How To Play Mikado

Would you like to have a fun time gathering around a table with your colleagues during lunch breaks or in the office? Or would you like to do something pleasant with your family or guests instead of watching TV series in the evening and browsing the social media between them? If your answer is yes, you can try mikado, a far east board game. Indeed, mikado is both an entertaining and educational game.

What is Mikado?

The name of the mikado, which is a Far East board game, comes from the title of the former Japanese rulers, sir. According to the legend, this game was first found by a prince who tried all the games known to date to entertain a dragon in China.

When other games do not entertain the dragon, the prince throws the sticks next to him and manages to entertain the dragon with this game.

Mikado, played in the Far East for hundreds of years, spread to other parts of the world in the 20th century. This game, which has been played with ivory, bone or wooden sticks in history, is now played with 41 special bamboo sticks or toothpicks on average 15 cm in length.

how to play mikado
how to play mikado

How To Play Mikado

In this enjoyable game that requires attention, patience and intelligence, the main goal is to collect each of the randomly distributed sticks without moving one another. Mikado can be played with any number of players, at least 2. This game, which attracts attention worldwide, can be played in different ways in different societies. However, there are some immutable rules of the mikad. One of the most important of these is that players are not allowed to move places during the game. However, players are allowed to bend over or stand up.

How To Play Mikado

Within the general rules of the Mikado game, each stick has different colors and points. To win the game, it is necessary to collect sticks that are not only high in number but also in points. In this respect, mikado is a very enjoyable game that contributes to the development of digital skills as well as hand skills. While only hands are often used to collect the sticks, some sticks can also be used before.

The Mikado game starts with holding the sticks in a bouquet and leaving them perpendicular to the table surface, sir. Players agree who will start or decide by rolling dice. In turn, each player tries to collect one of the bars without moving the other bars.

The player, who moves a different bar than they want to take, loses his turn and returns to another player. When all players finish collecting the bars in turn, the score calculation begins. The player with the highest score wins mikado.

How To Calculate Points in Mikado Game

In Mikado game, all the bars have a special name, a certain number and a point value. We can express them as follows:

Kuli Bar: It is 1 red, 1 blue bar, its number is 15, the point value is 2.

Samurai Stick: It is 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue stick, its number is 15, the point value is 3.

Bonzen Bar: There are 3 red, 2 blue bars, the number is 5, the point value is 5.

Mandarin Bar: It is 1 red, 2 blue bars, its number is 5, the point value is 10.

Shanghai Bar: It is a blue spiral bar, its number is 1, the point value is 20.

After all the bars on the table have been collected, calculations are made according to these score values, and the player with the highest score wins the mikado.

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What are The Benefits of Mikado Game?

As we mentioned at the beginning, mikado is an entertaining and educational game that allows us to have a pleasant time with our loved ones. Indeed, mikado contributes to the development of visual and spatial intelligence, as well as manual skills, and helps players develop their power of attention and understanding towards each other. The words “moved / not moved” during the game, while making the game fun on the one hand, improve the correct communication skills of the players.

This game also contributes to the development of our ability to prioritize and set goals among our desires to achieve success, sir. These features are extremely important for business life. Almost all of our wishes touch each other and we need to learn not to hurt another goal while achieving one goal. And of course, we should never forget that the element of control and balance is always in our hands.

We wish all our readers healthy, pleasant and profitable days…

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