Usage of Social Media 2020

Social media platforms have been around for more than a decade now. It may have
started differently from what we have today, but we developed the ways to use it as time
passes by. 

But what exactly is Social Media? Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has
become a huge part of finding out what’s happening around the world, hence the “media” part
is there. And it doesn’t matter which one you use from tens of options that social media offers
you, you can communicate with other people and that concludes the “social” part.

Usage of Social Media , Aside from learning the news, it is also a place where everyone can be anybody and say anything. That aspect comes with both advantages and disadvantages. But despite it can be in our disadvantage sometimes we use it almost all the time and to be honest most of us can admit that we love it.

You open an account, start finding your friends, like a picture, add something
to your favorites, maybe post a cat video and congratulations; you are an active social media
user. Obviously, Social media comes with its problems.

Usage of social media in business ,Sometimes we use it so much that it becomes some kind of addiction. Usage of Social Media Sometimes we get our heads wrapped around everything that we feel the need to take a break. But no matter what happens, it stays a big part of our lives.

usage of social media 2020
usage of social media 2020

Problems of Social Media

We love to use it despite the problems of social media. Maybe because of the attention
we get, maybe it just feels good to discover. At the end of the day, you can see almost
everything on social media.

Problems of Social Media And we don’t want to miss out on anything happening. Also, it is
pretty amazing to be able to talk with your friends and family all the time and see them when
you’re apart.

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Popularity on Social Media 

Almost 3 billion people worldwide use one sort of social media every day. This
number is estimated to arrive 3 and a half billion in 2023. Followers, friends, chat groups and much more are included in what social media platforms offer us.

Usage of Social Media; We all want “popularity” in one way or another through social media. It is kind of trivial to how social media platforms validate your popularity; everybody, including you, wants to have the highest number of friends, followers, retweets, likes, etc. Moreover, there are some ways to make money via social media.

You probably heard those “influencers” that make millions via Youtube or Instagram

It is based upon the “clicks” and “likes” they got which brings us back to the topic of being
Usage of social media There are many ways to get attention from your target crowd. It is up to how you want to be active on your accounts. But how exactly do we use these platforms? And why do we use it so much?

History of Social Media

From the beginning of the 21st century, applications of social media are about
In our modern lives; almost every individual spends more than 120 minutes on
social applications in general.

Problems of Social Media ,Usage of social media Since we became addicted to social media, it is nearly impossible to imagine a world without it. But wait a minute, how it all began?

The history of social media applications dates much further back than we presume.
The very first examples of the internet such as CompuServe were developed in the 1960s.
With the beginning of the 1970s, networking technology gained momentum and became
widespread gradually. history of social media timeline

By the 1980s, computer usage in personal space becomes more and more common and humanity was introduced to the first instance of a social media application in 1997, which was Six Degrees.

Six Degrees was an open internet platform that enabled its users to design their profile and became friends with others. After that; first blogging sites came into use in 1999, and sites that we all know such as LinkedIn and Myspace became widespread in the early 2000s.

We were acquainted with YouTube in 2005 and 1 year later Facebook and Twitter fell into our lives. Usage of Social Media with the development of those applications; worldwide social media populations increased
significantly and it became a worldwide market.

Thus other applications that we know such as; InstagramPinterestTumblrFoursquare, etc. Were developed one by one and eventually, the world of the internet gained the condition that we know.

How Many People Use Social Media?

Problems of Social Media According to research by the London School of Economics and Political Science; As of
June 2017, the world’s population was about 7.5 billion and over 7.5 billion people, nearly 3.8
billion were using the internet.

Statistics on Usage of Social Media

The number of active social media account is about 2.9 billion
and active mobile social users were about 2.65 billion. 

Number of social media users

Among famous applications; Facebook is holding the high ground with almost 1.2 billion
active users per day. Usage of Social Media Over 800 million people “like” something and more than 1 billion people
use groups per month.

Although it’s less reliable than others due to its Social Media Statistics secretion policy, many people agreed that Twitter is in the second position. Due to its statistics from 2013; Twitter has almost 320 million users.

increase in social media usage

In the third place; we encounter LinkedIn. With more than 500 million registered users, the application is also known as social media for professionals. Other applications are following these top three. A close look about applications will be shown under the headline “popular applications of social media”.

Popular Applications Of Social Media

As we mentioned before the social media industry offers us tens of applications tchoose from. All kinds of platforms you can share, communicate and discover. Even though there are so many options out there when we hear “social media” a few certain applications come to our minds without trying too hard.  Usage of social media questionnaire


As we all know Instagram is a huge part of social media. It is an app to share pictures
and videos. It was first founded by “Kevin Systrom” and “Mike Krieger” in October 2010. It
is then later sold to Facebook for 1 billion dollars in 2012. In 2018 Instagram reached 1
billion users. 


One of the oldest and most popular applications of social media, Facebook was
founded in 2004 by then Harvard University studentMark Zuckerberg”. At first, it was built
as an app only for Harvard students. In 2 years it was used in all schools throughout the USA.

Its first aim was to build communication between Ivy League students, throughout years it has
become the meeting place for all kinds of sharings. And right now, the Facebook Company
owns Instagram and WhatsApp, two other social media apps that are used daily worldwide.


The most popular way to express yourself in 140 characters. Twitter came out in 2006.
Since then it has become the place for people to let out their thoughts, only in a shorter way.
Having the bluebird as a logo “tweeting” is the way to post something on the applications. It
was limited with 140 only but now it is allowed to use 280 characters.


First published in 2010, WhatsApp is the application to text and call one another. It differs
from the regular abilities of our phones by being free to send and receive content. Later the
feature “WhatsApp Web” was added which allows you to use it via your computer. It is now
owned by Facebook which bought it for 19 billion dollars in total.


It is the platform where all kinds of images are shared and “pinned”. It was founded in
2009 and since then you can pin all kinds of ideas and categorize them on a “board” for each
topic. It allows you to also follow other people Boards where you can find more content for

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