How to Increase Organic Traffic Step by Step

In this content, I will talk about ways to increase your organic traffic step by step. I strongly recommend that you review this content to take your SEO performance further.

On average, over 10,000 traffic a month came to my website in the past year. I wanted to access this from ahrefs data and transfer it to you. The reason is this: You never know the traffic rate of your competitors clearly. For this reason, I also wanted to exemplify my site, even on ahrefs.

Organic Traffic Methods

As you know, there are many steps in SEO. From keyword research to technical SEO, from content production to link building and much more.

It will not be possible to handle all of them at once. So my suggestion: You should try to create a checklist for yourself.
The checklist helps you get organized, do regular work, and optimize your website.

Simple SEO Steps

Let’s proceed step by step and start with simple steps;

Creating a Sitemap

Sitemaps help search engines find your content. Thanks to sitemaps, they easily crawl your pages and add them to their index.

The appearance of my sitemap is as follows. I use the sitemap feature of the All in One SEO Pack plugin.

If you don’t use WordPress, don’t worry, there are tools that you can create dozens of sitemaps. Just type in Sitemap Creator and search the Google search engine.

Checking the Robots.txt File

The existence of this file is very important for search engines and your website. Thanks to the file, you can inform search engines about where they can go or not. For example, you might not want them to scan certain directories or pages. (Generally, it is not desirable to scan admin and parameter pages.)

Another example is that the parameters, rss extensions and pages that the basket page will create in an e-commerce site may not be shown to the search engines thanks to this file.

To make sure that the robots.txt file exists, you can follow the URL step of

There are many tools for creating robots.txt. To find out, you can search by typing robots.txt generator or tool.

Integration of Google Analytics and Search Console

Analytics and Search Console are two of the most important integrations you need to do.

With Google Analytics, you can find information about how your visitors interact with your site. With Analytics, you can analyze bounce rates, Average session times, the number of pages a session has visited, traffic channels, page speed performances, and more.

Search Console is a great tool for all website owners and administrators.

With this tool, you can monitor your performance and examine the location of your keywords. Here is an important feedback I will make for you. Especially for web site managers who have traffic and want to bring that traffic to better locations.

The steps you need to follow are:

Search Console > Performance > Select Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average Position > Select Filter > Select Postion > After ; Equal Than > 6

After the above steps are completed, the results are sorted by impression. Now the question is: What is the result of improving the average position of your keywords with high impressions and low clicks? Now the content is getting more enjoyable, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

You can have this and many other important information thanks to the trainings I have realized. Just visit my page and apply.

Keyword Research

There are many ways of keyword research. I will tell you the main points of this. Watching every page will bring you an incredible benefit.

Creating a Primary Keyword Target

Our priority is to create primary keyword goals.

Every blog post, every content, and page we create has a purpose. You can review my titles. This will give you information about which keywords I target.

You will need Ahrefs or SemRush to find the right words. I use these two tools very actively in this regard.

You can get a 7-day trial version for Ahrefs from the site for $ 7. (I Proposal.)

We sign up, log in and click the “Keywords Explorer” link from the menu to do word research with Ahrefs. In the screen that opens, we write our keyword and click on the search button.

You can perform the same research with SemRush by following the steps of Keywords Analytics> Keyword Magic Tool on the left.

In Ahrefs and SemRush tools, you will be able to see the keyword’s difficulty, volume, cost per Google Ads per click, websites in organic search results, location, and average clicks they receive.

Understanding Search Intent

The second thing we need to do is to understand the purpose of users’ search. This refers to the reason the user made the call. I have good news. Google is a search engine that helps us incredibly ๐Ÿ™‚

Search the word you want to rank on the Google search engine and review the content of the sites in the top positions. Research from the format they use to how they make content.

In many words, I can say that I have achieved serious rankings by doing this research. I found that the content I created in a keyword is different from the content of the ranked sites. While creating the websites in the ranking for informational blog content, I created content that focused on a completely different purpose. I updated the content and the result is: 1st place ๐Ÿ™‚

Keyword for the curious: โ€œSEO Checklistโ€

Always focus on creating the best content. What users want Will they find what they are looking for and more when they visit your content? Does anyone offer better than you? What can you do to be better? You can answer these questions and take action.

Related Searches

The third step will be to look at the relevant calls section. All you have to do is do a search on the Google search engine and look at the “related searches” section at the bottom.

google searches related
google searches related

I seem to hear the question you’re wondering right here. Everything is ok, we did all of this, we updated, changed, improved, what about the post? How will I rank? Here, too, you should find out what your competitor is doing for the page of the relevant search result. You should be very careful when researching this, you should not perceive every move your opponent makes. If my opponent has 100 connections, I do not suggest you think that it is impossible for me to exceed 3 of them.

I have shared what you need to do for a page that you have made perfect in terms of content.

  • You should find the target audience to examine that content and bring it to that page. Google will notice when the user finds what they are looking for on that page and takes the appropriate behavior. This is the most important signal.
  • Take your place in the sources where your target audience exists to bring users. (Related Links)
  • Capture people who have previously visited your site and introduce them to your new or updated content. (Remarketing and Push)
  • Support your content with internal links. This support should be bringing visitors.

