100 Frequently Asked Questions About Cats

There are occasions when the cat feeders sometimes do not understand the behavior of cats, we do not know what they want. Some of our cat’s attitudes and behaviors may worry us, so cat owners often have questions.

If you find the answer to the question you are experiencing here, it will be easier to understand what your cat wants and act accordingly, and it will help us understand whether there is a need to worry. Let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions about cats that I have prepared for you.

Vomiting in Cats

What does vomiting mean in cats?

Vomiting in cats is a common occurrence. Generally, when vomiting is normal, this phenomenon is quite normal in cats with vomiting swallowed hair due to licking. In contrast, let’s not forget that frequent vomiting in cats is a symptom of serious problems. If your cat constantly vomited that day but continued to eat later, if there was no problem with their movements and behavior, this is quite normal and you do not need to panic in such a situation. This is a natural condition that results from cats‘ stomach movements.

If your cat vomiting combines with the following conditions, you may need to take your cat to veterinary control immediately.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Hunger
  • Fire

Why Cat’s Vomiting Matters?

Cats often lick themselves clean and at the same time swallow many feathers. If these hairs cannot be removed with feces, the stomach irritates and causes vomiting. This is a natural way of vomiting, and you can make it easier for your cat to vomit by giving your cat a lawn. This way, your cat gets rid of hairballs.

Viral diseases, parasitic cases, foreign bodies, poisoning, kidney disorders, chemical interactions, heat stroke, refusing treatment, psychological interactions etc. It should be taken to the veterinarian for vomiting for reasons.

What Should the Pulse and Respiration Number be in Cats?

It should be 180-200 / min for adult cats and 110-140 / min for kittens.

Why Cats Love Boxes So Much?

According to the researches, it is stated that there are some reasons, although there is no definite information about why cats love boxes. Cats tend to hide in confined spaces where they feel safe when they understand that they are doing a mischief or when they are stressed. A four-sided box is a unique blessing for cats. Cats love warm environments. The ideal temperature for cats is around 30-36 degrees.

That’s why cats are very interested in warm environments like boxes. Even if the cats are not under stress, they will definitely want to test the box they see as a place to hide even when they are stressed.

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What are Cat’s Hearing Senses?

They have a hearing speed of 20hz in humans, dogs in 40hz, and cats in 60hz. This is their hunting, hiding, etc. positively affects. Cats have excellent hearing.

Why Cats Lick Their Owners And Bite

It is not worrying that your cat licks you, but on the contrary, it is a beautiful situation, a situation where your cat is caused by love and addiction to you. If your cat licks you, it means that he sees you close to him. They lick people that your cat sees close to them and try to clean them. This is due to love and is a very natural situation. Cats are cleaned by their mothers instinctively lying when they are young. We can also often see that two cats lick each other. These behaviors are purely instinctive. Cats may start biting after a while as they follow the same process while licking their owners.

The process of cleaning mom kittens involves biting as much as licking. If your cat licks for a while and then bites, this is exactly the result of instincts.

Why Cats Meows?

Cats express almost every emotive by meowing. There can be many reasons for cats’ meow. These feelings can sometimes be positive, sometimes pointing to some dangers.

  • Stress: Cats express this by voice even when they are stressed. A change in the house or a person who has just arrived may cause your cat to be stressed. In such a situation, you can prevent this situation by taking care of your cat and loving it.
  • Hunger: Some cats may also experience meow when they are hungry. If it meows especially in front of the food container, it means that your cat is hungry and wants food from you.
  • Disease: If your cat is meowing constantly and loudly, this may be a cause of the disease. Cats tend to meow when they feel unwell or when there is a pain in their body. If you encounter such a situation, please take your cat to the vet for control.
  • Reproductive period: Cats may tend to meow even if they have not reached their reproductive age, and they meow during the reproductive period.
  • Request for attention: Some cats meows to attract the attention of their owner or when they want to play. If you are disturbed by this situation, you can prevent it from doing it again if your cat is meowed if you are not interested in it.
  • Loneliness: If your cat spends a long time alone at home, he may get bored and meow because he is alone.
  • Greeting: When you come home or meet in the rooms, you can often come across your cat greeting you by meowing. Cats can sometimes meow only to greet their owners.

What Is Cat Grass And What Does It Do? How to Prepare Cat Grass?

