Best Overwatch Heroes Cards 2020

We prepared character cards for you

You can see images of all the characters below, I want to upload overwatch 2 designs soon

Which Characters

There were initially 21 legends at the dispatch of the game. From that point forward, 11 extra saints have been included. New saints are discharged generally at regular intervals, ordinarily in March, July, and November. The November uncover occurs during the initial function of BlizzCon.

Overwatch Character Cards

Overwatch how many heroes ?

Total Overwatch Character : 32 + 1 cooming soon Sojourn

Overwatch Damage Heroes List

There are a total of 17 damage(dps) character at Overwatch

1TracerDamageAge : 26British Heroes
2ReaperDamageAge : 58American
3Widowmaker DamageAge :33French
5Tabjörn DamageAge:57Swedish
8BastionDamageAge:30Battle automaton (formerly)
10Soldier 76DamageAge:50American
15Doomfist DamageAge:45Nigerian
17EchoDamageClassifiedWatchpoint: Gibraltar
Overwatch Damage Heroes List

Overwatch Tank Heroes List

There are a total of 8 tank character at Overwatch

2WinstonTankAge:29Scientist Adventurer
5D.Va TankAge:19Korean
6OrisaTank1 monthNumbani
7Wrecking BallTankAge: 14Test subject (formerly)
Overwatch Tank Heroes List

Overwatch Support Heroes List

There are a total of 7 support character at Overwatch

1MercySupportAge 37Swiss
2ZaynettaSupportAge:20Wandering Guru Adventurer
4AnaSupportAge : 60Egyptian
5Moira SupportAge:48Irish
6BrigitteSupportAge :12Swedish
7BaptisteSupportAge :46Haitian
Overwatch Support Heroes List

+1 Hero Coming Soon

Sojourn / Unkown / ? / Canadian

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