Serve Resources From a Consistent Url

Presenting Resources from a Permanent URL

What it is:Although there is no problem in the operation of the site in the URL structure, it will be opened late because we have to have a site due to the wrong request behavior.
Solution:In cases where the default address of your site and the URL structure you have added are different, you are asked to correct this error.
Expert Comment:The only thing to do here is to provide a consistent url. For example, if both /images/example.jpg and are given for the same image, both are treated as separate requests. It is more correct to call them as full domains.

Presenting resources from a permanent URL is known as one of the effective methods that can be applied to optimize website speed. The reason for the problem is that the website will open later than its normal speed as a result of incorrect request processing in the URL structure. This does not mean that your website is working age. This problem should be corrected in conditions where the default address of the site and the URL structure added are different. In this case, the solution is to provide a consistent url. For example, if both /image/example.jpg and are assigned for the same image, it is treated as a separate request on both URLs. It would be more appropriate to call them as full domains.

General Explanation

It is very important to provide a source from a unique URL. This process eliminates repeated download bytes and additional RTTs.

Details from Google

In some cases, it is necessary to refer to the same resource from more than one place on a website. images are typical. Images can be given as a classic example for this situation. Even more likely is that you share the same resources on multiple pages on a site, such as .css and .js files. If the website is always served to the source from a consistent URL, the pages on your website must contain the same source. There are different benefits to making sure that a resource is always assigned a single URL. Assigning only a single URL to a resource reduces the final load size of the browser. Because the browser does not need to download additional copies from the same byte. Another benefit is that additional round trip times can be recorded. Because with this process, many browsers will not broadcast multiple HTTP requests for a single URL in a session, regardless of whether the resource is cacheable. It is especially important to ensure that the same resource is not offered from a different host name to avoid additional penalty for DNS lookups.

If the absolute URL matches the name of the document containing the host name, it is important to remember that the linked URL and the absolute URL are consistent with each other. To exemplify; URLs are consistent if the home page at refers to /images/example.gif and However, if this page shows /images/example.gif and, these URLs are not consistent.

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