Learning Stages 2020

How does the issue of “learning” proceed in its most primitive form, from childhood to adulthood?

It progresses with the need of learning every day throughout human life. Standing instinct, emotions, talents, environment, environment, etc. elements always trigger man to learn something new.

Learning is an experience process and this process consists of four phases;

  1. Unconscious-incompetence: It is the stage where the knowledge is unaware of the existence and the information cannot be used.
  2. Conscious-incompetence: It is the stage where the information is informed about the existence but this information cannot be used.
  3. Conscious-competence: It is the stage where the information is informed about the existence and the information is used but the information cannot be made automatically.
  4. Unconscious (unconscious)-competence: It is the stage where the information is informed about the existence of the information and the information can be used automatically.

As can be seen above, the learning phases operate with a tremendous process. The most common situations are “Conscious-competence” and “Unconscious-competence“. In the conscious-competence process, the person is self-confident, conscious and sufficient. He knows the subject, but his thoughts and behaviors are not prone to fast, automated processes.

Learning Stages; He needs to think again. It develops this and goes into the Unconscious-qualification process. In this process, the person now connects to the automatic and dominates the subject. It proceeds and completes with the right choices. Many of our daily movements go into this state.

Adults have more experience and awareness in the learning process. The need develops. That is why one often chooses the subject he wants to learn and develop.

In the next stage, other elements related to the subject he wants to learn come into play: process, interest, content, time, competence, interest, benefit, etc.

If all this is provided in the most effective way, the learning process of the person; from conscious incompetence to conscious competence and from here to unconscious competence.


I know and want to learn the “Give Feedback” training.

I received the “Give Feedback” training.

I received the “Give Feedback” training and use it effectively.

Giving and achieving the last experience in e-education, and bringing the other person to conscious competence is the result of a successful process.

Therefore, in order to make the person this, external factors that will ensure the continuity of the person in addition to his own effort are required. It can be turned into an behavior that education can be used automatically in daily life with reinforcement processes by stimulating the content of the subject effectively, stimulating visual materials, interaction, etc.

Progressing with the awareness of these learning phases, e-learning can be used effectively and effectively in the digitalized world. By removing the training from the build-finish, take-away order, and reinforcing the person with the education it receives, bringing the person to the level of unconsciousness-proficiency in his daily life, ensuring the use of his knowledge about the subject effectively and turning it into automatic behavior, managing the process from start to finish, the successful work has been completed. shows.

The learning phases of man are taken into consideration, the suitability of each education is ensured for these stages and success is inevitable if the level of consciousness is brought to its final stage. He speaks of the name of education.

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