Cat grass will contribute to its healthy development by regulating your cat’s digestive system. Cats lick themselves clean, but the feathers they swallow while licking accumulate in their stomach, forming lumps of fluff. Your cat will want to eat the greens, flowers and herbs in your home to remove hair lumps in your stomach. Making cat grass will work. To make cat grass;

Let’s separate 1 tea glass from the soil in the plastic container. Let’s flatten the remaining soil and sprinkle the seeds in the bag. Let’s cover the seeds with the soil we have separated and gently press them. Let’s pour 1.5 cups of water slowly, without moving the seeds. Do not water for four days. Let’s add another half a glass of water on the fifth day. Put it in a bright place. On the third day, there is chingling. On the seventh day we can give it to our cat. We can cut grass that grows more than 10 cm. It lasts for at least three weeks after germination.

How many hours a day do cats sleep?

A healthy cat is aware of what is around you even while sleeping deeply. For this, a warm, clean, comfortable environment is required. Cats sleep an average of 13 to 18 hours a day, but this may differ depending on the cat’s activity, environment, age, and weather conditions.

Why Cats Escape From Home?

Cats that are left alone, cats that are not sterilized, cats that are irregularly fed, cats that do not get the attention they desire leave their environment.

What Is Cat Diabetes And What Are Its Symptoms?

Cat diabetes is caused by the sugar pancreas not providing enough insulin.


  • Excessive thirst
  • Weight loss for no reason
  • Frequent urination
  • increased appetite
  • It appears with such symptoms.

Why do cats always land on their own feet?

The ability of cats to land on their feet is the result of good balance and body position. These features give them a real advantage. Because they can use their legs as a bumper and start running, jumping or moving in the required direction.çek bir avantaj verir. Çünkü kendi bacaklarını düşerken tampon gibi kullanıp anında koşmaya, zıplamaya ya da gerekli olan yöne hareket etmeye başlayabilirler.

What kind of cat would you recommend to someone with allergies?

Unfortunately, there is no cat breed that has a 100% guarantee that it will not cause a reaction for people with cat allergies. Some people note that short-haired species are less annoying to people with allergies, especially if the cat is washed every week. The best decision is made by looking at the severity of the allergy and people are willing to endure the pleasure of owning the cat.

What are the Main Causes of Cat Paralysis?

Especially in cats, spinal cord and nerve damage due to trauma or old age, and cats are paralyzed in fractures.

Is Blood Important in Cat Urine?

Of course it is also important. The reasons can be very different. Stones in the kidneys, stones in the urinary tract, infection, etc. can. In this case, you should contact your vet.

What are Cat Poisoning Symptoms?

The most obvious symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, enlarged pupils, chills, and loss of balance coordination.

What are the Causes of Loss of Balance in Cats?

  The causes of the most intense loss of balance in cats also arise from ear diseases. In such a situation, we strongly recommend you to contact your vet.

How Much Puppies Can Cats Deliver At One Time?

The father of each offspring born at the end of a gestation period may be another. Because the female cat can become pregnant several times during the estrus period. The average gestation period is between 58 and 62 days. After this period, usually 4 to 5 puppies are born. Siamese cats can deliver 8-9 kittens. Abyssinian cats usually only have 1 or 2 puppies.

What Are Toxic Substances For Cats?

  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizer
  • Mouse poison
  • Cleaning agents
  • disinfectants
  • Bleach
  • Antifreeze
  • Medicines
  • Naphthalene
  • Paint

What are the points to be considered in cats’ eye diseases?

Eye diseases can be seen depending on cat breeds. These are sight weaknesses and double vision race diseases especially in siamese.

Cats Which genre do they show more interest in humans?

Cats show more interest in women than males.

What are the reasons for cats to urinate frequently?

In cases of sand pouring, urinary tract infections, behavioral disorders, depression etc. It can be seen in such cases.

How Much Do Cats Clean Up?

Cats spend 5 hours a day with their own cleaning.

How Many Months Can Cats Give Birth?

A female cat can breed between 3 and 7 kittens every four months.

How Much (grams) Do Cats Eat Per Day?

This situation varies according to the weight of the cats.

For cats weighing 1.5-2.5kg, 20-30 g of food should be given daily.

For cats weighing 2.5-4.5kg, 30-50 g of food should be given daily.

For cats weighing 3.5-6.5kg, 50-70 g of food should be given daily.

