How To Do Degree Symbol (Best 4 Ways)

First ( ° ) You can copy of Degree Symbol

While writing on the computer, there may be some icons that should be used at some times but unknown how to do it. These include adding tags to a post, tagging, adding currencies like the dollar symbol, the Euro symbol, and adding a degree sign.

Degree marks used especially in scientific or geographical writings are important for those who will write in such fields.

How To Do Degree Symbol On Mac

To make a degree use on MAC, you need to press ALT (Option) + Shift + 8.

How To Do Degree Symbol (Best 4 Ways) 1
How To Do Degree Symbol

By the way, have you read my How to Zoom in on Mac  article?

How To Do Degree Symbol On Iphone

To make a degree use on iPhone, open the numbers and symbols by pressing 123 on the keyboard. When you press and hold the zero 0 key, a degree mark will appear on the additional screen. You can select your finger by taking it to the degree mark.

How To Do Degree Symbol On Windows

Klavyedeki kısayolu kullan.
 Bilgisayarında klavyenin sağ tarafında sayısal tuş takımı varsa derece simgesi eklemek için kısayol kullanabilirsin:

How to do a degree symbol in word ? Also you can use word

  1. Press the Alt key to the right of the keyboard.
  2. 0176 or 248  write
  3. Alt key free your finger
  4. if it didn’t work, Press the Num  key to activate. After you can try again

How To Do Degree Symbol On Android

  1. Open an app where you can use the device’s keyboard.
  2. Put the cursor where you want to add the degree icon.
  3. Press the ?123 or ?1☺ key
  4. Touch it How To Do Degree Symbol (Best 4 Ways) 2
  5. You will see on second page

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