How to Zoom in on Mac (Visual Expression)

Ways for Zooming in and Zooming out on Mac

There is more than one way to zoom in and zoom out on your iOS operating system when it`s not big enough to read or see the content you´re looking at.

Here is how to do it.

Zooming with the Screen Zoom Function

When the menu items are too hard to read and tell apart from one another there is an easy way to make it easier to see on your Mac screen.

Screen Zoom is a feature created for your vision problems and you can easily enable it with these steps.

Go to the Apple icon and click on it. Then choose System Preferences.

mac zoom step 1
mac zoom step 1

Select Accessibility under System Preferences.

mac zoom 2
mac zoom step 2

On the left choose Zoom from the options you see.

How to Zoom in on Mac

Select the “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom” box. This allows you to enable these shortcuts for zooming in and out.

mac zoom settings
mac zoom step 3

  1. Option + Command + 8 (This is for zooming in or out from a certain magnification level)
  2. Option + Command (Only for zooming in)
    • Option + Command + – (Only for zooming out),
    • Option + Command + \ (To Enable or Disable image smoothing)

Under “Use keyboard shortcuts to Zoom” segment there is another option called “Smooth Images”.

how to zoom in on mac

mac min zoom max zoom
how to zoom in on mac

How to zoom in on mac When you select it, the images you chose to zoom will seem smoother.

If your Mac isn´t too old, this shouldn´t cause any performance problems.
When you already have the “Screen Zoom” page in front of you, you can see the “More Options…” in the right corner of the screen.

When you select it you will be able to adjust your “Maximum Zoom” and “Minimum Zoom” settings. 
To save your wished adjustments click “OK“.

Zooming in and Zooming out on your MacBook via Keyboard

Order to zoom in and zoom out easily on your Mac via keyboard; you should follow a few steps respectively.

In any applicable window on your iOS operating system, you can zoom in or zoom out by doing these;
There is a “command” button located on both sides of the space bar, press it as the first step.

Order to zoom in: Press the plus/equal (+ =) button which is located near the delete button (may change depending on your Mac version) while pressing the command button.

Order to zoom out: Press the dash/underscore (- _) button which is located at the near right top corner of your keyboard, while pressing the command button.

Can adjust zooming ratio by using the appropriate button, while you are using these methods, a little page which shows the ratio will open at the near right top corner of your default window. When you are done, the only thing you should do is to release the command button. 

Zooming in and Zooming out on your MacBook via Trackpad


How to Zoom in on Mac

Another way to execute zooming operations in your Mac is using the Trackpad. These are the necessary steps to zooming in or zooming out by using your Trackpad:
Put your middle finger and forefinger on the trackpad.

Order to zoom-in: Move away your forefinger from your middle finger. Release the trackpad when the zoom-in level is enough for you.

Order to zoom-out: Approach your forefinger to your middle finger. Release the trackpad when the zoom out level is enough for you.

Zooming with The Magic Mouse 

If you have owned a normal mouse with a scroll wheel before, this should be easy as it can be for you. 

The Magic Mouse allows you to zoom in and out just like the scroll wheel.Hold down your [control] key, take your finger higher or lower on the top of the mouse. As you can see the only difference is to hold your [control] key while sliding your finger.

How to Zoom in on Mac

Mac offers its users different ways to execute a task. As we have shown in the zoom in-zoom out methods above, there are more than one ways, however, methods may differ depending on the Mac you use or the version of your iOS operating system. 

Congratulations 🙂 Please feel free to comment

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