Do Cats Have Memory?

The memory of cats is 200 times stronger than those of dogs. In cats, this memory is selective and only stores information that will work.

What Causes a Third Eyelid Fall in Cats?

The appearance of the third eyelid in cats can be a symptom of a disease. In cats, intense parasitic worms, in diarrhea, the third eyelid falls. In such a situation, consult your doctor.

What Are Cat Vaccines?

  • Mixed vaccine
  • fiv vaccine
  • micanfin vaccine
  • cyst-parasite vaccine
  • leucomie vaccine
  • rabies vaccine are used in cats.

In adult cats, leucomie vaccine, mixed vaccine, rabies are administered once a year as a single dose.

In kittens, mixed vaccine, cyst-parasite treatment, leucomie, fiv vaccine are administered as 2 doses, rabies vaccine as single dose.

Is it necessary for cats to eat fat?

Cats’ bodies cannot produce fat. That’s why cats need to eat fat.

How many days does a cat’s pregnancy take?

The pregnancy of cats lasts between 58 and 65 days.

How Many Cat Body Temperature Should Be?

Cats’ body temperature should be between 38 and 39 degrees.

Where should the cat’s toilet container be placed?

The place where you will place your cat’s toilet bowl should be a quiet place where not many people walk around and it should be away from your cat’s meal container.

What should I do when my cat enters places I don’t want?

If your cat has been naughty, you and your family will not play with your cat for a while and don’t love it. It will be enough to say NO to him hard and call him to play with his favorite toys and try to distract your kittens in another direction.

How Long Do Cats Live?

The lifespan of cats is between 15 years and 20 years.

Why Cats Don’t Like Water?

 The reason why cats do not like water is unknown. Cats are pretty mysterious animals. According to some studies, although it is mentioned that it is an uncomfortable situation for the cat due to the fact that the wet hair increases the weight of the cat, there is no clear evidence to support this situation. In contrast, some cats enjoy playing with water. Cats, especially those who grow up in hot climates, can be very good swimmers.

Why Cats Drink Much Water?

It is observed that cats drink a lot of water in depression, kidney disorders, diabetes, and most often in digestive disorders.

Why Cats Love To Drink Water Flowing From A Fountain?

The flowing water of water may also be very attractive for our cat friends. In addition, even if your water container looks clean, bacteria can reproduce very quickly. Especially in ceramic and plastic containers.

It may also be useful to change the water once a day and to wash the water bowl in the same way once a day. The oxygen rate in the water, which stops for a few hours, is significantly reduced, and the cats are smart enough to realize that the oxygen in the flowing water is more than the oxygen in the water in their containers. So let’s pay attention to the cleanliness of our cats’ water containers.

Do Cats Reduce Stress?

Of course, it has been proven that cats reduce stress and blood pressure. Cats are a source of love and joy. Responsibility for children is a very good companion for those who live alone.

Why Cough in Cats?

It is seen seasonally in cats due to air pollution especially in winter. In the cough that does not pass in cats, bronchitis, in cats, allergic sensitivity, cough, audible and difficult breathing, dry dry cough in the lungs.

What Does Cat’s Whiskers Do?

The cat’s whiskers are similar to the antenna and prevent the cat from hitting around in the dark.

How High Can Cats Jump?

Cats can jump up to 7 times their size.

How many teeth do cats have?

Cats have 30 females.

What is the Cat Best Calming Method?

Have a long conversation with your cat. Talking with your cat is definitely the best method. You will see it calm down.

How many breaths do cats take per minute?

Cats breathe between 20 and 40 breaths per minute.

When Do Cats Start Mating?

After male cats are 7-10 months old,

The female cats, on the other hand, begin to mate after 5-9 months of age.

Do Cats Love People?

Male cats are often more friendly and begin to show their trust at an early age. Female cats, on the other hand, behave a little more cautiously when approaching you.

Why do cats sleep so much?

In kittens, the growth hormone is secreted only while sleeping, so they sleep a lot. But although adult cats do not have growth hormones, they probably do.

Do cats dream?

A scientifically proven situation that cats dream.

 Why Do Cats Lock With Their Mouth Open After Sniffing Something?

This is because the cat has an interesting and intense smell and wants to smell it even deeper. Thanks to the Jacobson Organ at the top of their mouths, they achieve these goals, and this reaction, called the “fihmen response”, takes place.

