Best wireless keyboards 2023: Top Bluetooth and USB models reviewed

Wireless keyboards are now the standard, and thanks to hyper-fast connections and long-lasting batteries, you don’t have to give up any practical functions to use them. In fact, they’re so fast and reliable that even the hard-to-please PC gamer crowd can find something that suits their fancy. Whether you want a sleek low-profile board, a […]

Best wireless gaming headsets 2023: Audio quality, comfort and more

The arrival of 2.4GHz wireless technology has made wireless gaming headsets more reliable than ever before, the best of which can now rival their wired counterparts when it comes to connection latency and sound quality. But no two wireless gaming headsets are made the same. Manufacturers cater to all tastes and budgets, so there are […]

Best wireless gaming mice 2023: Top picks and reviews

Now that wireless gaming mice are just as fast and feature-packed as their wired counterparts, going wireless can be a smart move, giving you greater flexibility as a gamer. But before you cut loose and buy one, it’s worth noting they’re not all alike. You’ll still need to consider factors like weight, dots per inch […]