How To Play Ludo


Being one of the most popular games in our country among board games, angry brother is an enjoyable game that you can play with your colleagues during lunch breaks or break times in the office. Although we started playing many games online with the development of technology, it is very difficult to find the pleasure of playing table games with our real friends on the internet.

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How To Play Ludo

What is Ludo

The Ludo game, called German in Mensch aergere Dich nicht, which is more often known as ludo in Western languages, is an enjoyable board game that can be played with 2 or 4 players with 1 dice and 4 pawns on a specially divided game board or cardboard. .

The aim of the game is to place the 4 pawns of the player in his own color corner (or rook) in the starting stage in his own color group (end point or target area) located in the middle of the game board or cardboard.

Ludo game is played with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. Each player has 4 pawns. Everyone from the black, red, green and yellow pawn suits chooses the color they want.

Don’t be angry, you can move clockwise. The player chooses 4 pawns in the corner (rook) of which color he chose. The aim of the game is to miss these 4 imprisoned pawns into their own color group in the middle of the game board. In turn, each player rolls dice individually.

ludo game
ludo game

How To Play Ludo

At the start of the game, each player places 4 pawns in their corner (or rook). There are 4 pawns in the game team in different colors. Which color pawns players use can be determined by agreeing between them or by rolling dice.

The player must roll 6 on the dice to bring the pawn back to the starting point. If 6 has not arrived, he will not be able to start the game because he cannot take his pawn out of his corner.

The player who manages to throw 6 takes out a pawn from his own corner and places it on the starting point, he starts dribbling again. In order to speed up the start of the game, each player can roll dice 3 times if the opponents agree.

Each player has the right to roll dice only once after starting the game.

In the game, moves are made by rolling dice. According to the number received, the player moves his pawn into the game clockwise on the board or cardboard. According to the rules of the angry game, there cannot be more than one pawn in the same square.

If the player has a pawn that belongs to him or his opponent, he can jump over it. If his 2 pawns come to the same square, he cannot make moves and passes.

The player who brings the pawn to the same square as the opponent’s pawn eats the opponent’s pawn and the defeated pawn returns to the corner of the opponent player. Which expresses the “angry brother” status that gives the game its name.

The player who is sent a pawn to his own corner after advancing quite a bit towards the target point, waiting to throw 6 to put this pawn back into the game is called “angry brother“.

Each player can continue with multiple pawns at the same time. If the player who started the game came 6 when he rolled the dice, he could advance the pawn he played, or put a new pawn in his own corner. If he has more than one pawn on the same path, he can decide which pawn to advance.

The player who catches the opponent’s pawns and sends them back to the goal, takes advantage of placing their pawns on the target point. The priest player cannot eat the pawns that come to this point. The player who manages to bring all 4 pawns to this area wins the game of angry brother.

Ludo Game Benefits

Ludo is a game of chance and strategic thinking. In this game where only luck is not enough, every player tries to reach the goal by thinking strategically by making the right move. Although throwing 6 to start the game depends on luck, strategic analysis is very important to advance all pawns towards the target with the right timing.

Ludo can also help you improve your rival tracking, attention and empathy skills. In this way, you can improve your communication skills in the business environment, and prepare yourself better for joint studies aimed at understanding your opponent’s ways of thinking.

We wish all our readers healthy, pleasant and profitable days…

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