HP Dragonfly Pro review: You better watch your back, Apple

At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Premium materials Powerful AMD Ryzen chip Surprising four speaker setup Good battery life High degree of value for the dollar Cons All myHP keyboard keys should be remappable No user upgradeable components No headphone jack Only 2 high-speed USB-C ports Our Verdict Did HP build a MacBook Pro killer […]

If you’re diabetic, don’t wait for your smartwatch to replace your needles

Recently, Bloomberg ran a story that set the health tech sphere abuzz. Citing insider knowledge, it claimed Apple had reached a major milestone in noninvasive blood glucose monitoring that could revolutionize diabetes treatment as we know it. But although this technology is buzzworthy, you won’t see it arrive on the Apple Watch — or any […]

Best USB-C hubs and dongles 2023: Add ports to your laptop or tablet

USB-C hubs and dongles are the answer to a common laptop question: How do I connect printers, mice, and keyboards that use a rectangular USB-A port when my laptop only ships with a rounded USB-C port instead? Fortunately, a USB-C hub or dongle can be an inexpensive way to add this extra functionality to your […]

Before Your Eyes, 10 Mart’ta PSVR 2’ye geliyor

Gözlerinin ÖnündeSony’nin Perşembe günkü PlayStation State of Play sunumu sırasında yaptığı açıklamaya göre, eleştirmenlerce beğenilen birinci şahıs anlatı oyunu 10 Mart’ta PlayStation VR2’ye geliyor. Oyunun yeni çıkan kulaklığın açılış penceresinin bir parçası olduğunu zaten biliyorduk, ancak şimdi tam olarak ne zaman oynayabileceğimizi biliyoruz. Oyun, PSVR 2’nin göz izleme yeteneklerini harika bir etki için kullanıyor gibi […]

Best Thunderbolt docks 2023: Extend your laptop’s capabilities

A Thunderbolt dock is now nearly a must-have accessory, providing I/O access for legacy mice, keyboards, external drives, and more. It’s a key ingredient for a productive office, whether at work or home. Thunderbolt docks or docking stations help fill the gaps as laptop makers slim down, cut costs, and eliminate multiple ports in favor […]