Worm Manure (Vermicompost) – 2020

Worm manure production can be initiated with large-scale commercial thinking, as well as the increasing number of red California worms and the presence of organic fertilizer obtained at home in the later stages of hobbyworm fertilizer production.

By providing the right environmental conditions in organic worm fertilization, a significant increase in the number of worms is achieved in a short time. It is possible to reach at least twenty times the initial number of worms within a year. This will bring with it the need to increase production volume, store the fertilizers obtained, and increase the number of red California worms and new production areas.

Turning to this production model will become a facility in a short time and make it compulsory to continue your business professionally. It is recommended that people who start producing worm manure for the purpose of establishing a production facility start with at least 10,000 red California Worm.

The average cost of this number of worms is around $1,000 – 1,500 .

Going to the production facility business with the amount of worms we mentioned is a minimum average figure, if you intend to grow your production capacity faster, you should start production with a much larger number of worms.

(Note: If you start with 10,000 red California worms, you can reach 1 million worms at the earliest 1.5 years when the right ambient conditions are met.

If you originally decided to start production with 10,000 worms, you will need a 1 ton capacity IBC water tank to accommodate the worms. You can feed your worms in this tank. It will be sufficient to add the compost that you prepared before to the water tank. You can buy the compost ready or you can prepare it yourself if you are breeding cattle. You will need an average of 500-600 kg of compost for 10 thousand worms.

red worms manure
red worms manure

When you start production at this stage, if you look at your worms correctly, your number of worms will increase to 20 thousand after 2.5 – 3 months. Considering that there are 10,000 worms per square meter, you should buy another water tank after 3 months. This number of worms cannot accommodate in a single water tank, you will have to grow your production system every 3 months. You can obtain an average of 300 – 400 kg of fertilizer with 10 thousand worms in a period of 3 months. When you rest for 3 months for the obtained fertilizer to mature, the price you will ask for sale may be higher. However, if you want to dispose of it immediately, it is possible for you to sell at a more affordable price without waiting. The sale price of 300 kg fertilizer will be around 300 TL immediately without sifting.

When you increase the production capacity, you will increase the amount of fertilizer you will obtain. In this way, you can obtain an average of $1,000 of fertilizer for a very long time, such as 1 year, and you can have around 200 thousand worms with the reproduction of your worms.

When you add the sales price of worms on demand, the profit will be seen more clearly. If you want to continue production without selling worms, you should start production with pedestal crates rather than water tanks. By closing the skeleton cases made of iron profile material with 11 mm OSB material, you can make low cost pedestal cases.

Since the amount of fertilizer you will obtain from 200 thousand worms will be around 10 tons on average in 3-6 months, the amount you will obtain from sales will increase as much. As you can see, worm fertilizer production, which you will enter at low cost at the beginning, can become a medium-sized enterprise within 1 year, now you can start your business by establishing your company with legal steps, and integrate it into the market by expanding your capacity.

The market value of worm fertilizer, which has been screened and sold in packs, has proven its organic quality with laboratory tests, is currently changing around $3-4 – Kg.

How is worm manure sold?

The most important question of new entrepreneurs who want to enter the sector; How is worm manure sold?

Entrepreneurs who decide to produce worm manure generally think about how to market this product after understanding the production stages. As in every industry, there are production, packaging and marketing factors in this business.

Even if entrepreneurs solve the production and packaging stages in some way, when it comes to marketing, difficulties are encountered in every enterprise as they can. At the beginning of the questions that come to us; Questions such as how to sell worm manure, to whom to market this fertilizer. We direct entrepreneurs to the right methods as much as we can. These methods can be listed as follows:

1.Keep the number of worms low in the first place

The subject you should focus on is to start with small capital and learn the production processes by spreading over time (You can make production on the floor, in standing cases or in continuous flow systems). In this process, you will solve your facility and feed continuity.

If you are going to work with big capital, do not spend much time with worm replication. Assuming that you will easily perform the establishment and company establishment processes, you can start with more worms (between 100 thousand and 1 million) and start production as soon as possible and go to the marketing stage. This is all about capital.