Flehmen response or phlegmon reaction is a behavior that lasts for a few seconds, when an animal bends its upper lips upward, showing its front teeth, and usually breathing with its nostrils closed.

Is Sniffing The Strongest Sense Of Cats?

No, the strongest sense of cats is hearing. Considering how advanced the sniffing senses are, it is really interesting to have another sense organs even stronger than that.

Why Do Cats Suddenly Attack Your Feet While Walking?

Your cat wants to play, and he is trying to convey this message to you using his hunting skills and may be bored. Especially moving house cats, if they do not have enough toys, they can see you as toys. While your cat is approaching, your cat may act as hiding in a corner and jumping in front of you, looking at you from a hidden corner and standing. Let’s say that your cat has no intention of harming you at this point, they are probably not even aware that it hurts you.

To overcome this situation, you can take another friend with him and let him energize with him, or you can make sure that he has enough fun by playing games with your cat.

How is the age of cats calculated? Does a 6-month-old cat fit the age of a 14-year-old child?


6 months – 14 years

1 year – 16 years

3 years – 20 years

6 years – 30 years

8 years – 40 years

9 years – 50 years

10 years – 60 years

13 years – 70 years

16 years – 80 years

20 years – 90 years

Equivalent is coming.

Why do cats run inside the house after making their poop?

Cats poop and then start running like crazy. Although this sounds ridiculous and meaningless to us, one of the first reasons for this may be the survival instincts. In the wild, they may be trying to escape as far as they can, as they think they can follow the irresistible smell of the poop left by hunters. Another reason may be that they get rid of their excess. After all, they extract a large amount by mass compared to their bodies.

Why do cats absorb woolen towels or clothes?

Because she left her mother too early, the soft wool towel may remind her of her mother’s stomach, or the smell of the towel may be reminiscent of her mother’s smell.

What Are Poisonous Plants For Cats?

  • Ivy
  • Lily
  • Amaryl
  • Azalea
  • Tick seed
  • Horse chestnut
  • cherry seeds and leaves
  • Corn plant
  • Mistletoe
  • Daytime joy
  • Daffodil
  • Oleander
  • Poinsettia
  • cyclamen
  • Jonquil
  • Bay
  • Difenbahya
  • Foxglove
  • Hibiscus
  • Iris
  • the philodendron
  • Bead tree seed
  • sugar cane
  • fig leaf
  • clove

They are poisonous plants for cats.

Is Clean Water Important in Cats? And How Should Water Consumption Be In Cats?

Cats love clean water and some enjoy drinking water from running water. Cats consume little water daily, but they should never be left without water. If your kitten prefers to drink water from a puddle, gutters, or ponds, this may most likely be due to poor taste in the water in the container. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water daily! This is a very critical issue for your cat’s health.

Why Cats Go Crazy for Olives?

Yes, cats are really mad for olives. The reason why cats are crazy about olives is a chemical compound in the structure of olives, which is also found in the cat mint plant that cats go crazy. This compound may interact with the scent receptors of cats, creating a unique pleasure in the cat. Even a normally heavy-headed cat can pamper, run, meow when it smells olive; briefly, you can apply for all kinds of joking. Nevertheless, it is useful not to give too much, as with any other food, you can use olives as an occasional reward. Although this information is as interesting as most people do not know, try giving olives to your cat first and you will see how happy you are.

How Should We Feed The Little Kitten And How To Eat It?

  • Take care to give your cat fresh food.
  • Your cat’s food should be given at room temperature and we should be careful to keep it at room temperature.
  • We should not feed your cat with food that is prepared for other animals and dogs.
  • We should not give the food that remains in your cat’s food container to our cat again.
  • By controlling your cat’s eating, you should prevent excessive weight gain.
  • We should not put the heated dishes in your refrigerator.
  • Patient owners who feed the cat with the home food should definitely remove the chicken bones and fish bones.
  • It is necessary to use a reliable cat food brand.
  • Care should be taken to keep the water and food containers of your cat clean.
  • If your cat has not been eating for 24 hours, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian.

What Does a Cat Litter Bag Do?

When changing your cat litter, it offers more practical and hygienic use instead of washing your sand container or emptying it into a separate bag. When the sand gets dirty, you can easily throw it away with the bag.

