Technology Addiction and Harms

There are countless benefits that technology brings to human life. However, the loss of control over the technology use of the person and the use of technology in an infinite and unlimited manner can cause serious harm.

Internet and technology addiction, as in other addictions, is defined as a situation in which a person experiences deprivation when he cannot reach the technological product he is addicted to.

Symptoms of Technology Addiction

  1. Spending hours saying just a few minutes.
  2. Don’t start lying while on a computer
  3. Complaining about physical problems due to using computer for a long time.
  4. Impersonating an anonymous personality, talking to people over the internet, not wanting to talk face to face.
  5. Not eating, Irresponsibility, Laziness
  6. While you feel guilty for spending a lot of time at your computer, you also get a great pleasure and go back and forth between these two emotions.
  7. You feel nervous and unhappy when you stay away from your computer.
  8. Staying at the computer until late at night.

Problems Caused by Technology Addiction

  1. Burning in the eyes
  2. Pain and stiffness in the neck muscles
  3. Disorder in body posture
  4. Hand numbness
  5. Weakness.

Complaints in The Social Sphere

  • Decline in academic success
  • Personal, family and school problems
  • Not using time well
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Not eating
  • Decrease in activities
  • Isolation except internet friends

Methods of Controlling Addiction

  • Change daily internet usage hours.
  • Prepare weekly internet usage schedules and ensure compliance.
  • Implement methods such as support groups or family therapy.
  • Get new hobbies

In Children and Adolescents Addiction Prevention

It is not appropriate for children under the age of 2 to encounter internet, TV or computer. Internet use is sufficient for preschool age group not exceeding 30 minutes a day. In the first 4 years of primary education, apart from homework, 45 minutes daily should be reserved for games and entertainment. In the following years, it is more flexible at the weekend and it is suitable to use 1 hour per day. In high school age, 2 hours a day is enough.

use time
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Do you know?

  • Poverty; While it was determined in 74.5% of the addicted students, it was determined in 10.5% of the non-addicted students.
  • Lying to hide the time spent on the Internet; While it was determined in 38% of the addicted students, it was determined in 4% of the non-addicted students.
  • Feeling guilty about spending time on the internet was determined in 33% of addicted students, while it was found in 4.3% of non-addicted students.

What to do?

  • Direct your children to meet with their friends in a natural way and make them social among peer groups.
  • Direct your children to sports appropriate for their abilities and interests.
  • Support your child’s friendship relationships, plan activities to bring them together.
  • Check your child’s computer usage and get to know his friends in the virtual environment.
  • Make sure you have secure internet applications on your computers.

What shouldn’t we do?

  • Smartphone / tablet etc. to comfort and silence children. Do not use
  • Do not let children use the internet for an uncontrolled and long time.
  • Do not serve the child at the computer during meals and tea hours, let him join you.
  • Do not set up a technological device-centered home layout, such as TV or the Internet.

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