How to Clean Your Smartphone or Tablet – Samsung 2020

The cleanliness of the smartphones and tablets we use the most is the importance of hygiene nowadays. According to Samsung, a person touches their phone or tablet at least 50 times a day. In this respect, it is very important to be clean. See what Samsung offers to clean these devices.

How to clean smartphone and tablet?

  1. Do not take your phone to your ear as you may get dirty when you get on public transport and tap it as little as possible.
  2. Use it after wiping with chemicals you use for hygiene if possible.
  3. Wipe the phone or tablet damp, instead of getting wet.
  4. In this way, you do not harm him and you maintain his hygiene.
  5. If possible, make calls using the bluetooth headset when using public transport.
  6. Even if your phone is waterproof, do not hold it under the tap and wash it with soap or vinegar in the kitchen.
  7. To clean your phone, you can spray a little cologne on the screen and after the field, you can feed it on the screen and back with a clean cloth.

These suggestions will help you how to clean it without harming your phone. Make sure that no liquid gets into the speaker and charging port.

In recent days, we try to protect our agenda, ourselves and our loved ones, from coronavirus. For this, hygiene is the top priority. It is very important to wash our hands frequently, touch our face as little as possible and pay attention to both the cleaning of our home and our personal hygiene. However, it is not enough to stop touching your face. You should not disrupt the cleanliness of the things that touch your face. In this sense, we need to pay attention to the cleanliness of our phones!

We touch our phones at least 50 times a day

Take care not to enter the toilet with your phone. You can use your phone again after washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Use alcohol-based cleaners. You can clean your phone gently using a micro-cloth or disinfecting wipes.

Unplug your phone while performing all cleaning operations. Make sure your phone is not connected to any unit.

Don’t forget to clean your phone case.

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