Blue WormsAll Details -I recommend you to read

2.Do Market Research

Check out companies that produce worm manure in the industry. Find out what types of customers are available and which channels they reach customers. For example; You can identify organic farmers from the Organic Farming Companies page of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Or there are people around you who use fertilizers. Distribute samples to the greenhouse growers, seedlings, seedlings to experiment with your own advertisement and in 1-5 kg ​​sample packs of worm fertilizers you produce. In fact, worms are given as bait for fish grown in angling and culture ponds. In this business, the market is very wide …

Every entrepreneur who turns to the market should make a name on a national basis, for this there should be a website describing its products and initiative. This allows your enterprise to have a corporate appearance and your customers around the world to choose you. You have to push the advertising ways according to your capital. Now the internet world is very important in this business as in every business. Even if you do the marketing issue yourself first, you may need a marketer in a short time to grow your company.

You can not find a company without a marketer by examining companies from every sector. The entrepreneurs who started this business and abandoned it in a short time are the entrepreneurs who have not succeeded in the establishment and marketing processes I explained above. The entrepreneurs who work with perseverance are now seriously turned into big businesses. It can be started with little capital, yes, but with zero capital, this is not possible. Finally; There are state supports in the production of worm fertilizers.

Red Worms

red worms
red worms

Worm Fertilizer Production

Liquid worm manure obtained with the production of worm manure is a very useful and preferred type of fertilizer. Liquid worm fertilizer is an important product in the development of soil and plant in liquid fertilizers. It is almost impossible to finish by counting the benefits of this liquid worm fertilizer, which provides long-term benefits after application and strengthens plants and plant roots.

Quality has increased with the production of worm fertilizers. The main benefits of liquid worm manure can be briefly summarized as follows;

Benefits of Worm Fertilizer

Offers the plant rich nutrients
It increases the water retention rate of the soil by enriching the soil.
Plants provide fast and easy growth
Improves product quality and efficiency
Helps soil improvement

Besides, it is possible to mention many more benefits. Liquid worm fertilizers can be easily applied to both soil and plant using many different methods.

Usage and Application Methods of Liquid Worm Fertilizer

Liquid worm fertilizer, which is a frequently preferred product among liquid fertilizers, can be used for many agricultural products. In addition, there are various usage techniques according to soil and plant during application. liquid worm manure is generally used in the following types of agricultural products. These;

  • Grown in soil; for vegetables, fruits and a few greens
  • In products grown by the greenhouse method
  • Seedling and fruit trees
  • For potted and ornamental plants

Liquid worm manure can be applied. How is liquid worm manure produced and where is it used? If you say; The application techniques of this product, which can be used in almost all agricultural methods and crops, of course vary for the soil and the plant to be applied. The way and doses of liquid worm manure should be applied considering these variables. Some of the application methods of liquid worm manure can be briefly listed as follows;

  • in seeds
  • By spraying plant leaves
  • Directly into the ground
  • With irrigation method
  • In greenhouse or greenhouse cultivation

Liquid fertilizers are generally applied in such areas and by the methods mentioned.

Liquid Worm Fertilizer Production

Thanks to the production of liquid worm fertilizer, which stands out with the widespread use of the fertilizer industry, our farmers obtain more efficient and quality products. The production of liquid worm fertilizer, which is of great importance for soil and plants, is a process using the right worms and correct production techniques.

In general, liquid fertilizer production is achieved by mixing water and worm fertilizer in a container with various high speed mixers. While carrying out this process, various chemicals can be used for the enrichment and decomposition of substances, as well as completely organic. After it is produced, it is rested for a certain time and made ready for use. Liquid worm manure production and most other liquid fertilizers are produced using these methods.

Features of Red California Worm

The characteristics of living red California worm that make up the worm manure produced in solid and liquid forms can be listed as follows;

  • They feed on fermented cattle manure
  • They escape from the light
  • They die if exposed to sunlight
  • They consume as much food as weights in a day
  • Ideal ambient temperature is around 20 degrees

Liquid worm fertilizer, which is the most common use among liquid fertilizers, is applied in the same way as using liquid fertilizers. However, the most important point to be considered is to determine carefully the amount and method to be used according to the type of plant and soil.

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