The 13 best SEO tools used by SEO experts

Being an expert in SEO optimization is not an easy task. This is a little more difficult, especially if you are at the top of everything. Despite this, it is very easy to find the best SEO tools because there are many foreign content prepared on the internet for this. I wanted to make a list of tools that I actively use among them and share them with you, our valuable followers. You don’t need to try all of these tools. Just use whichever works for you.

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most important SEO tools that will be recommended by many. Ahrefs has the largest site crawlers after Google. SEO experts will have the best SEO analysis they can get by making use of Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature. This tool will show you the tools that need to be improved on your site. In terms of competitive analysis, Ahrefs will be able to analyze your competitors’ links and make them the starting point of your brand. You can even use this SEO tool to find the most linked content in your area.

SEMRush: Marketing Tool

Marketing tools like SEMRush are very popular in the SEO community. Experts can learn the performance of their sites because they can get information about their rankings through such tools. The most popular feature in this SEO tool is known as Domain vs Domain analysis. Thanks to this analysis, it is possible to compare your site directly with your competitor’s site. If you want to learn more about your site’s search data, traffic values ​​and your competitors’ values, you can compare keywords and domains in this tool. By taking advantage of the On-Page SEO Checker feature, you can follow your ranking and find various suggestions to improve the performance of your site.

With this tool, you can analyze your competitors’ Adwords ads. I can already say that you will encounter very nice data.

KWFinder: Keyword Tool

Keyword tools like KFWinder can help you find long-tailed keywords with low competition. Experts using this tool find the best keywords and create an analysis report about the related keywords with links and search engine results page values. Rank Tracker feature in this tool helps you to track the rankings for the keyword you have determined. In addition, the tool can offer you different new keyword ideas.

Moz: Improved SEO Tool and Software

Moz is an SEO software and contains the best SEO tools. Moz has the feature of following the algorithm changes that Google regularly releases and reflecting this to the data quickly. Moreover, it is possible to find an instant answer to every question you ask in the community. You can improve your site with the information you will get about the performance of your site. You can check your store’s values ​​on your browser using the MozBar toolbar offered by Moz. If you want to learn more about SEO as much as possible, you can follow MozCon conferences held by Moz.

You can also use MozCast to detect update fluctuations on Google.

Answer The Public: Free Tools

Free tools like Answer The Public will help you find what you need to write on your blog address. You can use this tool to create content around specific keywords. For example, if you are going to write something about “fitness”, you can use this tool to find the keywords around “fitness”. In this way, you can get the opportunity to catch the featured parts on the search engine result page. While creating content, you can take advantage of the list that this tool will offer you.

SpyFu: Free Tools

Even if the paid version of SpyFu is high-end, its free features are also available. If you have just started working in SEO, you should try free tools first. You can see the amount of searches a keyword receives every month. In addition, you can get information about the ranking of the keyword. You can find the keywords used by your competitors with the analysis information you will get from this tool. You can learn about the organic keywords used by your competitors, the monthly clicks they receive, and the ads they create through Google AdWords. SpyFu is one of the most advanced analysis tools available on the market.

Majestic: Marketing Tool

According to Majestic experts, it is one of the best marketing tools. It is possible to get extra information from many different useful features such as The Majestic Million feature in Majestic. If you think there is a loss of value on your site, you can use the Site Explorer feature to manage the current status of your site. This tool can also be used as a keyword tool because it can offer you various features for site comparison and ranking tracking.

SEOQuake: Free Tools

SEOQuake is seen as one of the best free tools. Working as a Chrome extension, this tool acts as an SEO control mechanism. Many different features such as in-site site controls, identification of internal and external links and comparison with competitor sites are included in this tool. Other features of this free tool are related to keyword analysis. This tool also has many different features such as controlling keyword density, easy-to-read SEO panel structure and sharing all data with teammates.

Siteliner: Analysis Tool

Siteliner is an SEO control tool that will allow you to find copy content on your site. Duplicate content means that you have the same content as other sites. Google penalizes such sites. Using this type of SEO tool, you can scan your site and access various data such as copy content, broken links, average page speed and page size, number of internal links per page. This tool can also help you compare your site with other sites that have been analyzed.

Fat Rank: General Tools

Fat Rank is a Chrome extension. With this extension, you can quickly and easily check the performance of your site. This SEO keyword tool can offer you to rank according to the keywords you use on your site. Using this tool, you can learn how to rank your keywords on the search engine results page. If your keyword is not in the top 100, you can get information about it. Thus, you can perform the necessary optimization studies for that keyword.

Keywords Everywhere: Keyword Tool

The Keywords Everywhere tool is a Chrome extension that combines data from Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Trends and more. This keyword tool, which combines free SEO tools and lets you find the best keywords for your site, can be very useful. Instead of visiting each site individually, you can access all data from a single point using this tool.

Screaming Frog: General Tools

Screaming Frog is seen as one of the best SEO tools available. Analysis with this tool saves a lot of time. The biggest feature of this tool is that it can deliver data much faster than other tools. Thanks to Screaming Frog, you can find copy content on your site, errors that need to be corrected, bad redirects and areas to be developed for link building. The SEO Spider feature in this tool is one of the best features used by experts.

A great tool. Analysis with this tool will help you make moves that will significantly improve the performance of your website.

CORA: Advanced General Tools

If you are looking for a much more comprehensive SEO tool for data analysis, then one of the tools you should take a look at is CORA. If you want to take optimization studies to a different dimension, you should try to take advantage of the features that this tool offers you. If you are a medium or large company, you should try to use such comprehensive tools to learn all the weaknesses of your site.

It is possible to add more to the vehicles in this list. However, it will be more than enough to use the tools in this list to get started. If you want to optimize your site in the best way, you should identify the tools that work for you. You don’t have to use all the tools. You can use different tools in content production and different tools in finding keywords.

You can consider making various minor adjustments using different tools that serve the same function. If you have various problems in terms of budget, you should try to perform your SEO studies by using tools with free features. If you are one of the brands that want to get traffic from search engines, you should consider using these tools on the road to success.

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