Game Console for Disabled

Microsoft has developed a new tool for the Xbox One game console to be easily used by the disabled. Existing game consoles used for playing games on Xbox require different hand and finger coordination depending on the type of game. As such, it becomes difficult for people with disabilities who cannot use their limbs such as hands and fingers to play.

Microsoft Adaptive Control Apparatus has made the job of people with disabilities much easier. This device, which has a larger button area, can be used much more easily thanks to its design. Moreover, it has 19 3.5. Thanks to the mm electronic input port, different apparatus can be attached to this device depending on the condition of the disability.

For example, a player who wants to use his feet can play the game by connecting pedal equipment.
This project, which is very important for disabled people to continue their lives and socialize with people without needing others, is a product that many people can buy with a $ 100 price tag.
On the other hand, Google has developed two new applications for the use of those with hearing difficulties. The application called Live Transcribe instantly translates the conversation into text using the phone’s microphone. Thus, it becomes easier for people to understand words that they cannot fully hear. The application, which is open to trial under the title of Live Subtitle on Google Play, supports 70 languages

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It is aimed to open the application to everyone in the coming days. We recommend you to try the application which is extremely simple and successful. Another application of Google called Sound Amplier raises the sound of the conversations around. In doing so, it also filters out other noises.

Thus, it is easier to understand the conversations that you cannot fully hear with the help of headphones. You can find this application by calling the Voice Booster from Google Play for phones with Android 9 and above operating system. We hope that similar products that facilitate the life of disabled people increase even more.

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