How Should Cat Litter Be Used?

Before filling the cat litter container, we must make sure that it is completely dry. Let’s fill the cat litter container with an average of 4 fingers (7cm) height. Stir a little for better results. Clean solid stools with a shovel every day.

What Causes Cat Hair Loss?

Failure to feed cats with healthy food, stress factors, cats not being combed, not having internal parasite treatments, not checking fleas, skin diseases, washing too often, biotin deficiencies, mating and pregnancy periods, seasonal factors, hormonal imbalances lead to hair loss in cats.

What does it mean for the cat to constantly lick itself?

Cats lick themselves to clean themselves. They usually spend more than half the time lying on the awake chute. Although it is very common to see cats lick, especially during the molting season, this may cause owners anxiety. If your cat focuses on a single spot and always lies at that spot, it may feel pain or sting in that area. In such a case, we recommend that you contact your veterinarian. If your cat’s behavior is normal, he often lies but does not go to a single point, this can be periodic and there is no need to worry. But it is still useful to follow your cat.

Why do cats chase their tails?

Cats usually chase their tails when they are in a very moire mood. they may be instinctively chasing after everything moving in this mood is of interest. Or they may be disturbed by the constant movement of their tails and try to keep the situation under control, and so they may be trying to catch them.

What Should We Do to Protect Kittens? How long does a mother suckle cats?

Each cub is born in a separate flesh. The mother tears this meat with her tongue and eats. Thus, it both cleans the puppy and makes it easier for milk to come to the breasts, and kittens whose eyes are closed for ten days should not be touched when they are a day or two. In addition, adult male cats should be kept away from newborn kittens, except for Siamese cats. Because they can harm offspring. The mother breastfeeds her kittens for two months.

When should kittens care start?

If your cat does not go out, its nails should be trimmed regularly, it is enough to brush your teeth once a week.

How to Cut Cat Nail? And How Often Should The Cat Nail Cut?

Special scissors should be used for nail cutting. Nail cutting is suitable to be done every 2 months. It would be more appropriate to cut less than cut, which should never be forgotten. Cut the part that is absolutely white when cutting.

How To Do Dental Care, Eye Care And Ear Cleaning Of Cats?

A simple brush and paste is sufficient. The habit of brushing teeth in kittens should be learned from a young age. It is enough to brush once a week. If there are burrs in the eyes, it may need to be taken separately. If there is no discharge in the eyes, you can wipe it with a piece of cotton water and then wipe it with cotton or cotton cloth. If there is dark discharge in the ears, there may be an ear scab. We can drop baby oil on a piece of cotton and clean it in circular motions without entering into the ear, never use ready-made cotton swabs into the ear canal.

How and When Should Cat Toilet Training Be Done?

Training should be started when kittens are walking. Young cats need to go to the toilet shortly after eating. You can take him to the sand container the first time, but instead of taking it to your lap and playing it with a rope or toy, you should make it go to the sand container spontaneously instead of picking it up. Cats create a map of where they live in their heads, and while doing so they get help from scents as much as images. If you leave a small amount of dirty sand in the container until you have fully acquired the habit, instead of cleaning the entire sand immediately after you have made the toilet, the fragrance will also help him in finding the right place.

What does it mean for the cat to lick plastic items?

Although it is not known what the cause is, the smell of some plastic items attracts the attention of cats. Cats can show fun of licking plastic items in a surprising and incomprehensible way. This condition is considered quite normal and occurs in many cats. If your cat doesn’t hurt and swallow them, licking the plastic items will not be a problem.

Does Cats Feather Make a Cyst? Does Pet Feather Make a Cyst?

The hair of the cat and dog is attached to the internal organs and does not cause any cyst. It is the prevalence of the belief that the cyst in the organs of the cat and dog is swallowed as a result of the ingestion of the cat and dog. It is a kind of parasite that can do this.It is the result of a parasitic disease that occurs when the parasite eggs that are transmitted to your pet together by mouth, not the feather of the pets. The possibility of taking it is that you can get it with unwashed raw vegetables or fruits or by eating raw meat and meat products that you buy or eat without veterinarian control. In other words, if your pets are properly cared for, they are not likely to carry dangerous parasites.

What are the situations and places where you need to protect cats?

Never use an electric blanket.
Keep the sewing machine, screwdriver, needle, nails away.
We must keep the toilet covers closed.
We must keep plastic bags closed.
Why Cats Should Be Given Wet Food?

