How Much is an Atari Worth , Questions and Answers

Atari had given the signals of Ataribox, which is the only game console it has released for more than 20 years, in the past months. All the nostalgia enthusiasts were looking forward to the details and the external image of the new console, in the end the expected photo was shared with us

How Much is an Atari Worth

Atari 2600 is sold on for $ 30-200.

How much is an original Atari worth?

Has value between $ 30-200

Are any Atari games worth money?

Arcade games are sold for $ 20- $ 60 on

Which Atari console is the best?

My opinion is the new ataribox console 2020

What is the oldest game console?

The first game console is Magnavox Odyssey 1972

What was the first ever console?

Magnavox Odyssey 1972

How much was Atari in 1980?

Starting price is $ 199 (equivalent to $ 839.6 in 2019)

What was before the Atari?

Although Magnavox Odyssey is the first game console of the first generation, it is the father of home game consoles according to many authorities. A tennis-like game contained in it aroused great excitement in time and reached 330,000, a good sales figure compared to the first game console. The device split the television screen in half, allowing you to play a countless number of games with your friend.

Arcade in the 70s

Atari Pong 1975

Atari, who bought and developed Magnavox Odyssey’s tennis-like game, announced Pong, the company’s first in-house game console. History is 1975. In 1972, Pong, which was only in the game halls with its large size, came to the living rooms by 1975 and managed to lock the families on the screen. Because of Pong, which is known as the device that started console wars, Magnavox company sued Atari and won it after long efforts.

Atari Video Pinball 1977

It was a console based on Pinball, as evidenced by the Video Pinball name, which was postponed for a year due to the Magnavox case. Video Pinball, which includes 4 different Pinball games, 1 basketball and 2 breakouts, was an Atari project in which Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were involved and made their own prototypes.

Atari 2600 1977

The console market was turned upside down when Atari 2600, which was offered for sale in our country in the mid-80s, was released. Offering more than 1000 game options to its players with more than 1000 games, Atari 2600 reached a sales altitude of nearly 30 million and became one of Atari’s best-selling consoles. With this console, the world started to meet the second generation game systems.

Nintendo Color TV 1977

Color TV, which is the first serious entry of Nintendo into the game market, went on sale only in Japan and reached 3 million sales in a short time. The device, which was the Atari Pong clone, attracted attention with its colorful structure.

Arcade in the 80s

Mattel İntellivision 1980

Mattel Intellivision, the first game console that can truly compete against Atari consoles, is known as the console that started the transition from 8 bits to 16 bits. Mattel Intellivision, which achieved a sales figure of 3 million in a short time, proved that Atari could not have single domination in the second generation.

Atari 5200 1982

With the introduction of Nintendo and Mattel into the market, Atari had developed the Atari 5200, which was especially the answer to Intellivision. The console was expected to sell as much as its predecessor Atari 2600, but it was removed from the market 1.5 years later, selling only 1 million units. One reason for the failure of the device was the economic crisis that affected all console manufacturers.

Sega SG-1000 – Sega Mark 3 1983

SG-1000, the first game console of the old game giant Sega, is considered to be the first of the 3rd Generation consoles. The device, which did not achieve the desired success, was renewed in July every year until 1985, it became stronger and became Sega Mark 3. Sega, which was opened to the world for the first time with Sega Mark 3, reached 13 million sales and became one of the important consoles of the third generation.

Nintendo Entertainment System 1983

When we say nostalgic game console, the first device that comes to mind is the Nintendo Entertainment System or the more known abbreviated name “NES”. You can see that there are hundreds of NES emulators in the Google Play Store, especially if you are using an Android phone. NES, which is still playing games, is the winner of the third generation race. Tens of clones of NES, which reached 70 million sales worldwide, were made.

Atari 7800 1984

Wanting to regain success with the 2600, Atari tried his luck again with the 7800. Atari, who made the hardware and console design from the beginning, did not achieve the success he wanted. Putting equipment that is not expected to be in the game console, such as a printer, Atari was able to sell 4 million worldwide from 7800 that it produced for 8 years.

Sega Megadrive 1988

The 4th Generation that started with Megadrive hosted the first consoles of today’s players. Megadrive, which achieved high sales figures like NES, came with the popular Sonic the Hedgehog game even today. More games are still being made for the device

Arcade in the 90s

Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1990

Seven years after NES ‘big success, Nintendo wanted to repeat the same success as another game console Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES, and achieved its goal. Selling 60 million units worldwide, SNES still brought with it more fun Super Mario World, The Legend Of Zelda and Street Fighter 2 games. The console became the winner of the 4th Generation race.

SNK Neo Geo CD 1990

Even though SNK Neo Geo CD, which is the most powerful hardware console of the 4th generation, dazzles with the Motorola processor running at a speed of 12 MHz, which was well above its time, only 1 million units could be sold due to its cost. Games, like the device itself, were quite expensive. The most affordable game for the device was around $ 50, while the average game prices were between $ 200 and $ 300.

Commodore Amiga CD32 1993

The home game console Amiga CD32 of the legendary computer Commodore 64’s manufacturer, Commodore, was able to sell only 100,000 units. Although the CD drive inside was a technology ahead of time, hardware restrictions made to lower the price caused the product not to be sold.

Atari Jaguar 1993

Jaguar, Atari’s 5th Generation game console trial, was one of the game consoles that prepared the end of the company. Atari, who made a few more unsuccessful attempts after Jaguar, had to close in 1996. There are still Atari lovers who still develop games for Jaguar, which only sells 250,000 units.

