Top 15 Technology Blogs for 2021

77 percent of Internet users read blogs and 23 percent of all time on the internet social networks disclose the expenditure of reading and browsing blogs that there is still worth in creating the obvious investment time and effort as part of marketing high quality written content.

Here are 20 of the best tech blogs that understand the power of the written word to keep visitors informed about the latest technological advances.


1. Wired is as fast and diverse as the industry it covers. It offers articles on all aspects of technology and how it shapes our lives, touching politics, transport, security and culture. The tone is light and sharp, attractive and informative.

2. MIT Technology Review
If you want to know all about technology, what better place to grab a scoop than at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology? As you would expect, this is a serious site to educate and inspire.

TechCrunch has the latest news about gadgets and gizmos, apps and tech events. To make sure you never miss a download, download the TechCrunch app for your handheld device and enjoy the news at your fingertips.

4. Gizmodo
Gizmodo claims its employees “come from the future,” which will explain why the site is always on the cutting edge of technology knowledge. With a history dating back to 2002, Gizmodo is a well-established and respected news source.

5. Fast Company
Launched in November 1995, Fast Company emphasizes its impact on the business, focusing on innovations in technology, leadership and design that change the world. It is a leading site for business leaders and subscribing to the newsletter provides a daily dose of all the important news.

6.The Verge
Founded in 2011, The Verge is a multimedia effort that explores how technology shapes our lives and futures. Seeing technology as the center of everyone’s life, The Verge cuts the jargon to make news accessible to everyone by producing content for the general audience.

7.NYT Bits
The Bits column in “The New York Times” provides information and analysis on the latest activities in Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech industry. New content every week helps you keep up with current events.

Mashable is a massive multi-platform media and entertainment company that offers in-depth news and insights on technology and digital culture. The company has 45 million unique monthly users and 28 million social media followers.

9. Business Insider
Business Insider does not exclusively cover its thoughtful and flawless coating on all aspects of technology, the go-to business and modern culture brand for this valuable content.

10. ZDNet
ZDNet provides 24/7 coverage so you can instantly get the latest technology news. It primarily appeals to IT professionals and decision makers who rely on accurate, up-to-date information to make sound business choices.

11. Futurism is the publishing arm of a New York City independent media company that focuses on providing the latest tech scoops. The site is full of content and worth subscribing to the newsletter.

12. Recode
Recode is a technology news website primarily dealing with the latest news from Silicon Valley. He’s a relative newcomer that only launched in January 2014, but offers a wealth of information from independent journalists. Also, the “Daily Recode” section guarantees a daily piece of ideas to sink your teeth into.

14. Engadget
Engadget works in the field where technology and entertainment meet, providing news and reviews for television, gadgets and gaming. The blog network is owned by AOL and has been published since 2004.

15. Android Authority
Some sites focus on all topics, while others focus on specific niches. The best example of this is Android Authority, a valuable resource in the world’s most widely used operating system. Staff includes bloggers, reviewers, and even developers.

16. Saints Computer
As a bonus, we can recommend Saints Computer’s website to you. Saints Computer is a technical service that specializes in Apple repair and iPhone repair.

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Top 15 Technology Blogs for 2021

77 percent of Internet users read blogs and 23 percent of all time on the internet social networks disclose the expenditure of reading and...

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