Cats do not tend to drink water naturally. Cats are real meat gluttony and get the water they need from the food they eat. Wet foods contain a high degree of moisture. In this way, it prevents diseases that may occur in the body and urinary tract. So we have to give cats food.

How should diarrhea be treated in cats?

When the diarrheal disease is observed in cats, the duration of this condition should be considered. If your cat is very young or old, if your cat has more than 24 hours of diarrhea and is seen in situations such as vomiting, it should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. If you are going to take your cat to the veterinarian for diarrhea, take a stool sample from the house. This will save time for the analysis. Cats lose a lot of water when they have diarrhea. To balance this situation, add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar in 1 liter of water. Wait after drinking this mixture on your cat and continue to drink water. In the event that cats have diarrhea, a strict diet program should be followed for cats. In this diet, be careful to choose foods with high fiber and low fat. You can feed foods such as boiled chicken meat and potatoes to your cat.

Can our cat stay alone at home?

Your cat can stay alone at home for a few days, but you must always keep the places where it can enter and damage it. For example, they like to sleep in warm and dark places, do not forget to keep your chiffon place drawers, chests and cabinets closed. Check if the oven is there before closing the door of the dishwasher or dryer and close it. Close the windows and keep them away from the balconies.

What Causes Cat Purr and Rumble?

The mutter and noise of the cat is an indication of comfort and happiness. They are high frequency sounds that come not only from the vocal cords, but also from the depths of the chest cavity. Cats can also rumble when they are safe, breastfeeding, feel warm, full, give birth, rarely angry and hurt.

What is the Effect of Cat Purring on the Human Body?

As a result of a research conducted in France, it has been proven that purring a cat has a stress-relieving effect. The cat mutter was delighted with both the ear and the nerve end channels close to the skin. Loving your humming cat both calms you and reduces your stress. Cat humming reduces the risk of infection and bloating of wounds. People who have cats have 40% less risk of heart attack. Cats emit purring vibrations in the range of 20-140 hz, sounds that vibrate at this frequency, are effective in the treatment of many diseases. Purring vibrations relieve tendon and muscle injuries. The frequency range that purring vibrates corresponds to the sound frequency ranges that are good for many diseases. Loving the cat and listening to its humming lowers blood pressure. Now let’s love our cat and listen to his mutter.

What are the Features of Cats?

Cats have a sense of sight, they see it more clearly than people in dark environments, but cats are weak in distinguishing colors.

Your cat’s tail movements reflect it in their mood. If he is up in the air, he is proud and full. If he’s straightened out, he’s watching something. If she shakes her tail from side to side, she may be angry.

Your cat’s whiskers are very sensitive, it guides him when there is little light. They are sensitive to any object they can hit.

Cats have common features with other wild cousins ​​such as tigers, leopards, and lynxes.

Cats are extremely curious animals, they are keen to get into all kinds of things, climb the above places, or even enter empty bags and boxes. Discovery is effective in the learning of kittens.

How Can I Get Rid Of Cat Or Dog Hair?

If your cat started to shed much more than usual, you can give it from specially produced food. Or you can comb your cat with furminator or razor combs sold in pet shops. Almost all cats shed, so we have a few tips you can make at home:

Hair collection rolls that you can easily find in supermarkets and pet shops.

With these rolls made of a strong adhesive material, you can easily clean your sofas, sofas, curtains, clothes, briefly on all fabrics and hard objects you want to cleanse.

It may seem like a funny suggestion, but when you inflate a balloon and move the balloon over the areas where hair accumulates, the feathers are collected on the balloon thanks to static electricity. Those who love alternative solutions can use this method.

Although not a highly recommended option for emotional and sensitive animals, pet hairdressers will radically solve your hair problem for a few months. Especially very hairy, long-haired animals are both comfortable when shaved and almost never shed for a while. The important point is that you have to shave your cute friend at the beginning of summer, otherwise you may endanger his health. It is normal for your pet to hide for a while after shaving, behave shy or offensive, no need to worry.

Many home appliance brands produce vacuum cleaners with new technologies for pet feeders. These brooms, which have the ability to pull hairs better, both clean your home better than feathers and reduce the allergy rate thanks to its special filters for your guests who are allergic to hair.

