How the World Changed Social Media


Did the digital world make us a different person?
Are we trying to show ourselves different from what we really are?
Useful content related to the dangerous aspects of social media use supported by scientific research.

Undoubtedly, we spend a considerable part of our day on social media. Who did what, where did he go, what was he dressed, why am I not, I will be like this, etc. It never ends?
For example, you are going to a restaurant; smart phones in everyone’s hands. Nobody is looking at anyone’s face, not a word. Meals are coming, photographing and sharing them, and getting up after the meals are finished.

Even on the way there is no conversation again, the video of the highway is shot. It is shared too! Are you aware that social media actually changes our sociality and ultimately our human characteristics and take us away?

According to a study by We Are Social's done in 2018, 42% of the world population (3.19 billion people), 63% of Turkey's population (51 million people) active social media user. In Turkey, smartphone use time of 7 hours per day on average. 2 hours 48 minutes of this was determined as the time spent on social media.

“Every year social media usage is increasing by 5% worldwide.”

While this is the case, most people are unlikely to be aware of it, but the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) patient.

Usage of Social Media 2020

How the World Changed Social Media

What is this FOMO?

FOMO “Fear of Missing Out”, which we have heard the name of in recent years, as it is understood from its name, has entered into our lives as a fear of missing developments and has influenced a large general of humanity. “Am I also a FOMO patient?” If you thought it would be useful to talk about the symptoms.

  • The person constantly checks their social media accounts. He is afraid of missing news, interactions, posts. “First of all, I must know first of all!” she thinks and acts according to her.
  • This replaces a cycle in one’s life and they spend all their time constantly zapping between endless social media channels like Instagram to Twitter, from there to Snapchat. While controlling one, the idea of ​​missing something is dominant in the other.
  • Social media has become a basic need for these people. Social activities such as unwittingness, eating, drinking, meeting with friends, and holidays have been started for social media. According to them, they have no meaning unless they are shared on social media.
  • They always want to be liked. When they do not interact, they get upset and angry. They constantly open up applications and drown in paranoid thoughts like “How many people liked, why this time few people liked it, why not?”
  • The reward-punishment mechanism of the brain is mostly affected by this situation. Since social media is now seen as a basic need for life, the person becomes uneasy when things do not work out there. Because people with this ailment feel disapproved, not accepted, and contempt.
  • As a result of all of these, low mood can progress to chronic depression with stress over time. The person begins to complain about his own life. He is so upset with what others do – if he is in place – that he becomes unable to see the beauties in his own life and as a result he starts to experience constant dissatisfaction.
  • They don’t want to travel alone. There is a fear of being alone. Often when they have to eat a single meal, they prefer to order the food home. The phone does not fall from their hands when they are outside in mandatory situations. This situation is no different in a crowded family environment. People with FOMO ailment are constantly on the phone. Unfortunately, communication with other people is no longer healthy.
  • The person is afraid that their phone / tablet / computer, that is, their digital devices will be discharged. Even the idea of ​​staying 1-2 hours away from them drives them crazy, they feel like they will break with life. They usually want to sit close to the outlet, they even look for places in cafes.

Solution proposals

  • In this world where our time is limited, please do not waste our time on empty things. Let’s reduce the use of social media as much as possible. (If possible at all) Real happiness does not need to be shared constantly, let’s not live for others. If you are unhappy, if your situation is not good, do not show everything very differently, just to “envy” others. Most of the things shared on social media are fake. Don’t be depressed by believing in all the things you see and questioning the life you live.
  • Let someone else’s life be of interest to you. “But she travels a lot, always wearing clothes of luxury brands.” E wear it. “Man tries to show what he lacks most,” remember. Look at your own happiness, if he is happy with such things (which is probably not, but he is trying to show so) let him be happy. When you have a problem, they will not be with you. Only your life concerns you.
  • Enjoy every day and every moment, be thankful, be more thankful. Keep calm, slow down. Do meditation. Realize what you have. Be more aware. Know the value of what you have. First, truly love yourself, be loved. Summon beautiful energies and spend more time with your life and loved ones.Çok Read more books. Wonder, research, discover areas you never knew. Feel the pleasure that every new valuable information you learn gives you. Take care of the activities that you think will benefit you. The time you spent on social media is of no use to you. Don’t let false happiness make you addicted.
  • TRead more books. Wonder, research, discover areas you never knew. Feel the pleasure that every new valuable information you learn gives you. Take care of the activities that you think will benefit you. The time you spent on social media is of no use to you. Don’t let false happiness make you addicted.
  • Take a walk. Take trips. Love nature, meet new people and chat with them. Stay in touch with everything, do not close yourself to the outside world. Get a new hobby, for example. Did you always want to draw pictures? Draw. Would you like to learn to play the instrument? Learn.
  • And do all this for YOURSELF FIRST.

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