Ways to Persuade with Words: Write Selling and Powerful Texts!

Your customers, friends, family, boss, colleagues, children, women and men; In short, imagine that you can convince everyone with words…

Wouldn’t it feel great?

Thanks to this super power;

  • You can sell more to your customers,
  • It can affect your friends,
  • Can make women and men accept your requests,
  • Your boss is not for you; you can rule it,
  • You can make or have anyone you want, anything you want.
  • It is nice to dream but it seems impossible to realize. I am even aware that it looks as absurd as vampires and zombies.

What would you think if I told you all of the things I told above were real and possible?

Would you like me to prove it? So read on!

Frogs That Customers Don’t Hear Do Not Save You Money!

As a copywriter; my financial turning point happened a few years ago.

Until I reached this awareness, I thought I was writing well and was doing my best to improve myself. I was reading abundantly, taking immigration from Shakespeare, trying to learn from the techniques of legendary and popular writers.

Although I believe I wrote well, something was always missing in my financial statement at the end of the month. Either what I wrote was not sold at the price I expected in the market, or I was trying to sack it when it was transformed.

Then one day I noticed:

“Even if you wrote a piece that would bounce all frogs at the foot of Mount Everest, you wouldn’t be able to sell it unless your customers saw it.”

I had access to this secret a long way. Joe Vitale wants everyone to write the job to reach this secret in a short way and to listen to the crap of frogs.

How to Write “Selling Texts”?

  • Shakespeare’s Hamlet,
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes,
  • Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
  • Agatha Christie’s Poirot

And tens of them had managed to sell millions of copies. What were their common points?

These books were not just good books and masterpieces. It was also selling! Moreover, it was selling really well.

What was the secret of these books?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to sell it. You need; A unique perspective on how important the wheel is.

hypnotic writing
hypnotic writing

Ways to Persuade with Words – Joe Vitale

Let me guess: you came here to have the superpower I just mentioned to you, right? If you came here without missing any words or sentences, it’s time to get what I promised you.

I would like to tell you this secret for a long time. But I know that neither you nor my time will be enough. So I’m going to talk about the holy source, where you can access the secret. A book from Joe Vitale’s pen, which should be the bedside work of every text and copywriter: Ways to Persuade with Words.

If you have read everything I have described so far in this part of the article, you were actually in a mild hypnosis trance. This content has already been written using the hypnotic text philosophy. As Joe Vitale mentioned in the Ways to Persuade with Words.

What is Hypnotic Text?

Hypnotic text is the text that takes the reader to some kind of hypnosis effect and forces him to read the message to the end. With these types of texts containing different orders, you can make the reader enter the trance of pages.

Everything works like the hypnosis scenes we see in the movies… The only difference: This time, words are used instead of hours.

I didn’t know that the most read texts I wrote – without being aware – were hypnotic texts until I read the Ways to Persuade with Words.

Moreover, I was not aware that writers such as Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George R. R. Martin were masters of hypnotic text.

This book by Joe Vitale;

  • More selling,
  • More read,
  • Receiving more conversions,
  • Better loved

it was definitely the most successful book ever written about creating texts.

The book, which helped me improve myself on the hypnotic text writing technique, helped me consciously use and practice this magic technique that I used in some of my texts.

What will the “Ways to Persuade with Words” Book Add To Me?

I know what the title of the book looks like.

It seems to be one of the books that you come across in the book section of the cheap stores in the summer regions and only makes empty promises. Believe me, the secrets that Joe Vitale will share with you deserve this title of “promise”.

This book tells you what are hypnotic texts, how you can write hypnotic texts and creating selling texts like Shakespeare. While doing this, it uses real scientific examples.

“Ways to Persuade with Words” Book Review

Ways to Persuade with Words only targets people who want to write really selling texts but somehow have failed to do so.

Referring to the history of hypnotic texts on the first pages, Joe Vitale explains to you how all the famous writers used the power of being hypnotic.

Of course, not all of them are limited to this. It approaches with a different perspective on what are the points that attract the reader’s attention to a content, and how “what is available to hunt” for what we call attention.

Without mentioning that thousands of amateur writers must attend hundreds of dollars of conferences to access the secrets that Joe Vitale shared in this book.

In the worst case, all you have to do to reach the secrets of Joe Vitale is to buy the Ways to Persuade with Words.

Ways to Persuade with Words is a great course to help anyone who wants to write hypnotic texts. If you’ve always written but didn’t get what you want, you can change your writing style more than ever with this 288-page book.

Are you ready to have this superpower that Joe Vitale will grant you?

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