Minimize Request Size

Reducing Request Size

What it is:Reducing requests thrown.
Solution:Using CDN.
Expert Comment:To make form submissions by post instead of get and use them to a minimum. Avoiding unnecessary information.

General explanation

Keeping cookies and request headers as small as possible ensures that the HTTP request can fit in a single package.

Details from Google

Ideally, the HTTP request should not exceed a packet. The most widely used networks limit packets to about 1500 bytes. So, if you can limit each request to less than 1500 bytes, you can reduce the operating load of the request flow. HTTP request headers include:

  • Cookies: For resources that should be sent with cookies, cookie sizes should be kept to a minimum. To keep the request size within this limit, no cookies served in any domain should be more than 1000 bytes. The average cookie size served in any domain is recommended to be less than 400 bytes.
  • Browser-set fields: Many of the header fields are automatically set by the user agent. For this reason, you cannot control them.
  • Desired source URL (GET and Host fields): Multi-parameter URLs Multiple URLs can reach thousands of bytes. Try to limit URL lengths to a few 100 bytes at most.
  • Router URL
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