How to Connect Battery Cables

Connecting the battery cable is actually an issue that needs to be done by qualified people. However, in mandatory cases, the user can also be made by people. First of all, the battery you will connect the battery cable must be suitable for the vehicle. The procedures to be followed to connect the appropriate battery to the vehicle are as follows. You will need to disassemble your old battery first. After replacing your new battery, be sure to fix it securely.

Then identify (+) and (-) signs on the poles. After detecting the + and – poles on the terminals, which are located at the ends of the connecting cables, first connect the cable with the plus sign, then connect the cable with the minus sign.

However, it should be noted that before connecting the battery cable, make sure that all working parts such as radio, air conditioner, parking light, headlight are turned off. After connecting the wires, the poles you have connected. Tighten it in a way that does not play with 12 13 wrenches. After tightening, lubricate the poles with grease. Thus, you will solve the problem of how to connect the battery cable without going to the master.

What is Car a Battery

How to Connect Battery Cable? Matters Needing Attention.

When connecting the battery cable, it is important not to reverse the cables. The best answer to the question of how to connect the battery cable will be the answer. This will be possible by connecting the plus to the plus and minus to the negative. After proper connection, you should apply grease to prevent polarity from oxidizing.

How to Connect the Jumper Cable to the Depleted Battery?

Your battery may be discharged due to any leak or open systems. You will need to make a jump start from another battery to start. The question of how to connect the battery cable is also raised here. Care should also be taken when connecting the jump lead. You need to connect the red one to the plus and the black one to the minus. In the meantime, it is important that all the working parts are in closed position.

How to Connect Battery Cables

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