Sony Playstation 1994

The device that makes modern game consoles a game console is the Sony Playstation, which occupied the TVs of most of us in time. Having entered the game console market for the first time, Sony has finished all console wars with a single device, making the market monopoly. Playstation, which hops hearts of all game lovers when it first came out, creates a huge place for games thanks to the CD drive, so much more advanced games can be produced with graphics.

The joystick, announced with Playstation, was replaced by the revolutionary Dualshock joystick in 1997. Even in current modern consoles, the game arms are produced in a structure similar to Dualshock. Playstation PSOne, whose design was changed in 2000, continued to be produced until 2006. Sony, which is estimated to have sold more than 100 million copies for both versions worldwide, still continues the series with Playstation 4.

Apple Pippin 1995

Although Apple and the game console sound like separate words, Apple produced an in-house entertainment device in 1995, and this device was seen as a game console thanks to its gaming capabilities. Although Apple gave the copyright of this device to different companies and released it to different names in different countries, it basically contained the Apple processor architecture and operating system.

Sega Saturn 1996

Sega Saturn, trying to stand in front of Sony Playstation, has reached the shadow of Playstation in 5th Generation although it has reached 10 million sales figures and reported to the game lovers that the Sega period has ended slowly. The dual processor of the game had challenged the game makers’ job.

Nintendo 64 1996

The game giant Nintendo’s console, which will compete with the Sony Playstation in the 5th Generation, attracted attention with its 64-bit processor. Over 30 million consoles sold were proof of Nintendo’s persistence in using game cartridges. The console’s joystick has become a legend with its shape, and still remains among the first joysticks that come to mind when it comes to more nostalgic joysticks.

Sega Dreamcast 1998

The beginning of the 6th generation was again with Sega. When Saturn, whose previous console did not achieve the desired success, introducing its new console named Dreamcast in 1998, Sega still failed to exceed 10 million sales thresholds. Sega, which offered popular games like Crazy Taxi for sale with this console, then offered different models such as the Hello Kitty version of the console. Although the console disappeared from production in 2001, it was available in stores until 2007.

Arcade in the 2000s

Sony Playstation 2 2000

Having achieved greater success than its prediction with Playstation 1, Sony introduced a device worthy of the new millennium in 2000. Playstation 2, which has a great impact with its hardware and DVD drive beyond its era, has managed to reach 160 million sales worldwide. Having managed to collect the same hardware with the Slim model in a smaller case, Sony produced Playstation 2 until the end of 2012 and became the winner of the 6th Generation console race.

Microsoft Xbox 2001

Seeing Sony’s great success in the console market, Microsoft took its first step into this market in 2001 with Xbox. Xbox, the biggest competitor of Playstation 2, managed to exceed 30 million dams even though it could not reach the sales figures expected by Microsoft. Attracting the attention of game lovers with its DVD drive and powerful hardware, Xbox experienced the real explosion with the next generation Xbox 360.

Nintendo GameCube 2001

Game giant Nintendo took its first major defeat against Sony with GameCube. GameCube, which is very powerful hardware, was able to sell only 20 million units. Nintendo did not use DVDs on this device either, but instead preferred Mini DVD. The biggest reason for the device to reach 20 million sales was the hosting of the new version of the Pokemon game, which was famous for cartoons.

Microsoft Xbox 360 2005

Xbox 360, which is still produced and sold today, is known as the device that made Microsoft’s real explosion in the game console world. Xbox 360, the 7th Generation-launching console, revolutionized with the motion detection device called Kinect, which was added later, allowing gamers to experience the game using their body movements without the need for a joystick. Xbox 360, which creates an online gaming platform for players thanks to the Xbox live service, was able to download movies, music and games through the same platform.

Sony Playstation 3 2006

Sony’s legendary Playstation series continues with this console. Continuing its successful line with this console, Sony has managed to sell approximately 120 million Playstation 3s. Reducing the size limitation in games with the support of Blue-Ray disc, Sony managed to get ahead of its competitors Microsoft and Nintendo in this regard. The Playstation 3, which has been progressively studied in 3 different versions since its launch, is still one of the more powerful game consoles.

Nintendo Wii 2006

Nintendo Wii, which prioritizes motion control, was distinctly distinguished from its competitors when it first came out. The power of the Wii, which has low features against its powerful equipments that can offer HD graphics, came from the game controller, which can be either a steering wheel, a golf club or a tennis racket with its motion sensor. Wii, which can be performed in various sports games as well as yoga and fitness, has achieved a sales figure of nearly 100 million worldwide.

Arcade in the 2010s

Nintendo Wii U 2012

Wanting to repeat its success with Wii, Nintendo started 8th Generation console wars in 2012. Wii U, which has been able to sell only 5 million so far, comes with a joystick screen where you can play games when used by someone else.

Playstation 4 2013

Playstation 4, Sony’s new generation Playstation, made a rapid entry into the market. The device, which went on sale in mid-November, exceeded the 4 million threshold on the first day of 2014. The device is very powerful and comes with Dualshock 4 with touch sensor. The device is now available for purchase in our country.

Microsoft Xbox One 2013

Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation game console, made a fast introduction to the market, just like Playstation 4. Xbox One, which attracted the reaction of users with some restrictions, achieved normal sales figures with Microsoft removing some of these restrictions. Xbox One, which has exceeded 3 million dams on the first day of 2014, comes with an internal kinect sensor.

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