Minimize Redirects

Solution to Minimize Redirects

What it is:The redirects are called excessive.
Solution:Reduce or shorten referrals.
Expert Comment:Generally, it is caused by the ones that are http http or www. It is necessary to be directed to one place at a time.

General Explanation

Reducing HTTP redirects from one URL to another cuts additional RTTs and shortens the wait time for users.

Details from Google

Sometimes your application needs to redirect the browser from one URL to another. There are some reasons why Internet applications may bring redirects to the agenda:

  • Specifying the new location of a moved resource.
  • Track clicks, impressions, and log referring pages.
  • Allocating multiple domains, enabling “easy to use” or “name specific” domains and URLs, catching misspelled URLs.
  • Linking different parts of a site or app. To explain this narrative; Linking different security policies such as high-level domains of different countries, different protocols such as HTTP to HTTPS, and unauthenticated and authenticated pages.
  • Adding a slash to the URL directory names to make its content accessible to the browser.

Whatever the reason, redirects trigger an additional HTTP request response loop and add round-trip latency to the process. Minimizing the number of redirects provided by your application is especially important for the resources you need to start your homepage.

The best way to do this is to restrict it only when it is technically absolutely necessary when using the redirects and find other solutions when it is not absolutely necessary.

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