Road Carpet Designs for Kids

Are your kids bored at home? Thinking about how should I design your child’s room?
I have produced several carpet and curtain ideas for you. I put children’s road carpet designs below. You can print these designs in print locations. Designs are completely free and you can use them as you wish. I can send vector files by mail to those who want. Email

Road and car carpet design for kids

This light-colored design suits your kids room. There is a house, a car, and a road on it. He can play with his toys on his children.

road car carpet
road car carpet

Rally Carpet Design

Your child must love cars. You can print and use the Rally Design on the carpet. You can print your child’s name on it.

road rally car carpet design
road rally car carpet design

Traffic Cars Carpet Design

Cars going in traffic is a useful design for your child. It does not stain and does not get dirty. Your kids can play with their toys.

car traffic carpet design
car traffic carpet design

Minibus , Van, Carpet Design

minubus carpet design
minubus carpet design
carpet car design
carpet car design

39 Unique Curtain Designs for Kids Room

I have many carpet, pillow and curtain designs. My cat drawing and measurements. I can share vector files with you for free. Just send me an email for this.

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