How to Become an Influencer

Nowadays we live in the age of social media, traditional professions have started to be replaced by digital focused professions. Today, especially with the change of advertising perception of the vast majority of people and the transformation of people’s purchasing behavior, the digital world has started to create its own business areas.

Social media advertising, which still has not reached the position it deserves, is among the product groups that new entrepreneurs are also interested in. Using digital media tools for marketing their products is one of the most important topics that start-ups (which should not be synonymous with the traditional initiative.) Are the most popular topics.

At this point, it is not possible to mention that a new initiative is no longer active on social media. Considering that even the deep-rooted brands have achieved this digital transformation, the business world must continue to exist in the digital world, from the smallest to the largest.

At this point, it is necessary to fill the term of maintaining a presence in the digital world. Everyone knows that a new start up company has to set up a website for their first internet presence. However, it must be existed on social media.

We all know that sharing a social media account is not enough for an enterprise to find customers for its products. In addition, it is necessary to attract the attention of the customer mass with the right strategy.

Influencerlar offers companies a solution partnership at this point. So what exactly is influencer? How do influencers help companies at this point? First of all, how to become influencer, one of the most important professions of the digital age?

What is Influencer?

In its simplest terms, influencer is known to those who have a high number of followers in the internet world and especially in social media and attract the attention of their masses through the posts they make in their own fields.

So, exactly where and in what way do these influencers occur?

With the establishment of Instagram and being more popular than other social media, influencer concept has emerged in Instagram. However, influencer should not be associated only with Instagram.

The influencery, which was first mentioned with Instagram, has become a matter of interest in the media such as Youtube and even Twitter and Facebook with the breakthrough made by Youtube.

All social media celebrities who reach a certain audience have the potential to become influencers. However, at this point, we should also state that the only criterion is not the number of followers.

The phenomena that reach a large number of audiences with their shares attract the attention of big companies after a while. Because the followers of people who are followed and trusted by so many people are potential customers for companies.

This is the point that distinguishes influencer from phenomenality. Initially, influencer started in the form of promoting certain project-based products and recommending its use, and in time, the influencer has reached the brand embassy with the customer potential that the company has been waiting for.

The concept of brand embassy can also be called being the representative of that brand in the social media platforms and the internet.

We can roughly state the influencer process in this way. So, how should an influencer’s behavior on the internet be?

How to be influencer? Steps

First of all, the first thing people who want to be influencers should know is that the position they intend to be is a position that requires patience. Because, reaching large masses requires working steadily, contrary to what is thought.

Therefore, influencerism, which is seen as the influencing of people in social media especially at first sight, is actually related to the presence of the concerned on the whole internet.

  1. Choose the right area for yourself.
  2. Make quality posts.
  3. Try to attract people’s attention to you.
  4. Try to be effective not only on social media but also on the Internet.
  5. Help other people in your situation.

Step-1: Choose the right area for yourself.

First of all, start by sharing in an area where you have knowledge. Because, although you may seem to be able to share a large number of posts in the first place, if you do not continue to share in an area where you have extensive knowledge, you may be able to have problematic issues for new posts.

Of course, you don’t have to be stuck in a single area. However, staying in an area is one of the most guaranteed ways to ensure that you are one of the best in that area. Therefore, starting from the area closest to yourself and your area of interest is always the best way to progress in that area.

Step-2: Make quality posts.

588/5000As Influencer, the first thing you should pay attention to is to be respected from your followers. There should be a strong bond with your followers. To ensure this bond, always make sure that all the posts you make are of good quality.

No matter which social media or internet site you are sharing our quality means, make your effort to be the most satisfying way here. Simply put, when you share a picture on Instagram, make it a quality and effortless image.

In this way, you can draw the attention of people.

Step-3: Try to attract people’s attention to you.

Today, millions of people use social media and most of them spend at least 1 hour of their days in these channels. When we look at total daily internet usage, we see that daily internet usage time is much more.

The most important way to stand out from your competitors in a medium where there are so many users is that your shares can interact.

The interaction of your posts means that the number of likes and comments is high.

Usage Of Social Media 2020

Therefore, although it is recommended not to go out of your field, expressing ideas about the events in the agenda will attract people’s attention. If you want to be an influencer for this, you should definitely follow the issues that people are interested in and at least declare your ideas about these issues without leaving your field.

Even if people do not like these statements of opinion, sharing your real thoughts with sincerity and without bending will help people gain their trust.

Step-4: Try to be effective not only on social media but also on the Internet.

The biggest mistake of those who want to be influencer is that they only fall on social media platforms.

Of course, you can only consider working on social media platforms. However, if you want to reach the level of influencer in general, you should make sure that people see you on most of the internet platforms.

First of all, it would be a great benefit to have a website on your behalf. Especially if you have a website that you buy a domain name bearing from this address and feed it with up-to-date content, it will make you advantageous.

However, try to produce content for the popular platforms of the internet, especially in the first place. It is not important whether you have any material expectations in the first place for this.

Remember, the more you consider the influencer, the better.

Step-5: Help other people in your situation.

Never hesitate to support people on the internet who have the potential to become influencers like you. Because being in the content of people with a certain domain like you will also be recognized by their masses.

Keep in mind that the golden point is to expand your domain. So take every opportunity to appear in as many places as possible and introduce yourself.


We briefly mentioned what needs to be done in the first place to become an influencer. However, do not forget that the most important issue at this point is to produce content consistently. Because, keep in mind that the content of people in a media like internet has the potential to consume much faster than traditional content.

At this point, forget everything that is traditional and adapt yourself to the new rules of the internet and remember that you need to work patiently again.

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