9 Best SEO Habits You Should Have Immediately 2020

If you want to use your skills better for your customers or your own site, you need to improve your SEO strategies and skills.

For this, it can be said that it is time to reduce bad habits in SEO and start creating new habits or to develop existing ones.

We generally prefer to focus on specific SEO areas such as technical, off-site and for the site, based on our interests or knowledge. However, no matter which direction we go, we generally do not prefer to focus fully on SEO.

Because our focus is much weaker than it should be. By developing contextual and content oriented SEO approaches, you can add value to your understanding of SEO and turn your gains into SEO habits.

In-depth Research

The meaning of the word research is different for each person. In the industry, research is generally linked to keywords, competitors and links.

An SEO expert now has to focus on the whole instead of wasting time on the details. Because this is extremely important to have a good implementation process.

You can start by using the target audience word instead of keyword especially in SEO campaigns. If you want to always get more than all the tools and data that you used to make the research, you should go to this kind of change.

You should spend more time and use more tools to understand the search engine results page. You should study your target audience in more detail than in the past, and you should not abandon old-style keyword research methods while doing so.

In order to catch long-tail keywords, it is always a requirement to do much more in-depth research. You should bring a contextual approach to SEO studies rather than research that will benefit in the short term.

More Measurements

No matter who you do your SEO work for, the other person will say that you spend little time in Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other analysis tools. According to them, you will be lacking in understanding the data from here.

For this reason, you should ensure that the numbers appear before you and try to acquire new habits to analyze these points daily. Thus, you can manage to measure the data you obtain from the analysis tools in a better and more efficient way.

The more time you spend on the data, the more information you will use when creating a report. You can ensure that your work is satisfactory by adding special dimensions and special information to the reports you will create weekly or monthly.

Continue Learning

You can choose to use a variety of different sources to find a variety of questions or find out what’s going on in the SEO world. However, it is not enough to do research and learn new information.

You should find ways to quickly learn the latest developments, trends and changes in the digital market in website technology and follow them daily.

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to follow the most important resources for the industry. You can subscribe to some resources by e-mail or you can follow some of them on social media channels.

Instead of spending time on each site, you should find a way to focus on the addresses that will bring you what is going on. Thus, you can improve yourself and learn new things within organic methods. At the same time, you do not compromise your free time while doing these.

Working Backwards

You need to be very good at working backwards without exception. SEO work is a part of digital marketing work and now he can always find a chair at the table.

But you have to know that this is not enough. You should be open to innovations such as Blokchain, artificial intelligence, voice search, chat robots and similar. While doing all these, you should bring with you the effective works left behind.

Especially if you are trying to provide SEO services to a company, you should definitely try to present the information and data that can please the stakeholders. You must act in accordance with the goals of the businesses and carry the data with you by working backwards.

The biggest reason for this is that when you give companies data about rankings, average position and traffic, you will miss the values ​​such as sales, potential sales, income and return on investment that are actually important to them. Although the second cluster seems much more important to them, you should give them detailed information for the data in the first cluster.

Focus on Unconditional Binding

Even if you have been active in the SEO world for a long time, you may have made this mistake from time to time. When something starts happening, you often think of old tactics and minor updates. However, it is necessary to know an important reality here.

Updates to a single tag and ranking development, as in the past, are now released much more rarely. For this you need to focus on context. You should place more emphasis on the relevance and authority within the subject you are working on. This is a critical point for SEO success.

If you try to stick to old tactics or pursue minor updates, you enter an endless war.

Therefore, you need to change your focus direction towards context. By putting keywords, technical details and links in second place, you should make contextual to the first place. Thus, you will show the value it deserves within the linking SEO plan.

Being Ready for Technical Details

Highlighting the context will not be enough for your work to be effective. You should try to balance it with the technical details of SEO work.

Even though it is possible to enter dozens of content, create links and obtain rankings, things change a little when technical SEO elements come into play.

Even if you have near-perfect skills in content creation and marketing, you should keep in mind that you need to improve yourself on certain technical SEO elements.

Copy content, canonical tags, indexing, getting rid of bad links, optimizing page speed and other aspects of technical SEO work are still important. If you skip these aspects of technical SEO work, your chances of being successful will be very low.

Giving Information

If you are doing SEO work for a different site, not for yourself, then you should know that you cannot do every job on your own. There are different points in the creation of a site such as design, content writing, coding and information technologies. You cannot take all the burden of them.

You should give them information about who you are working for. You should ensure that they help you by informing them about your strategy. In particular, you can get support from the marketing departments of companies.

While doing all this, you should be careful not to hand over control over SEO work to people. You should still have control, but you should educate them, inform them about the target audience, and talk about the customer’s shopping trip.

Using Other Marketing Channels

When doing SEO studies, you need to take into account other marketing studies applied for the site. In particular, you need to be knowledgeable about classic marketing and advertising studies. You should try to obtain the keyword data used especially in paid search campaigns.

While doing your SEO studies, you should try to get out of the field a little bit, and you should try to learn lessons from the experiences for classical marketing, printed marketing and other advertising areas.

As the person who carries out SEO studies, you can support other marketing channels and you can get support from them. Because these marketing areas will be able to provide you with information to help you with content, links and other factors.

Balancing Focus

No matter how skilled you are in SEO work, you can be weak in a certain area, although you are very good in a certain area. Because it is not very important that you can be good enough to do everything.

In such cases, you should try to catch the balance instead of focusing your SEO studies on different points. You may be very good at content, but you should not try to skip technical details. You have to balance the focus.

You can focus on something and make it very good and get effective results. However, this is a very risky strategy, because in case of a possible algorithm update, it can cause everything to backfire and you may face a scenario like your competitors will surpass you.

You should try to focus on every aspect of SEO work. You can go to create a specific priority list. However, you should remember that balance and consistency will be a much more risk-free choice for strategies to be implemented.

There are many different elements in SEO studies. Although this seems like a simple discourse, it is extremely true. You should start to get new habits. In this way, you can manage to close the gaps in your knowledge and skills.

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