If you are in an emergency situation and do not even have time to use your vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of the hairs with the help of a duct tape. If you have a sponge instead of duct tape near you, you can also solve your problem by wetting the sponge and pressing and dragging it into the feathered area.

Why Do Cats Love to Curl and Lie in Small Areas?

Although cats are known for their hunting, they often fall prey to hunting. For this reason, they want to enter small areas and feel safe, especially to protect the abdominal areas. When sleeping in a small space, it is also difficult for big hunters to reach him. They always love to secure themselves. In addition, sleeping in such a compact position allows the cat to react quickly when it needs to act urgently.

What are the precautions that pregnant women will take to protect them from Toxoplasma?

You should definitely wash your hands before touching or eating any food.

Do not eat all vegetables without washing the fruits.

Refresh the meat without cooking.

Every contact with soil in the garden or outside

What are the materials that my cat may need?

  • Food and water bowl
  • Sand container
  • Sand shovel
  • Sand container bag
  • Cat bed
  • Carry bag
  • Comb
  • Toy
  • Scratch board

These are the materials you may need for your cat. It can be optional.

My cat does not make her toilet in the sandbox, what could be the reason?

There may also be a discomfort in the intestines or urinary tract.

Your cat may be afraid of something or be restless.

May be in power struggle with another animal at home

If there is new relocation, there may be adaptation problems.
When it comes to such situations, you should definitely try to eliminate these conditions. Cats miss their toilets in fear. Toilet problems may also arise in cats that have emotional problems with the household. In this case, the solution of the problem naturally goes through producing solutions. On the other hand, in the domination struggle with another pet at home, it seems impossible to predict which side will understand which side. But the best solution is to treat both sides with love and understanding in such cases. The oppressive attitude to be taken against unrest has the opposite effect to what is desired to be achieved. The solution of toilet problems caused by the disease is possible with medical treatment. Especially in case of extreme diarrhea, your cat will be emotionally affected in this undesirable situation. Because cats who are very fond of their cleanliness, it is quite normal that they feel serious embarrassment and discomfort due to toilet problems other than their desires like diarrhea.

Why do cats run like crazy at night?

This behavior is actually quite normal. Because it’s in your cat’s genes! Wild felines often use the night as their hunting time. So, jumping over the seats in the house, this can be proof that he is hunting.

Of course, this is not the only possibility. For example, because he loves you and your family very much, he can start to be active when you sleep and come until you come. So it is possible that he will spend his energy with you and play. If you are disturbed by this situation, you can spend time with your cat and play games before going to sleep, so that you can energize. He can also get tired and sleep when you sleep.

Why do cats lick themselves after we love or kiss?

One of the main reasons for this is either you have disrupted and disturbed the hairs he has straightened, or you have left an odor he does not want in his body. Your cat friend at home may also be acting with this instinct, as it is very vital to remove odors that can attract enemies or cause prey to become noticed, especially for wild feline.

What is the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights?

” All animals are born equal and have the right to live equally.

All animals have the right to respect. Human being, a kind of animal, cannot destroy other animals. He cannot use animals for his own benefit.

No animal can be treated badly and cruelly. If an animal must be killed, it must be done immediately and without pain.

Experimenting animals that cause physical or psychological pain is against animal rights.

Wild animals have the right to live and reproduce in their natural environment. Even for educational purposes, wild animals cannot be deprived of their liberty.

Pets have the right to live harmoniously and in freedom. Any changes that people make in the living conditions of pets for their own benefit are against the rights.

Pets have the right to live long enough for their natural life span.

All working animals (horse, donkey…) have the right to limit the working time, to make the work less tiring, to increase their power and to have a rest.

The animals that are cared for feeding should be sheltered, transported and without causing frightening and painful deaths.

Animals cannot be used by people for entertainment purposes. Watching animals and performing with animals is against animal dignity.

The killing of an animal without necessity is a crime against life.

Safaris and hunting parties, which caused the killing of a large number of wild animals, is a genocide against animals. Pollution, destruction and destruction of the natural environment is also a low behavior equivalent to genocide.

It is also necessary to respect the death of animals. Violent scenes in which animals are killed should be banned in cinemas and televisions, but there is no limitation in movies that intend to condemn attacks on animals.

Animal protection organizations should be represented on the state level. Animal rights, like human rights, should be protected by law. ”

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