How to Rebuild Your Business After the COVID-19 Shutdown

The coronavirus lockdown had a devastating effect on small businesses everywhere. Even if
you were able to adapt your business model to continue serving customers from a safe
distance, you likely still felt the hit to the economy. And now that states have reopened,
business owners have to be extra careful about policies and procedures to keep everyone safe
without hurting sales. With that in mind, here are some actionable tips to help your business
thrive in the wake of the pandemic!

Update Your Business

If you haven’t already, this is a great time to migrate your business online. Besides giving your
customers a safe shopping experience, making your products or services available over the
web will expand your customer base significantly, enabling you to sell to people all over the

world! Building your online presence will also improve your ability to provide quick and
convenient customer support. Your business needs a great website, plain and simple.

Want to expand your online presence even more? Consider creating a mobile app that
customers can use to shop, find deals, access support, and engage with your brand. Small
Business Trends recommends building a customer loyalty program into your business app so
your customers can collect and redeem rewards with their smartphone! If you’re like most
people and don’t possess the coding skills to build an app, you can hire an app developer.
Many of today’s business owners are choosing to change their business entity to an LLC.
Creating a limited liability company can protect your assets and add some flexibility to how you
run your business. Instead of hiring an attorney or doing the legwork on your own, you can use
a formation service to set it up.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Through times of crisis like these, it’s more important than ever to stay in contact with your
customers. Let them know when you plan to reopen, what you’re doing to create a safe
shopping experience, and how you will continue serving their needs in the future. If you found a
way to help your community during the pandemic, share this with your customers! Spreading
positive messages through your marketing is a great way to keep everyone happy and
encourage regular engagement with your brand.
Finally, ask your customers to reach out with any concerns they may have. Unhappy customers
can be an incredibly valuable resource for guiding your business decisions, making
improvements, strengthening your reputation, and creating loyal shoppers.

Upgrade Your Storefront

If you run a physical storefront, take advantage of this business lull to make attractive upgrades
and give your customers an exciting reason to come back and check out your store. Start by
focusing on visual merchandising. Visual merchandising involves intentionally designing your
store layout and product displays to maximize sales and make the customer shopping
experience as enjoyable as possible.
Think about the ease with which your customers can move through your store — especially
during this time of social distancing. Creating a loop pathway with your shelving and displays is
a great way to encourage customers to move in one direction through your store without taking
their eyes off your products. This layout will also make your customers feel more comfortable
about visiting your store during the pandemic.

Create Immersive Product Displays

How you arrange your product displays will also have an impact on the customer shopping
experience. Vend recommends creating engaging displays that encourage customers to touch
and feel your products. For example, take a few of your products out of their boxes so your
customers can pick them up and check them out. Remember to cross-merchandise by
displaying items that go together on the same shelf. You may even want to upgrade your store
shelving with elegant glass shelves or warm wooden fixtures. Whether you decide to stick to
DIY modifications or invest in a professional remodeling job, your store upgrades are bound to
elicit excitement from your new and existing customers.
Running a small business this year has proven to be challenging. While the coronavirus
pandemic is still a threat, loosening lockdown restrictions are allowing small business owners to
start getting back on their feet. Take this opportunity to build your business up even better than
before, so you can come back stronger than ever!

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