis
  • In-page SEO Audit (Audit)
  • Social Media Statistics (Likes, Sharing, Pin, Tweet, Plus)
  • Traffic Channels and Their Distribution
  • Competitor Analysis and More

It is a nice plugin that you can use especially to analyze keyword densities. It evaluates your web page according to its main criteria and provides you with relevant reports. However, do not perform performance improvements only by adhering to such plugins. I recommend you to perform analyzes with different tools and plugins.



It checks web pages for broken links and shares its warnings about these links with us. Thanks to the plugin, you can make faster and smarter decisions and produce solutions. Click on the extension on any page and perform the analysis. You can export all the links on the page you are analyzing and even view the data next to each link on the page.

You can also use LinkMiner to perform internal and external connection analysis. You can visit this link immediately to start using.

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

Free chrome plugin that shares Keyword search volume data.

It is a free keyword research tool that displays data such as search volume, competition rate, and cost per click for each keyword query you make on the Google search engine. With this tool, you will not need to use Google Adwords keyword planner and similar resources.

I have listed the platforms supported by the vehicle below;

  • Google Search – Data Displayed Below The Search Box
  • Google Search Console – Data Shown on the Search Analysis Page
  • Data Displayed in Google Analytics – Search Console -> Queries Pages
  • YouTube – Data Shown Below the Search Box
  • Bing – Data Displayed Below The Search Box
  • Amazon – Data Displayed Below The Search Box
  • Ebay – Data Displayed Below The Search Box
  • Majestic – Anchor Text Report
  • Moz Open Site Explorer – Anchor Text Report

In addition, this tool allows you to take keyword metrics for any keyword list and also download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats. Click here to download the vehicle.

Link Redirect Trace

301, 302 etc. detects all URLs in the referral chain. Besides, it is a very useful plugin to find “lost links”.

The plugin allows you to check whether your redirects are SEO friendly and if they are damaging your website. Features of the plugin;

  • 301, 302, 303, 307, FAKE 307 and 308 Redirects
  • Javascript Redirects
  • Multiple Refresh Redirects (Also Shows Refresh Interval In Seconds. Ex: “5 Seconds”)
  • Rel-Canonical Redirects
  • Alerts on Blocking Search Engines or ALL bots
  • Warnings About Broken Rel-Canonical Targets
  • LRT Power * Trust Analysis for Each Link – SEO Metric That Allows You To Determine The Strength And Reliability Of Any Link
  • Analysis of Robots.txt File For Each Routing Tab
  • HTML NoIndex and NoFollow Analysis and More

To download the plugin, visit this link.

Ahrefs Toolbar

Free Chrome plugin that shows Ahrefs Ranking, Domain Rating (DR), URL Rating (UR), number of backlinks (backlink sources) and number of referring domains for any web page. Its installation is a bit more laborious than other plugins. Instructions for installation are located on the plugin page. To download the plugin, you can visit the link


It is a plugin that allows you to check Moz metrics (Domain Authority, Page Authority, etc.) for any web page. You can also do special searches, check in-page issues, and analyze Google SERP results.

You can access the plugin from this link.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

A plug-in that allows a website to check if it is using Google tags (e.g. Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.) correctly. Thanks to the plugin, you can diagnose code implementation errors and get help for proper use. Click for the add-on.

Page Analytics (by Google)

This Google extension allows you to view data from your Google Analytics account while browsing and browsing your websites. Once a user is logged in to GA, they can open the extensions to view metrics in real time.

The metrics available in this snapshot include bounce rate, unique page views, and average page times. Visit today to install the plugin.

Web Developer

With the plugin, you can check how your website looks on different screen sizes, find images with missing alt text, and more. You can access the plugin here.


It is an excellent plugin.

WhatRuns plugin is a plugin developed for you to find the technologies used on any website you visit. It can detect all technologies from developer tools and ad networks to WordPress plugins and even themes. Don’t you wonder what your competitors are doing? What theme does it use? Which platforms did he integrate? Do you use them? The answer to all these questions will be resolved thanks to this plugin. Click to download now.

Page Load Time

Measures and displays page loading time in the toolbar. It also breaks this metric by event to provide more detailed information. It is a simple but very useful Chrome plugin. You can visit here to download now.


Impactana is the Chrome toolbar that shows the number of shares of each page and provides social media analysis via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest platforms.

The plugin is used to evaluate whether each content is shared as well as whether users are interacting. You can reach very serious data when analyzing the effectiveness of competitors’ content marketing campaigns. Download the plugin here.


It is a plugin that will help you check the estimated traffic, traffic sources, keyword ranking and other basic statistics of a website.

Download the similarWeb plugin.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for tracking your website traffic. You can quickly tag URLs for your campaigns that you want to be tracked through Google Analytics. To use the Google Analytics URL Builder plugin, click the URL Builder icon that looks like a shopping cart. The tool will then automatically capture the current URL of the page. Then Source, Medium and Campaign etc. You must fill out a form that contains the fields. After filling out the form, the tool automatically creates the final URL. To analyze performance with Google Analytics, simply share this new tagged link on social media or on different platforms.

Click here for the add-on.

Chrome extensions can have a big impact on productivity and improvement. However, too much loading will slow down your browser. For this reason, leave the ones that I recommend useful for you and remove the unnecessary ones. Finally, would you like me to add a Chrome plugin you would recommend to this list? You can share the plugins with me by writing a comment.

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