How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles 2020

What is an SEO Friendly Article

It draws an increasing graph in the right proportion with the number of SEO Articles. The number, quality, originality and user-oriented benefits of the articles are evaluated as the most effective criteria for SEO. With the development of social media, SEO’s toughness is slowly being thrown, while Google and the latest move still keep on fighting, and at least that’s still the case for Google.

The strategies of the big institutions are to find the visitor from money ads or search engines and then to make the customer follower with the help of social media. So SEO is a subject that we need to pay much attention to. It was sitting on top of Google, having the best quality backlinks before Google’s last update. After the Google Panda update, the content has become almost more important than the backlink. In this article, we will learn how to write an SEO compatible article with examples.

SEO TRAININGOther seo articles

Note: Before starting a website and article, a word analysis must be made, the correct keyword must be determined and a study must be made on this keyword.

However, I can not say without saying: If the success of your project on the Internet depends on Google, keep in mind: Whenever you stop looking at Google through a software eye, you will be successful. Google is unlike any software in the world.

Engineers constantly develop algorithms. The purpose of Google is to provide the most accurate and healthiest information to searchers. So before you follow the rules below, make sure that your article will really benefit people. Because Google isn’t just interested in the data below. It takes the previous data, evaluates it and compares it with this data. It even makes your content compared to alternative languages and authenticity with its renewed translation algorithms.

Seo Friendly Article Example

For example, one of the following items is as follows: “Content should be at least 300 words.” After Google has done extensive research, Google has calculated that a useful article may be at least 300 words, or if a visitor is left on the site for less than 3 minutes, Google’s opinion is “The visitor could not benefit from this site”. So the first thing you should pay attention to is to provide readability, that is, the article should be really useful. You will please the visitor first, then Google.

Title Part

  • Title Must Include Keyword
  • Title Should Start with Keyword
  • Title should consist of at least 3 words
  • Title should consist of a maximum of 66 characters

Links (Url Section)

Url Must Include Keyword

Meta Tag

  • Description Part Must Include Keyword
  • Explanation section should be maximum 160 characters
  • Description Part Should Be Started with Keyword

In-Article Title Section

  • Keyword Should be Used with H1 Tag
  • H1 Tag Must Start with a Keyword
  • Keyword Should Be Used with H2 Tag
  • Keyword Should be Used with H3 Tag

Content Section

  • Content Must Be At least 300 Words.
  • Keyword Ratio in Content Should be 2.5-3.0%
  • Keyword Must Be Among The First 50-100 Words Of Content.
  • Sub-Tag Of At least 1 Of The Visuals Of The Content Should Be A Keyword
  • The Keyword Must Be In The Content In Bold, Italicized And Underlined.
  • There should be an Entry Link linked with the Keyword in the Content and an Output Link.
  • Keyword Must Be Among The Last 50-100 Words Of Content.

I hope you follow my advice and write an article that the visitor can benefit from and then try to follow these articles. These items both provide rich content and ensure that the user does not get bored while reading the article.

Finally, I would like to recommend a plugin for WordPress users. After preparing your article, you save your keyword in the plugin and the plugin checks all of the above SEO rules, then shows you which ones are missing and what your article’s SEO score is. Even if you missed some items (bold, italic and underlined), the plugin applies these rules to your article for you.

Why is Seo Friendly Article Important?

As I said, Google is being developed by its engineers every day and it is assumed that there are around 200 SEO criteria for now. In a seminar I went to, a Google employee said: When you go to an engineer, the engineer must first turn off his computer screen as a rule. Otherwise, it can not talk to you, show its screen to anyone in any way, only engineers may not comply with this rule.

As you can see, it is very difficult to learn these rules 100%, but we can learn these rules by guessing and later testing. To answer the following question I asked you: “What do you think could be the factors affecting Google search results? “I want to hear whatever herpes and what an absurd answer you can think of. One of the answers to my mind: I think Google detects social media accounts on the site with the help of spiders; follower reviews the number of followers and posts. This creates an SEO criterion. The more proportional these values ​​are to each other and the general, the more positive points are given.

The more people hear, the more theory we have and the chance to test. I would appreciate if you share the article using the buttons below to reach more theory.

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