Internal Optimization

We have completed simple steps and keyword research. It’s time for internal optimization. It is very important in this part. Making our site as the Google search engine wants will give us a serious advantage.

Short and Descriptive URLs

Ahrefs officials state that they are reviewing 2 million keywords and the URLs of the words that rank after this review are shorter URLs. As a result of my reviews, I observed that the URLs listed are shorter.

When choosing a URL, you will see the benefit of choosing your primary keyword. It would be healthier to state with an example.

โ€œSeo Training Step by Stepโ€ The content of the subject title should be in the form of Since our primary keyword is “Seo Training”, it will be sufficient to create the URL.

How do I Increase My click Through rate?

Titles and Descriptions that Increase Clickthrough Rate

Anyone can create titles and descriptions, but creating good titles and descriptions may not be in anyone’s mind. My suggestion will be in the direction of the topics that will definitely attract attention. Including interesting messages instead of standard titles and descriptions will always increase CTR. If CTR increases, the ranking also increases ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything is clearly and clearly explained in the search engine result page image above. I succeed in attracting attention by saying that I guarantee performance here. (Look at the man, it seems like he gives 100% guarantee, Google might be his. I want to clarify here. I don’t guarantee anyone the 1st place in keywords ๐Ÿ™‚ I can double the organic performance of your website. I use and apply the tactic I gave in Search Console for this.)

In the explanation part, look at the wooow man and he makes analysis for free, I let them say I do not miss this opportunity and I draw on my site and I offer people free analysis. So I offer benefits. Why would someone who saw this click on another site? With this tactic, I succeeded in bringing this 10th keyword into the first 3 results.

Move away from old tactics. Stop sorting keywords, turning titles into descriptions, and act now.

Your keyword should be mentioned in the title and description. Remember this strictly.

Internal and External Links

Here I will share a legendary tactic. Are you ready?

You can turn internal and external connections into opportunities. How Does? I want to explain with example;

I had an incredible performance increase in my keywords by referring to a related topic in one of my content. I want to share this experience with you.

seo clickbait
Internal and External Links

I just redirected my content of by giving a link in my article above. So I got another user. You can see it from the picture.

But how? Isn’t it good?

Brother, how do I get up without linking to the keyword?

Is your site fast? is it mobile compatible? Does the content see the needs of the end user? does it benefit? did you fix technical issues? Is the keyword mentioned in the title and description? Does the content start with your keyword? So you did all you need is a link to a keyword (anchor text)? Of course no. Free to try, do not wait, go to practice. You will see its benefits.

Let’s come to the external link. I also link to my social media accounts, Google and other useful resources. Especially through my social media accounts, it allows my visitors to communicate with me and make them come back to my site again.


Choosing a topic with high search traffic and implementing basic SEO processes is an important issue. If your content is not good, whatever you do, all you do will be wasted. I have prepared for you what you need to pay attention while creating your content.

Intriguing Introduction

This is a very important part. The reason is this: Users think that they are in the right place with an interesting entry. We should give our visitors this experience in the entrance section. If you don’t, users will leave your website quickly.

Start with words that reassure your visitors and offer promotions. Most importantly, do everything you share with them.

Focus on Readability

The first thing a visitor will look at is how your page looks. First you need to pay attention to this. If it encounters a mixed page, it probably leaves that page immediately. The point to note is that you should prepare your content by splitting it into short paragraphs. Separate the paragraphs with interesting images and make your content readable.

Don’t just use ready-made images to attract attention. The images you use should also contain something that will benefit the user. See: Google Analytics screenshot above. How is turnover? ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to tell you about a very nice tool. Thanks to the tool, you can perform readability testing. I have now tested a section above. The result is in the screenshot below.

I want to give a very important tip to you, our valuable visitors. Build empathy and prepare content like that. What kind of content would you like? Write as you speak.

Remember, great content is content that solves the user’s problem.

Creating a Link

You are very curious about this place, I know.

Links should be resources that will benefit your site. Otherwise, you should stay away. If you really think you are not professional in this matter, I suggest you get support from a professional. So how should you link?

A link sends a visitor to your site, and if that visitor finds what they are looking for and interacts with, it falls into the useful link class. Otherwise, all other moves will fall into the risk-bearing class.

Analyze the Links of the Competing Site

Find the resources that the rival site links to and uncover sites that will benefit you and get backlinks. Take action to get that link. Do not act with the thought that my opponent got a link from a news site and I should get a link. Did Barcelona win this week? Coming to those who are wondering the answer to questions such as the weather in Istanbul will not gain you anything. Let me give an example from my own sector. If the competitor got links from sources like from quality sites, I can evaluate those sources too. With a more strategic move, I gain visitors and get maximum efficiency from the connection I receive. How? isn’t it good?

Since I am impatient, I cut the content here and publish it. This content will continue. It is useful to add to favorites.

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