How To Light Gas Fireplace

How To Light Gas Fireplace, The gas fireplace can give the room air and provide warmth on a cold day. Gas-burning fireplaces contain a pilot flame – a small flame that burns to provide a firing point for the flames of the unit.

When the fireplace is ventilated through a chimney, the pilot light may accidentally come out of a chimney air or the pilot can be turned off to protect the gas during the unused hot months. The way in which a pilot light burns on a gas-burning fireplace depends on the presence of an electronic pilot light or a flame-lit pilot.

A pilot light acts as a ignition source for a small, gas flame, usually natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas fired gas burner. Initially, a pilot light was kept on constantly; However, this gas is wasteful. How To Light Gas Fireplace Now it is more common to burn an electrical burner, but the gas pilot lights are still used when necessary, as when the high-energy ignition source is large without burning the stove.

Electronic Pilot Light

Step 1

Make sure the supply line of the gas fireplace is open. If you are going to use the electronic setting that controls the operation of the unit to maintain a specified temperature, make sure that the unit’s electrical switch is on. If you have an electronic pilot light, but the power is off, you can turn on the unit by following the instructions under “Flame Burning Pilot Light“.

Step 2

Find the control button with the “Pilot Ignite” (or Ign) feature. The control button may be behind a removable panel. If your unit is designed for temperature control, the control knob will also have “Off”, “On” and “Electronic” positions.

Step 3

Push the control knob to the “Pilot Ignite” setting and turn it. Press and hold the control knob to release a small amount of gas.

Step 4

While pressing the “Pilot Ignite” button, simultaneously press the fire button. When you hear a click sound, if a series of sparks are sent to burn the gas, release the ignition button, but keep pressing the “Pilot Ignition” control.

Step 5

How To Light Gas Fireplace If the pilot does not burn in a few seconds, wait 10 seconds and then press the fire button again. Trying to ignite several times may be attempted due to the air being drawn from the gas line. Release “Pilot Ignite” control when pilot lights. If you want to turn on the control lamp continuously or maintain a specific room temperature, set “Electronics” to “On”.

How To Light Gas Fireplace 1
How To Light Gas Fireplace

How to Choose the Ideal Fireplace-Tips

Choosing an ideal fireplace is an issue that should be considered longitudinally.

While winter is on the way, heating becomes one of our biggest concerns. How do we keep our homes nice and warm and how do we manage not to chill on the coldest nights of the year?

Today, we will talk about what you need to keep in mind when you want to choose the perfect fireplace that will suit your needs and home.


Fire and wood are two elements that we associate with home and warmth.

Our ancestors knew the value of these two elements, and when they returned from the hunt, they found a way to warm up and keep themselves warm. However, the campfire has become a space for socialization as well as warming.

The most important meetings among the chiefs of the tribe were held around the campfire, and the biggest celebrations took place there.

So are weddings, ceremonies, negotiations, hunting parties and many other important events.

The campfire was used not only to keep people and the village warm, but also to warm the heart and soul.

Today, many people dream of having a fireplace in their home. Many people are also lucky enough to have a fireplace because they already live in an old country house.

For a long time, living in an apartment or in a small house in the city inevitably meant giving up this dream.

The good news is that the traditional fire and wood heating system has evolved and new methods have been created that can be adapted for any type of home.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider the following recommendations:

The Location Of The Fireplace

One of the first things to consider when choosing your fireplace is where to put it.

How To Light Gas Fireplace

We remind you that the fireplace is actually a heating system. Although it is also a decorative element, the main purpose of the fireplace is to keep the room warm. Don’t forget your priorities.

You should consider the size of the room. Keeping a room warm and keeping the whole house warm is not the same.


The type of fireplace you need will determine the size of the room where you will use the fireplace.

Taking Measurements

As we have said before, measurement is essential in the world of decoration and interior design. The rates are important if you want to have a well-balanced room.

Therefore, you should keep in mind the amount of space that all other elements in the room (such as furniture) can cover as much as the area we will use your fireplace.

Remember, all fireplaces need to be installed, and some will require serious refurbishment, so making the right measurements is essential. It is also good to be predictive and think about the future.

Choosing The Right Fireplace Type

We are almost sure that the image of the fireplace in your mind is a traditional fireplace with the crackling of fire and burning wood.

However, today there are many different types of fireplaces that will meet everyone’s needs and expectations.

Fireplaces are classified by design and fuel type. Below we will take a look at the differences between these species.

Fuel Fireplaces

Fireplaces with wood: Traditional fireplaces and wood fireplaces are for life. To light a fire in this open fireplace, you will need a stove tong.

These fireplaces are beautiful, but appearance is not everything. The main drawback of such fireplaces is how inefficient they are. Since they are open, heat escapes faster than other fireplaces.

Another problem is that buying wood can be costly if you don’t have your own supply method.

Also, these fireplaces need to be looked after with great care. If you do not clean your fireplace properly, the main gas and ash residues from such fuels can be harmful to health.

wood fireplace
wood fireplace

Gas fireplaces: We can say that this type of fireplace is the modern version of the wood fireplace.

Gas fireplaces eliminate the need to use firewood. Instead, they use ceramics designed to mimic pebbles or wood.

All you need is pilot light to light the fire. The main advantage is that you have a fireplace look without creating any harmful residue.

The biggest disadvantage is that it is more expensive to build and does not stay hot for a long time after it is turned off.

Electric fireplaces: It is a modern fireplace that does not require any renovation or gas line. Most are portable and only need to be connected to the mains.

Visually, they present the image of a traditional, though not real, fireplace, moreover, they do not need a chimney.

Bioethanol fireplaces: Bioethanol fireplaces are the cleanest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly fireplaces. They do not emit gas or smoke.

They are also surprisingly versatile in terms of design and portability.

Pellet stoves: Pellet stoves use an ecological, biodegradable fuel. They are also very efficient.


Choosing the right fireplace is not just about choosing a fireplace that will keep you warm in the winter. It also means choosing a fireplace that looks great. However, functionality should always be a priority.

  • Built-in fireplaces
  • Floor to ceiling fireplaces: These do not require renovation, they just need to be installed.
  • Closed fireplaces: These have a ceramic glass door. They are safer than other fireplaces and retain heat well.
  • Portable fireplaces: These are usually electric and use bioethanol fuel. They often have bolder, more modern designs.


As you can see, choosing the right fireplace is not an easy task. We advise you to consult a professional who can guide you correctly and help you in the selection and installation of the fireplace.

Remember that maintenance is essential, so choose one that is easy to look after.

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