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What kind of website does Google ask us to make? What are the points to be considered when writing content and link building? Google employee Matt Cutts gave the answer to such frequently asked questions. Be sure to read the article to the end!

Matt Cutts has worked on Google for nearly 20 years. Matt, who heads the spam team, resigned in 2017. However, his timely statements will serve as a guide.

Do you know that the engineer named Matt Cutts received three real threats of death by angry webmasters?

How long does it take for SEO changes to take effect?

Competition of each sector and keyword is at a different level. For this reason, progress rates and ranking updates in each sector vary according to the dynamics of the sector.
Apart from these, the SEO arrangements within the site will start to take effect after the next time Google bots visit the site. This period varies according to the indexing speed depending on the activity of the site, but it is an average of 3-4 days. However, if it is an SEO arrangement that affects all pages, its effect will start to be seen by re-indexing all pages in general. Google looks to see if there is stable work to make sure that studies are natural. For this reason, in general, we can see the most efficient progress in an average of 3-4 months.

Can SEO be guaranteed?

In summary, unlike firms with these hollow warranties, which are offered solely with commercial concerns, as stated in the Google guidelines, Nobody can guarantee a first-order warranty on Google.

How do I get my first position on Google?

You can search many of my blog content and see the ranking of my content one by one on Google.
When you do this research, you will find that most of my content (over 85%) is on two pages on Google and even some of them are ranked first on google.
So how do I achieve this? How to get to the top in Google? By giving the right to fully implement the methods below, of course!
Google Criteria
Site Speed
In-Site SEO
Keyword Analysis
Content Writing
Offsite SEO

How do I get my website to show up on Google search?

If your site is not included in the search results, it may mean there are problems with your site indexing, or your site may be penalized by Google. To understand this, we recommend that you make inquiries to the If your homepage url does not appear in these inquiries, it may be a criminal case with high probability. If it seems that your site is not included in the search results, this may be due to the poor quality of your site.

How long does it take Google to rank a new website?

In some cases, Google gives priority to new sites and uses the user experience to comment on the quality of this site; testing with bounce rate. Please evaluate this privilege correctly.
Instead of digital marketing, you can open more specific sites such as SEO. Or instead of seo like local seo, e-commerce seo. In a public seo blog, local seo will be a very small part of the site. However, you can find more comprehensive articles on a website that is all about local seo. Which searcher would you like to see? Google will prioritize the niche site.

Are infographics good for SEO?

Matt Cutts in one question: The accuracy of the information in the infographic is really controversial. Some people / companies choose the way you can use the infographic only if you refer to it as a link. In the future, we will try to make the infographic type connections to some extent useless.

Why google love so much wikipedia

Matt Cutts:
“Users love it. “Wikiquote is all about meeting users’ needs.”

How do I stop Google Penalties?

If a penalty was applied to your site by the algorithm, read on.

John Mueller:
Website owners on some blackhat seo forums say their links are competitors, this is strange. It may be too late for everything when a negative transaction is made by us on your site. To increase brand reputation, always use the nofollow tag in the blog promotional articles purchased and indicate where this is sponsored content.

Google may perceive that a page has been changed later and linked to you.
There are many people who buy old memberships and work in this way in popular forums.
If you add my link to your page on a blog site that has a high ranking in keywords, think well before you bid.
It may not even be an effective offsite strategy to post your link to a forum topic that has already been opened.

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