What is Car a Battery

What is Battery?

Battery is an energy storage device that stores electrical energy as chemical energy and supplies it as electrical energy if needed.

Its main purpose, together with starting, lighting and ignition, is to start the vehicle engine. Basically, the question of what is a battery can traditionally be answered as the conversion of chemical energy that reacts with the electrical circuit to electrical energy. However, today’s new generation batteries manufactured with the advancement of automotive technology also store electrical energy as chemical energy and fulfill its duty to be used when needed. With the new generation of high technology batteries, the deformations that require traditional maintenance and experienced in charge-discharge changes are prevented. New products can also achieve higher performance with AGM technology and start-stop processes.

What is Battery and How Does It Work?

The operating principles and process of the batteries cover the stages that trigger each other. Starting, lighting, firing and starting sequence are monitored. This issue is identified with the definition of what is a battery. After the engine’s operating efficiency, the vehicle is powered by the alternator. SLI type, namely lead-acid batteries, are designed to release a high burst current measured in amperes and then charge it quickly. They do not only perform the starting task, but also perform many functions such as storing electrical energy and reusing it when necessary. In addition to all these functions, the batteries provide the extra power required when the vehicle’s electrical requirements exceed the supply from the charging system.

What are the Battery Types?

In current conditions, batteries are used for almost all motor vehicles, and since the main ingredients used in their production are made of lead and sulfuric acid, they are also called lead-acid batteries. All batteries used in motor vehicles have a standard operating principle that covers our answer to the question of what is a battery. Batteries determined according to usage areas; It is divided into groups as automotive batteries, stationary batteries and traction batteries. According to the type of metal, there are lead-acid, iron-nickel, nickel-cadmium and silver-zinc batteries. These batteries vary in efficiency and performance. The most preferred type of battery today is lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries also have sub-categories, dry and watery, within their structure.

Car Battery, How it works

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