Best 15 Free Website Speed Test Tools of 2020

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1.Google PageSpeed Insights

We can say that it is completely free and the most frequently used speed test tool. You can find this tool at Google Page Speed Insights With the latest update, Google PageSpeed Insights has also largely ended the confusion between page speed and page optimization. Because before that there were strange and wrong requests from the customer. For example, one specification could be strange expressions like “page speed 80 …”. In one of the following questions (Question 1), I mentioned this confusion.

In Google PageSpeed Insights, you get a result for your website like this:

google pagespeed insight
google pagespeed insights

If you pay attention here, there are 2 TABs. These produce optimization results separately for mobile and desktop views. The desktop result above. Let’s interpret this:

Page Speed: This is what is called the actual page speed value, nothing else. The FBP (First Contentful Paint) here means the time that the images are first shown on the user side, and DCL (DOM Content Loaded) indicates the time during which the HTML elements are fully loaded. The important thing is that the average of these 2 elements is what the above comment (FAST, MEDIUM or SLOW) is. In terms of speed, the expectation is that a load time below 3 seconds is good. However, this is never a general rule! See the question answers (Question 2) below.

Optimization: This value is definitely not page speed. This is an approach to how much the page elements are optimized for HTML rules and some other optimization rules. Be careful, I say approach because there is more than one approach in this regard. As you can see in GTmetrix, for example, PageSpeed ​​Score and YSlow Score are given optimization values ​​according to 2 different propositions and these values ​​are different from each other. Even the value of Google is different from these. Therefore, it is not a very correct approach to say that this page has optimization value … These only give an idea of ​​optimization.

You can also see optimization suggestions when you scrool down on this report page.

2.GT Metrix

You can see the GTMetrix tool at: GtMetrix. It is a free tool and this tool is one of the frequently used tools. It uses very detailed reporting and 2 different optimization algorithms. As can be seen from the screenshot below, these algorithms broke a serious amount of points for the vide streaming from youtube (on youtube). For this reason, the scores seem low. However, at the same time, Google was giving these scores higher.

gtmetrix pagespeed
gtmetrix pagespeed

Another remarkable point here is the comment about the loading time. GT Metrix both interprets the stream-related loading (FBP and DCL) differently, and there are differences due to the test location. This significantly differentiated the test result.

Note: Test servers must be in the same location for an actual test result comparison.

3.Web Page Test

It is free and the service I enjoy the most from my reports. SummaryDetails, Performance Review, Content Breakdown, Domains, Processing Breakdown, Screenshot, Image Analysis, Request Map tabs have a lot of separate details. You should definitely examine it.

gtmetrix pagespeed 1
gtmetrix pagespeed 1


There is a free version for speed testing. You can use this tool at Pindom. Many people love this tool with its stylish appearance and understandable reports. However, you may have to wait in line during busy times.

pingdom page speed
pingdom page speed

5. Dotcom-Tools

Dotcom’s free tools allow you to test browser-based load time from 20 different test locations with various desktop and mobile web browsers.

The most positive aspect of Dotcom tools is that all geographic tests can be done at the same time. At the end of the test, you get an individual performance report and a waterfall report from all locations.

You can access the site from this link.

dot com tools pagespeed
dot com tools pagespeed

6. Load Impact

You can also see the performance values in the source codes after the test on the Load Impact tool, this is one of the most beautiful feature. Another nice feature is that when you become a member of the site, you can do more extensive tests. The Load Impact tool also tests the speed of connecting to your site from different rotations. In addition, it evaluates the server measurements and draws a very comprehensive result to its users.

load impact page speed
load impact page speed

7. Site Speed – Google Analytics

Site Speed, which is part of Google Analytics, examines web performance in three different ways: page load time, running speed, and resolution time.

The test report provides detailed analysis of each page, resource performances and special optimization tips for you.

google analytics site speed
google analytics site speed

8. KeyCDN Website Speed Test

With the option to test speeds from 14 different locations, KeyCDN online check-up is a practical speed test tool.

Apart from full page speed test and geolocation check, you can perform SSL FREAK attack to ensure the security of SSL / TLS of your website.

key cdn page speed
key cdn page speed

9. DareBoost

Dareboost’s site speed test tool can track performance from 13 test locations and seven devices. These devices also include various mobile devices.

