How to Succeed in The Exam

Exams determine the degree of gains from the trainings we have received. Therefore, exams are very important for every student who wants to prove their knowledge and get the reward of having knowledge.

Being successful in the exam is not only about the moment of the exam; is the result of a complete process. In order to be successful in the exam, we need to handle this process in 3 stages. These:

  • Things to do during the exam preparation process.
  • Things to be done before the exam
  • Things to do at the time of the exam.

Although this article aims to increase the exam success of children, all of the stories are valid for adults. Here are the step-by-step methods to succeed in the exam.

Things To Do While Preparing For The Exam

The preparation for the exam refers to a whole training period. While preparing for the passing exams or the semester exams, evaluating the suggestions below will enable us to be successful in the exam.

Getting Rid of Reverse Motivation: First of all, you should get rid of reverse motivation.

  • I work hard but I can’t do it in the exam,
  • I forget that I know in the exam,
  • The exam duration is not enough for me,
  • I’m very excited in the exam,
  • I work hard but I cannot.

You must abandon frustrating thoughts. The first answer to the question of what should be done to be successful in the exam should be to get rid of pessimism. To get rid of these thoughts, you need to focus on what it takes to be successful in the exam.

How to Succeed in The Exam

It is also a kind of motivation to get the appreciation of the family for the primary school student. The person who will take the exam must know what he aims for and what he / she will be rewarded when successful; should focus on the result.

Making a Work Plan:

To be successful, it is not the last day for the subjects that we are responsible for in the exam; During the study period, we must work programmatically. While adults make their own work plans daily or weekly, it is necessary to be guiding against children.

Testing Ourselves

We can have the chance to see and complete our deficiencies by testing ourselves during the exam preparation process. Solving trial exams is very important to be successful in the exam.

Thanks to the trial exams, which serve as a precedent for the exam we are preparing, we will remember once again the correct answer to the questions we did wrong. However, since we will practice, we can use the exam period very effectively.

We can also see practice exams as a practice tool that reduces exam anxiety (enabling us to overcome exam stress). Also, repeating is one of the powerful methods that make the information permanent in our memory. Practice exams allow us to repeat our knowledge.

Keeping the Brain Fit

Keeping the brain fit with exercises such as sports and intelligence games allows you to prepare for the exams well. With an application that you download to your mobile phone or tablet, you can do half an hour of brain exercises daily. These exercises always keep your brain fit.

What To Do Before The Exam

We prepared for the exam for an entire term. We will take the exam tomorrow or 2 days later. So, it’s good to know what we have to do before the exam to be successful.

Stop Studying

It is not recommended to study for 1-2 days before the exam. The time has narrowed and we must prevent our confusion. Therefore, it is beneficial to spend the last days by resting more or socializing.

Sleep Patterns

Paying attention to our sleep patterns is not only for the exam week; It is always important to be a successful student. While reminding this information, let us underline that we should be more careful especially during the exam.

We should not go to bed either too early or too late before the exam. Sleeping too early can cause us to stay in bed for a long time and stay sleepless again.

The sleepless person has difficulty understanding. He may need to read the questions over and over again. This causes time loss and we cannot use the exam period effectively.


Eating light foods before taking the exam is one of the factors that increase success in the exam. It is not recommended to consume dishes such as pastries before the exam.

Healthy Foods Before Taking the Exam

  • You can consume baked or grilled fish. Fish and fish oil increase attention and concentration.
  • You can consume spinach. Since it has a high potassium rate, it accelerates the communication between synapses in the brain.
  • Do not forget to consume plenty of water. Not drinking water for a long time causes narrowing in the volume of the brain and blinding ability in concentration.
  • Do not forget to consume walnuts before taking the exam. Walnut is a food with a high omega product and a memory-enhancing effect.
  • Have a light breakfast on the test day. Do not take the exam on an empty stomach.
  • To be successful in the exam, pay extra attention to your eating habits in the last days.

How to Succeed in The Exam


First, remember that you are not taking this exam for the first time. You have done trial exams in many similar formats to date. “Defeating the excitement” is a very important detail among the secrets of being successful in the exam. To succeed in the exam, you must have learned to suppress your excitement.

Using Time Correctly

To use the exam period effectively, prioritize the questions you can go without getting stuck. Do not sacrifice 5-10 questions solution time when you say that you comment on the questions you have no idea about. Skip that question now and move on to the next one. If you have time left at the end of the exam, you can re-evaluate such questions.

Marking the Wrong Option

Make sure you don’t scroll in the choices. You have heard the stories of people who have almost all the answers wrong, since they succeeded in the exam but scrolled in the chic. Be sure not to make this mistake, which is a frequent mistake in order not to be the hero of one of those stories.

To Hurry

Do not comment without reading the entire problem. Don’t say, “Definitely asking this.” Since we are accustomed to some question patterns, we can give the answer as soon as we see the details, but this haste can sometimes mislead us. The same question may have appeared in two different ways: “which is the following – which is not?” First clarify what is asked of you.

Related Questions

In tests, we often encounter interrelated questions. For example, the answer to Question 3 can give clues about the answer to Question 5. We can identify such questions and eliminate some of the options.

‚ÄúThese are the secrets of being successful in the exam in general. Since everyone’s learning style may be different, different techniques may be used in exam preparation processes. To be successful in the exams, write your own methods in the comments panel. Your comments are very important for all readers. “

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