Key features of this tool include speed testing, regardless of whether ad blocking is turned on, or blocking specific domains to find responsible for poor web performance.

After the test is over, the report you will obtain is very comprehensive and the suggestions are divided into different categories. Thanks to the different categories, it is easy to prioritize the necessary improvements.

dareboost page speed
dareboost page speed

10. Geek Flare

Geek Flare offers standard performance tracking just like other speed test tools. You can test the loading speed of your website from many different locations around the desktop or mobile world.

Test sizes include page size, screenshots, number of requests by type, and Time to First Byte.

geek flare page speed
geek flare page speed

11. Image Analysis Tool (Cloudinary)

If you have many images on your website, the loading time may increase. Using this tool of Cloudinary, you can find visual issues such as size, format, quality and coding.

cloudinary speed test
cloudinary speed test

12. Monitis

Monitis‘s free website speed test tool gives you the loading time of your website’s elements. The test is done simultaneously from the United States, Europe and Asia.

You can monitor more broadly with their paid plans. Website, network, server and application tests are included in their paid plans. You can also make special monitoring on your system and operating measures using the API.

monitis page speed
monitis page speed


GiftOfSpeed: Test the loading time of your website from eight different regions using the SpeedOfSpeed speed test. You can also directly improve the performance of your website with CSS optimization test, broken requests test and JavaScript compressor.

gift of speed
gift of speed

14. Uptrends

Uptrends offers a free speed test tool that can measure the performance of your website from ten different locations on desktop or mobile devices. You can also determine the traffic bottleneck of the test and the web browser to use.

Website tracking tool is also free. Some of the vehicle’s features are multiple test locations, email alarms, and tracking control panels.

uptrends speed
uptrends speed

15. BatchSpeed

Batchspeed: Using the Google’s PageSpeed API, BatchSpeed’s tool specializes in crawling websites, multiple URLs, and sitemap XMLs before testing the website speed.

Results can be sorted by speed, size, suggestions or priority levels.

batch speed
batch speed

What is Web Site Speed?

Before the internet entered our lives, the concept of speed was often used in transportation for ordinary people. Depending on the size of the time it takes to get from place to place, the concept of “slow” and “fast” was used.

Those who were born in 1984 and earlier witnessed the times when speed did not have much meaning in our lives other than highways. So much so that it was not a quick shopping method in public bread queues to wait for hours to buy four breads per person.

With the development of technology and the introduction of the internet into our lives, the concept of speed has started to take a better place in our lives. In fact, we would not exaggerate if we say that the natural result of the advancement in technology is “speed”.

As a competitor to automobile ads, who has not entered among the companies that have boasted advertisements for its speed… So much so that even many food companies are putting forward their speed more than their taste.

We have become a society, even a world full of people, who hate to wait in line, want to reach everything they want in a short time, constantly seeking faster.

People seeking speed everywhere, even looking for faster speeds; Of course, it cannot be expected to accept slowness while surfing the internet. For this reason, it is very important to be able to browse the internet quickly, as in all our lives.

In Google, he will be entitled to what we write, in his statements made in his official blog; occasionally, the site opens up and navigates. So Google says; “Your sites keep up with the speed age.”


Web performance is an important issue that all web owners should pay attention to. Loading time has become an important factor in determining the quality of the user experience, since most visitors do not have time to deal with slow loading websites

Slow load time also plays a big way for your website to have low rankings and traffic on SERPs. As a result, you do not want to experience these problems on your website.

Although there are many test tools to do this, not all of them will suit your needs.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool, Google has many useful tools to see your work, such as PageSpeed ​​Insights and Test My Site. They are free and accessible to everyone because they are included in Google Chrome.

If your website has lots of images, Image Analysis Tool is the best choice for you. It helps you use high quality images without affecting your loading time.

Pingdom and Monitis may be the best choice for you if you are looking for more options for monitoring tests and optimization methods. Thanks to their reputation and expertise in analyzing large-scale websites, you will have the best possible web performance monitoring tests and bottleneck finders.

As a result, there can be no excuse to ignore the speed performance of your site.

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